This week we welcome Mark Blood to the Dusk Dubs family...


I have a passion for music and have been 'listening' for the last 36 years. My old man played 50's rock'n'roll much of the time when I was young, interspersed with the occasional jazz track. So although I'm not into it in a big way, I know many rock'n'roll songs by heart. I got into 'heavy rock' during my teens - Deep Purple, Black Sabbath etc. I was mad on Hawkwind. This inevitably resulted in me exploring more of the sounds of the 70's and late 60's - Cream, Doors, Hendrix etc. The next big phase was Tangerine Dream - their trance instrumental tracks, often 15 - 20 mins long were a big draw. From TD I slowly moved to German 'electronic' beats and then into mainstream dance and trance. Always loved the instrumentals.


I have always preferred the darker side of musical genre's. I love ambient, but dark ambient is the biz, dark, minimalist techno is brilliant, the heavy rock is often bass-driven and the darker tracks are superb. I think that's why I preferred it to 80's 'metal' - metal just did not seem to have as much balls. Drum'n'bass is a classic example - there's some great D'n'B out there but it's the hard-hitting primeval bass-crunching sound that I like. One of the great things about listening to music all the time is how as you get older your horizons broaden. I'm into far more music now than I was 5 or 10 years ago, but I always prefer the darker side...


I have a godly collection of vinyl and CD's and sine 2007 have been using my computer for music storage. I realised that with so much music (currently more than 41,000 songs on the PC), I could take the mix-tapes I used to make to the next level and began creating mix sets of my favourite tracks. Sets that use copyrighted music goes on Mixcloud, and Creative Commons licensed music and tracks that the authors have given permission for me to use go on Soundcloud and are available for download. I use tracks that I really dig, and want to share this great music with the rest of the world.


It always amazes me that there is so much music out there which is often free and which is much, much better than the commercial sounds many people are locked into. There are people I know who like what they like - nothing wrong with that, but they don't listen to anything else. You gotta explore the sounds from all angles, and not be afraid of artists who push the boundaries. Doing so will lead to better things.I'm into many, many other artists and styles of music. I could fill many DuskDubs shows with my top rated tracks. It was tough choosing the following - and if I don't say Stop! I could go on tweaking it for a long time :D


This list comprises a selection of tracks which have stood out for me at different times.


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And this is the revised order:

1) Black Sabbath - Megalomania

2) Hawkwind - Damnation Alley

3) The Undertones - My Perfect Cousin

4) Eumir Deodato's  - Also Sprach Zarathustra

5) Cocteau Twins - When Mama Was Moth

6) Art Of Noise - Beat Box

7) Primal Scream - Don't Fight It, Feel It

8) Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise

9) Aural Float  - Life In Dub

10) Spor - Aztec



1) Black Sabbath : Megalomania from SabotageThe first time I heard the main riff kick in at 3:25 I was transported to air guitar heaven. This is HUGE. Whatta track :)


2) Hawkwind : Damnation Alley from Quark, Strangeness and CharmChoosing a Hawkwind track is tough as they have made so many great tunes. The first albums I listened to were the eponymous album and Space Ritual, Doremi Faso Latido etc., and they contain awesome tunes. Damnation Alley, though, is a corker. The entire album it is taken from is a joy to listen to but this track stands out.


3) The Undertones : My Perfect Cousin from Hypnotised. During my early 20's I worked with a couple who were mad about 2-tone and 80's pop in general. This is one of many that stand out. I remember dancing to this at several parties :)


4) An absolute favourite of mine is Eumir Deodato's treatment of Also Sprach Zarathustra from Prelude. Holy Moly - such a great piece of music! Guaranteed to get the head nodding and the shoulders rolling ;) I first heard this when watching Being There. It's played when the protagonist, Chance, leaves the Old Man's house for the first time and is exploring the city with a child's delight. The music and the footage work so well together.


5) Cocteau Twins - When Mama Was Moth. I have never been a fan of vocals (especially 'overly emotional' vocals) in music. The Cocteau Twins' implementation of Elizabeth Frazer's voice as an 'instrument' is mind-blowing. This was the first CT track I heard and I was transfixed. Sugar Hiccup etc., served to cement a devotion to the CT's music that was to last for many years and which continues to this day. I often reach forward to turn the volume UP when a CT track is on.


6) Art Of Noise : Beat Box (Diversion One) from (Who's Afraid Of) The Art Of Noise I was completely taken in by Close (To The Edit), first heard when listening to Radio Caroline. When I eventually bought the album, this track really stuck with me. The Art Of Noise made me reassess my musical view. They broadened my horizons.


7) Primal Scream : Don't Fight It, Feel It from Screamadelica. This track is one of the best up-beat tracks that Primal Scream made. Always puts a smile on my face. I like the energy that's there from beginning to end.


8) Dave Clarke : Wisdom To The Wise from Archive On. First heard WTTW on Leftfield's first Essential Mix for Radio One. Blew me away. When I finally heard Archive One, Southside did the same. It's the relentless bass line that grabs me and gets my head nodding and my legs moving :) Dave Clarke introduced me to the world of Techno.


9) Aural Float : Life In Dub from Moving Images. The album version's probably a bit long for the DuskDubs show (but there's a shorter version on the 'Light Aromas' compilation). I had my first introduction to dub in my early 20's when a friend played some Mad Professor. Never stopped loving it. The album version of this track is the biz. The 7 minute build-up before the bass kicks in is epic and totally sets you up for that deep, deep sound that wraps itself around you and carries you away.


10) Spor : Aztec from Aztec/Do Not Shake. Classic energy-driven D'n'B. Love the pace and the happy vibe :)