This week we welcome Malevolent to the Dusk Dubs family.... 





1) Eminem - Kill You

2) Ludacris - Growing Pains

3) Snoop Dogg – Lodi Dodi

4) DMX - Damien

5) Mobb Deep - Shook Ones pt 2

6) Mobb Deep - Got It Twisted

7) Method Man & Redman – Da Rockwilder

8) Dr Dre - Fuck You

9) Jay Z – Big Pimpin

10) D12 - Shit On You

11) Big L – Lifestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous

12) Wu Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck

13) Biggie Smalls - Kick In The Door

14) TQ - Westside

15) Outkast - So Fresh So Clean

16) Blur - Parklife

17) Oasis - Whats The Story (Morning Glory)

18) Haddaway - What Is Love?

19) N Trance - Set You Free

20) 2funky2 - Brothers and Sisters

21) The Prodigy - Everybody Is In The Place

22) Praga Kahn - Injected With A Poison



1 -  Eminem - Kill You

The first song off my favourite album off all time, it was too hard to pick a favourite tune off the album so i went with the first one as it set the standard for such an amazing album. “Serial killer hiding murder material in a cereal box on top of your stereo”………. need i say any more.


2 - Ludacris - Growing Pains

Luda is hugely underrated as a rapper and is one of my favourites without a doubt.  Word of mouf was his best album in my opinion and this tune was an absolute classic, appealed to rap and non rap fans alike. The skit before the song is pure genius!


3 - Snoop Dogg - Lodi Dodi

Doggystyle was a truly iconic album of the 90s hip hop era, easily another 4/5 songs off the album that could of made this list but i decided to narrow it down to just one. the casual, story tale delivery from snoop just makes the lyrics so infectious, impossible not sing along.


4 -DMX - Damien (its dark and hell is hot)

DMX was another massively under appreciated rapper who made some ridiculously good songs, this one being my favourite tune ever by D. Everybody loves a song that tells a story, this one is about the Devil tricking him into becoming allies, unaware of the consequences that will follow his actions.


5 - Mobb Deep  - Shook Ones pt 2

It wasn’t until i saw the film “8 Mile” that i even knew this track existed, researched the beat from Eminem’s final freestyle and stumbled across an absolute cult classic. If you know hip hop then you know this track!


6 - Mobb Deep - Got it Twisted

This is my favourite Mobb Deep track, rarely spoke of by anyone but its hard as fuck! The beat is crazy, actually samples an old tune from 1982 by Thomas Dolby called “she blinded me with science”


7 - Method Man Redman - Da Rockwilder

Meth and Red were the dynamic duo, made loads of sick music together this one being the standout track on their joint album “Blackout”.  Add to that one of the funniest films i’ve ever seen in “How High”, a film that still has cries for a 2nd instalment almost 15 years later! Maybe some day…..


8 - Dr Dre - Fuck You

Yet another album with so many amazing tunes, it was impossibly hard to pick just this one tune, xxxplosive, still DRE, next episode, the list goes on….a true masterpiece of an album! The beat is the main reason i picked this track, impossible not to nod your head to the G funk that Dre lays down!


9 - Jay Z - Big Pimpin’

If you don’t know this one, then please introduce me to the rock you’ve hid under since ’99 , i wouldn’t mind a trip there when i need some time to relax! Absolute anthem, guaranteed party starter.


10 - D12 - Shit on You

D12 were overshadowed by Eminem’s colossal solo career, but they made some sick music! This a typical example of the raw music they delivered (although they learnt to take themselves a bit less serious in later years and make some fun music that would appeal to the masses) . This one was off the Westwood 2 compilation released back in 2001, If you don’t know about that then go check out the track list and thank me later.


11 - Big L - Lifestylez ov da Poor and Dangerous

The title track off an album jam packed with pure fire! Honourable mentions to “8 iz enuff" and "Put it on", both nearly made the list”. Standout lyric on this track has to be “Breakin' in cribs with a crow bar, i wasn’t poor, i was po, i couldn’t afford the OR”. Ridicuous! Someone who was taken well before his time, one of the best to ever do it.


12 - Wu tang clan - Protect Ya Neck

The baddest crew in hip hop. Every member is a don in their own respect, always coming with those super catchy rhymes that stick in your head for weeks! Try and pick a favourite verse off this track, i’ve been trying for about 15 years and still not managed it!


13 - Biggie Smalls - Kick in the Door

The skit at the beginning of this one with “The Mad rapper”is nothing short of comedy gold, has me in stitches every time! it was a toss up between this one and “Dead Wrong” ft Eminem, this one edged it marginally. Biggie firing shots at Raekwon and Ghostface Killah of Wu Tang Clan on this one, also a few digs towards Nas. Biggie’s flow was unmatched by almost everyone in the rap game, another artist taken from us in the peak of their careers.


14 - TQ - Westside

The 90s and early 2000’s era wasn’t just the golden era for rap music, it was for RNB as well! Gonna dedicate this one to my pops, reminiscent of driving home in the car withthis on full blast singing all the lyrics! Got to give it up for the westside……


15 - Outkast - So Fresh So Clean

Outkast exploded onto the scene with their 2000 album “Stankonia” . They have made some sick music over the years and always merged the line between hip hop/rap and RNB to perfection. Hugely underrated album in my opinion, plus Andre 3000 has got to be one of the coolest guys in existence.


16 - Blur - Parklife 

Another title tune off an album that was a huge part of my younger life, had this one on tape and it didn’t leave the stereo for a long long time. One of my ultimate feel good tunes.


17 - Oasis - Whats the Story? (Morning Glory)

If i had to pick a favourite Oasis track ever (which I’m sure you can appreciate the difficulty of with me being a Mancunian) , this would probably be it. If anyone made songs that were perfect for singing/shouting with your friends pissed up at 7 in the morning at an after party, it was Oasis. That intro though….


18 - Haddaway - What is Love?

If you grew up in the 90’s, chances are there are at least a few classic dance tracks that you love! in my case its way more than a few. This one and the next tune on the mixtape are probably the 2 first ones that i can remember listening to, if not then certainly the 2 that got me into 90’s dance music!


19 - N trance - Set You Free

Probably the pinnacle of 90’s dance music, the song that everyone knows but everyone still loves! Another huge feel good tune.


20 - 2funky2 - Brothers And Sisters

Didn’t discover this one until much later on, somewhere around ’03/’04. That being said its definitely one of my favourite 90’s dance tunes ever. Got to show love to my cousin for introducing me to this one whilst we were on holiday one year, at a time when i was obsessed with dance music and somehow hadn’t heard it before!


21 - The Prodigy - Everybody Is In The Place

The Prodigy are truly a one off, nobody has ever done it like them! My mum was a huge fan so i was introduced to them at a very early age, The fat of the land was an Iconic album! So many tracks by them that i could of chose for this mixtape, I decided to choose this one as it has much more of a 90’s warehouse rave kind of feel to it, which is what i spent my whole childhood wishing i was old enough to attend!


22 - Praga Kahn - Injected With A Poison

The final track of the mixtape, decided to go out with a bang! Loved this song form the moment i heard it. Another late discovery during my high school years, weekends were pretty much a show and tell between me and my mates, all sending dance tracks to each others phones and jumping about to them whilst waiting for some kind soul to go in the shop and get us some alcohol! Hope you guys have enjoyed my selections……until next time, peace.