This week we welcome Sequen? to the Dusk Dubs family...


"The word dark is thrown about in techno far too lightly these days, by kids with no idea of the history of Techno. People come from their safely packaged commercial music and discover techno, and instantly think they have found something "dark". To them it may well be, but techno has always been the darker more abstract end of electronic music. Dark techno has always been somewhat of a sub genre that is outsider music.


Abstract, difficult, challenging, powerful, elitist and quite niche and anything but safe. Its time to reclaim the word Dark for those who truly understand what it means, to take it away from the plastic, anti bacterial and safe, watered down version of what is claiming itself as dark, and to return it to those who work on the fringes of genre. Those that experiment, that move against type, with their roots tracing back to the industrial pioneers. The dark ,the abstract and the ambience.


Socialising Techno for any time of the day."



You can find him here...

Sequenchill/Artist Page





Intro) Object Folk Five 


1) Silent Harbour – Descending - IDM, Dub Techno, Ambient,heavenly drones to put you on a journey.


2) Luis Ruiz - Ergosphere - Resurging the old school techno which had lost the roots of the genre.


3) The Body and the Haxan Cloak - Darkness Surround Us - So committed to forcing your head underwater to the point of blackout - So much in this at the moment.


4) Plastikman - Outbak - Many faces but Richie delivered so much,from 1994 but sounds so fresh.


5) Dasha Rush - 100 Hearts - Music mostly focused away from the dancefloor ,and sometimes away from the music itself but which brings up a mixture of rather rare electronic experimentation's and synthesized sounds.


6) Irradiation - Magnetic Monopole - A combination of Breakbeat, Techno, Ambient that works out so well  and amazes. 


7) Inigo Kennedy  - Birth - My favourite track from Inigo that takes you in obscure places.


8) MonO - Playground - Playground. Indeed a playground of a dubby journey that goe deep.


9) Lucy - All that noise - The magic behind Stroboscopic Artefacts.A wicked track that sums up the way my music goes.


10) Andrew Bayer - Movement3 - From his Distractions EP ,a combination of Progressive House, Breakbeat, Tech House, Progressive Trance which work out really well.


11) Joris Voorn - Sweets for Piano (Ripperton Remix) - Touching the right mellow spots but stays well ahead in the sound.


12) Lars Leonhard - Hydrogen Sulfide - Taken from my favourite album of Lars (a genious of a producer that always amazes) with his soundscapes.


13) Burial - Archangel - Being brought up on old jungle tunes and garage tunes ,this track says it all .Percussion patterns creating minute hesitations and slippages in the rhythm.


14) Sonitus Eco - Chordelia - Chordelia.  For me this is the techno  track of 2015 from a massive artist from my country.Justin's music is  cut above the rest with his drone , awesome beats and dubby trips into ambient land - just close your eyes and dance.


Outro A – Fuse - Dimension Intrusion


Outro B - The Haxan Cloak - Consumed