This week we welcome David Bailey into the Dusk Dubs family...



"It was a real privilege to be asked by Dusk Dubs to do the mix. I wanted to create a mix of different styles of music that I enjoy and hopefully play some tunes people may have not have heard as well as some lesser known classics."





1. Synkro - Last night. Synkro is one of my favourite producer. He has taken the ambient sound and mixed it with D&B and down tempo music. Plus he has a great ear for vocals. Lovely track.


2. 10cc - I'm not in love.  his is a song from my childhood, listening to my Dad's LP's. I love the dreamy quality, it has a melancholy atmosphere and still works as a pop song.


3. J Dilla - Time: The Donut Of The Heart. This is such a soulful funky track that reminds of why I love hip hop. 


4. Grand Puba - A Little Of This. I remember hearing this on Yo MTV Raps. Grand Puba has a great voice and the production on the track is ridiculously laid back and jazzy. It's summer time BBQ music.


5. The Pharcyde - Moment in time. The Pharcyde where the antithesis of gangsta rap. Their lyrics showed a vulnerability and everyman storytelling that I could relate to. Real soulful lesser known track of theirs.


6. Dimitri From Paris - Encore. I discovered Dimitri by accident back in 95 after a trip to Amsterdam. The guy knows his music histroy and some of the hip hop outtakes on his first album are excellent. This bridges the mix to the more uptempo selection.


7. Marc Carey - Inside Yourself (You'll Find Love)Marc Carey seems to have gone largely unrecognised by the mainstream. His Rhodes Ahead LP is one of the best Jazz electronica fusion albums ever made. He effortlessly merges genres in a way that shows a real understanding and love of the music. This is a jazz house track which is pure class.


8. Global Communications - The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix). This track is one of those that it is impossible to sit still to. Garagey vocals and beat with the depth you would expect from GC.


9. Jazzanova - That Night (Wahoo Remix). When I heard this for the first I was literally dancing around the room. Making soulful house that isn't naff can be quite tough, this track is a real gem. The bass line is pure funk.


10. Photek & Robert Owens - Mine To Give. Solaris was my favourite Photek Album. Crossing genres. This tune reminds me of the acid house which first got me into dance music. It brings a smile to my face when I hear the chorus, the gospel infused tone of Robert Owens are spiritual.


11. Omni Trio - First Contact. Omni Trio were there from day one of the jungle scene. This is taken from their last LP, with a hint of the detroit and acid sounds mixed with minimalist breakbeats and a soundtrack approach to arrangement. Uplifting and life affirming music.


12. Blocks & Escher - Embers. These guys are 2 of the best producers in D&B at the moment. They have the cinematic style which really drew me to the music in the first place. This track takes you on a journey, buckle up.


13. Alaska & Seba - Back To Eternity. A great combination and 2 amazing producers outright. A very euphoric track, uplifting hands in the air music stuff, this is the point where you hug a stranger in the rave!


14. Heartdrive - Empathy Reboot. D Bridge & Kid Drama saved D&B for me. At a time when things where getting very formulaic and faster they slowed it down and when off piste with an experimental approach to the music. This is an emotional track that owes a debt to 80's soundtrack and Vangellis. 


15. Beastie Respond - Wait For Me. A half time D&B love ballad need I say. Anyone who has been in a long distance relationship can relate to this one.