This week we welcome back Twindad...



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"Thank you once again for letting me make a few selections for this year’s DuskDubs, the ever evolving and growing connection of people & music.


The most difficult part for me is narrowing it down from all the tunes you want to have included your head & heart want it all to be presented. So I just give a bagful of tunes to DuskDubs HQ and it comes out golden.


I’ve selected, in my opinion, some truly fantastic tunes, a few by some of our selectors themselves who have produced some outstanding music that still sound as fresh as the day they were released. (You know who you are).


Considering this will probably be aired in the winter, grab the drink of your choice, sit back and let the music warm you up.


The cover is a nod to our resident DJ, Asphalt Layer, enjoy!"





1) Photek - Modus Operandi

2) Bjork - Isobel’s Lonely Heart (Goldie Mix)

3) Omni  Trio - Who Are You ?

4) Steve C & DJ Monita - Full Cry

5) Amorphous  - Sidestepper

6) Foul Play Productions - Risk

7) Bipolar - Interlude

8) Calibre - Stoned

9) Incognito - Lost (Ed:It Mix)

10) Om Unit - Reverse Logic

11) Peshay - On The Nile