This week we welcome DJ Trax to the Dusk Dubs family...


You can find DJ Trax here:



Thanks for inviting me to do a mixtape for Dusk Dubs. I have a huge record collection and love many styles of music, so the concept is right up my street.


It is quite a deep emotional selection. I have always loved music that really touches you in one way or another.


I hope you enjoy the journey...





1) Graham Collier - Lullaby for a lonely child : First up I have to thank Matt Gourvish for introducing me to this track.  This is the type of Jazz I love, so warm with soft beautiful Horn Harmonies and that sax solo....!


2. Heatwave - Star of the story : Such a beautiful track. Amazing Bassline, Strings and layed soft vocals. It has a really warm feel to it.


3. David Matthews - Sandworm - This is one of those records where every note is played to perfection! The players are completely locked in the groove. The track has three amazing basslines with outstanding sliding bridges. The main bassline is rhythmically very clever and unusual. I never tire of this track.


4. Billy Cobham - Heather : When asked to pick records that are personal to me this one immediately jumped into my head. I have always loved this track. Last year, my son was born and I made a mixtape for my partner to listen to during labor (you can`t get more personal than that!) this was the first track on there. It is a beautiful piece of music that makes you drift away.


5. Souls of Mischief - 93 Til` Infinity : This record samples the previous track. 93 Til` Inifinity perfectly captures an era in hip hop but is also timeless. The title and concept of capturing an era yet standing the test of time inspired me to write the track `89 Til` Infinity` released last year on Tempo Records.


6. Blackstar - Respiration : This to me is a perfect Hip Hop track. The music is deep and thought provoking and perfectly fits the rhymes and concept. As well as Mos Def and Talib Kweli, it also features Common. All three MC`s were on the top of their game. Respiration is full of references and metaphors that you might not catch the first time round. I love tracks like this as they reward you by unveiling more and more with each listen.  


7. Taylor McFerrin - Done For - I first heard this track on his soundcloud a year or so before the album. It`s one of the tracks that hasnt got many elements, but the melodies work so well together that you could listen to it on loop. If you havnt already, I recommend checking out his album.


8. The Future Sound Of London - Max : FSOL have produced some amazing tracks under so many aliases. I especially love their early material on Jumpin` and Pumpin.` I wanted to include one of their many tracks and felt that `Max` captures the deep, warm beautiful side of FSOL.  One thing I love about the group is that they create such unique sounds (no presets here!) and use them with both electronic textures and organic atmospherics.


9. Gil Scott Heron - Pieces of a Man: I have always been a fan of GSH. I was lucky enough to see him at Somerset House before he sadly died.  Pieces of a man is an understated but powerful track. Beautifully sad, Lyrically amazing and sonicly warm. The word legend is over used, in Gil Scott Heron`s case it could not be more apt.


10. Innerzone Orchestra - People Make The World Go Round : Carl Craig has made some increadible music over the years. For me, this version of the Stylistics classic is one of his stand out moments. I love the rhodes that comes in half way through and takes it to another level.


11. DJ Trax - Soul Travelling - I thought I would include one track from myself that fits in with the Dusk Dub concept. Soul Travelling was released last year and features Becki Biggins on Saxophone. I have worked with Becki on a number of projects. As well as an amazing player and writer she is a great jazz vocalists (I recommend checking her out! The track is laid back and has positive summer vibe to it. I plan on writing a new down tempo album in this vain next year. The image used for this mixtape is the original artwork for this release. It was created by my girlfriend as part of her Rush Hour series. Check her work out at