This week we welcome back Moodymanc with a wonderful mixtape inspired "From The Field".


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I’ve always collected records of field recordings. They are beautiful things, often commissioned by university anthropological departments, sometimes coming with booklets describing the studies during which the recordings were made, sometimes with pictures or photographs of the musicians and instruments recorded. As a drummer it’s always been fascinating to me to trace the roots of a lot of the music that has influenced me more directly, as a beat-maker it’s a great source of sampling and inspiration too. The beauty of these recordings is not always in their recording quality, (many of these were made in the 60s, when such persuits were more fashionable, and on location without the most ideal equipment, and some of these records are in less than perfect condition, all of which I’m sure you’ll find is evidenced by the hums and crackles!) but in the raw honesty and authenticity that is inherent.


Listening to these recordings for me is a great way to ‘cleanse the ears’ after hearing so much recorded music which is operating with so many other agendas.


I hope you enjoy!




1. Kakraba Lobi ’cat and mouse’ (Ghana)

2. Greeting by two young girls (Kayanza, S. Africa)

3. Tzotziles Slow chant of authority changing hands (Chiapas, Mexico)

4. Bomas of Kenya Sengenya (Digo, Kenya)

5. Youruba talking drum (Nigeria)

6. Carlos Embale Yambu (Cuba)

7. Sansa Solo (Sudan)

8. Mwingonyi warriors’ songs Lunda Zaire

9. Manatsoa valiha fombandrazanah (madagasikara)

10. The ceremonial drums  of the Asantehene (Ghana)

11. Chansons Intimes du KraalMututsi ‘Chant de la Pedrix’  (Burundi)

12. Marilli (young girl, Yeji, Ghana)

13. Capoeira de Santana (n.e. brazil)

14. Greetings from Podor (Senegal)

15. ‘Le Chasseur’  ‘chant du sud accompagne a l’Othar Gnoua’ (Morocco)

16. Whispered Song ‘inanga’ Bujumbura, S.Africa

17. Dogumba Song (Sandema, Ghana)

18. Les Petits Chanteurs-danseurs de Kegna Kwediama kwedi nioka (Kenya)