This week we welcome back Nibbers...



"Ah, I have been asked again to provide another selection for this wonderful project and, needless to say, I have seized the moment and jumped on it. This however doesn’t really mean that it was a rushed up job or even an easy one, it took me months to work out which direction to take and in the end, as usual, every little effort and planning (very little I may say) made sense and it did coagulate in another long and very personal journey.


You might like it, you might find interesting or you might not, it was epic for me. Music is a very personal thing and speaks volumes about a vast emotional territory of feelings that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to express.


Music is indeed the ultimate universal language, if you ask me.


This selection goes out to those who are able to listen and to feel…"





1) Jonny Nash - Retreat

Rising star ambient musician/composer, Jonny Nash is indeed a very talented one. Relatively new to me, his music resonates of the grandeur of the greatest ambient/progrock composers of the 70s and 80s. Retreat is moving and equally deep, without resurrecting the usual clichés of what we brutally call “elevator music”.


2) Jose Manuel - Summer Wind (Jonny Nash Remix)

Another beautiful piece of music, remixed by the already mentioned Jonny. Soundtrack of my last summer, it has very rarely left my bag. Wonderful and spiritual (the money shot is the vocals here)


3) Ivano Fossati & Oscar Prudente - Gil (Voglia di terra)

Obscure Italian balearic gem, unearthed for us common humans by that genius called Leo Mas for his recent project on Kenneth Badger’s label: Music For Dreams. The flute that pinpoints the melody is something to die for.


4) Bautista - Chanson A’ Denise

Founder member of Earth Wind and Fire, Bautista here flies solo and he doesn’t disappoint. Chanson a’ Denise (Song for Denise) is a gorgeous jazzy downtempo number off the self-titled LP (Bautista). This and “Gone” are worth alone the price of the entire LP. Check and buy it on sight.


5) Azymuth - Last Summer In Rio

Masters at work. No, not Kenny Dope and Louis Vega but Azymuth. The legendary jazz funk, jazz, soul, disco (you name it) Brazilian group who needs really no introduction. Last summer in Rio (off their LP Telecommunication) is another sleazy , groovy and hypnotic piece of music that I have discovered only recently (thanks Phil). Anything by Azymuth is worth listening, buying and adoring, in my book.


6) Dopegems - Travelling Man

7” goodness from the French label Heavenly Sweetness (responsible for putting out some amazing compilations too). Jazz but not your standard and abstract (dare I say boring) one. Soulful. The one I like.


7) Cymande - Dove

Now, this is possibly one the greatest jazz fusion composition of all time. Cymande are labeled as a funk band, with a strong Caribbean identity (all its members were born in the Caribbeans but moved in the early 60s to England). This song (10 mins of absolute beauty) is something else and it takes you into a psychedelic journey back to the hippy’s era (bring back the 70s please).


8) Mads Dalholt & Frederik Langkilde - Charite’

Another Balearic gem coming courtesy of Danish Balearic maestro Kenneth Badger’s label: Music for Dreams. Spanish guitar, deep percussions. Echoes of sunsets by the Mediterranean Sea.


9) Jacob Gurevitsch - Mexican Margarita (Original Album Mix)

A beautiful and melancholic flamenco that makes you want to wear flip flops and sip sangria by the sea. Another simple and very moving piece of music.


10) Matthew Hallsall & The Gondwana Orchestra - Blue Nile

Alice Coltrane’s cover, that I actually prefer to the original. There I said it. Smokey and and dreamy harmonies, delivered by jazz maestro Matthew Halsall. If Kruder and Dorfmeister made jazz, it would have sounded like this probably but we will possibly never know.


11) Odyssey - Our Lives Are Shaped By What We Love

Heart wrenching, tear jerker, moving piece of wonderful soul. Motown is the label. No surprise there really. Thanks Ian, you know why.


12) Jean Carne - Don’t Let It Go To Your Head

A stone cold classic and iconic tune from the relatively short lived but equally incredibly prolific label: Philadelphia International Recordings.

The soulful sound of Phila that never fails to make me choke up. Yes, one of those records.


13) Brother Resistance - Wars In Space Dub

Another record new to me. These guys are from Trinidad and Tobago but their production on this chugging little disco number could be easily mistaken for a Sly and Robbie one.Very tasty and very dubby too.


Mike Francis & Sade - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Special Version)

Previously unreleased on 12”, now available courtesy of the downtempo/Balearic duo Blank and Jones. Mike Francis and Sade collaborating? Don’t mind if I do and I did (without even listening). I wasn’t wrong, it’s wonderful.


14) 2 Raumwohnung - Ich Weiss Warum (Stepping Razor Edit)

A soulful piece of dub, very deep, very hypnotic and very good too. Off the compilation entitled “World Dub Pastry vol.1” (Vol. 2 is sadly not a patch of the first one but that’s my personal opinion of course), that came out few years back, showcasing a very solid array of wonderful and dubby sounds. Highly recommended.


15) Land Of Light - Flares

Another masterpiece. You need to listen to it to soak up the huge amount of beauty and vibes that this piece of music evokes. If you don’t like it, you have no soul and/or functioning ears. It’s as simple as that.