This week we welcome Andy Devine to the Dusk Dubs family...


"I’m honoured to be asked to provide a selection for the Dusk Dubs project. I’ve been following it for sometime and know I’m in great selecting company. I was a little apprehensive putting forward a selection for the first time, especially after following so may great contributions. I decided to base it around tracks that meant a great deal to me from times past, rather than music I’m delving into at the moment. I truly hope you enjoy the selection as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together.


Thank you Dusk Dubs crew. X"



You can find him here...

Shipton St Sessions Radio Show






Track 1 : Steve Reich ~ New York Counterpoint, Part One (Excerpt)


The music of Steve Reich has been a major part of my sonic landscape since a stoner teacher introduced me to his music at college. “Classical” music, performed in concert halls with dance-floor sensibilities. I was as amazed by what he could get traditional instruments and their performers to achieve as I am 30 years later and listen to his music weekly.


Track 2: Gel Sol  ~ Ombai Strait


Another excerpt really, as the album deserves to be listened to as a whole. Myself and mates did just that most months after getting back from Freakin, a 17 years in the making house night that we were punters at for a years before having the pleasure of playing there for a couple of years. Conversations would inevitably turn to WTF is happening at the end of the track sonically? Answers on a postcard to Dusk Dub towers….


Track 3 : Ian O’brien ~ Where Does The Past End And The Present Begin.


Speaks for its self, just stunning musicianship and production. Enough to make you weep and chuck the controller in……! I’n not sure where or how I first got into his music, but have sought out anything by him for some time. All killer, no fller!


Track 4: Kelpe ~ Sickly Situation


When I first heard this, I’d bought it on a whim, gone to the pub, got steaming and bowled into the house to listen to it at high volume, not having heard of the artist before. What poured out of the speakers was something the like I’d not heard before. The melancholy “7-up” monologues from a woman throughout the different stages of her life that punctuate the album still get me with every listen.  This is taken from his first album and since then has gone on to release a number of other albums, remix projects, and DJ mixes. His music develops and innovates which each release while retaining this unique live percussive sound.


Track 5: Oriol ~ Night And Day


This is a fav in DJ sets if I get lost as its easy to slip into any mix and  immediately gets things back on track.  Again, sounds like nothing else I know. Waiting patiently for more material from this outfit. The whole album is outstanding!


Track 6 : Stubborn Heart ~ Interpol.


Relatively new material for this selection. Deeply moving machine-soul, which is a fave for the ear buds while walking home from work under gunmetal skies. So much simplicity, emotion, and beautifully executed tech. would love to catch them live!


Track 7 : Andrea Parker ~ Invasions


What can I say, just stunning electro from Andrea, who I first discovered because she’d remixed Steve Reich on a very prestigious remix project. She runs an outstanding label, promoting electro talent and apparently provided one of the most innovative and engaging sets at a mates night Soxan (which I sorrowfully never got to). We need more women in electronic music to walk in the footsteps of the early female pioneers. Andrea is definitively one of them.


Track 8 : Dextro ~ Closer


I’ve loved the music of reclusive highlander musician/producer Dextro for years. There’s not loads out there, but what out put he has, speaks of where he is from which is something special in an artist. At work, we won some funding to rig out an old chapel as a performance space. It was winter; I was in control of the sound system. Everyday, when everyone disappeared for lunch, or went home, I’d play this album loud and lie in the middle of the floor enjoying the sheer space the music portrays and the space I was listening to it in. (I still do this 8 or 9 years on, when no ones about).


Track 9 : Move D  ~ 77 Sunset Strip


Move D!   Move D! This is taken, from as far as I know, his first and only album dating to ‘90/91? Way, way ahead of its time in my opinion. Still producing some of the best house music of today, and providing some of the best party soundtracks available across the continent. This is just one track off a desert island disc for me.


Track 10 : Craig Brately ~ Analogue Dreams.


I’ve an odd relationship with Craig. The house night I mentioned in track 2 used to run an annual excursion to a castle just south of Hadrian’s Wall for 2 days of solid raving. He was in attendance at one but it was too messy for us to cross paths! A year or so later, I was DJing in Leeds and his girlfriend was at the Bar chatting to me in between mixes. She showed me a photo of him on her phone, I said, “Aye that’s him…. Great Dj, produces some ace music”. The photo moved and I realised she was face timing him and all hilarity ensued. We’re now collaborating on a book, with others exploring mixing audio. Still yet to actually meet in the flesh though. This is the last track from his debut album and fully, for me, encapsulates the time that the previous Move D track was produced in. Proper!


Track 11 : The Pachanga Boys ~ Time.


(in my opinion) The perfect house track, in form, sound and emotion….. It’s a lengthy one coming in at 15 mins but once its over I’ll guarantee you’ll want a rewind and listen to it again. I’ll let it speak for itself.