This week we welcome S_EncE to the Dusk Dubs family...


"Hi, it´s an honor to be included, thanks for this....


Picking these tracks was pretty hard work. I first wanted to make a history of my own music eduction but then decided to pick tracks that come instantly to my mind when thinking of a BEST-OF-THE-BEST list and even then it was hard decisions. So these tracks show a good range of music that moves me or tickles my brain.


Have fun listening"....



You can find him here...





01 Kode9 "9 Samurai" (Hyperdub) so what to say about this one...THIS is THE track for me...this should be played at my funeral.i can listen to this a hundred times and it doesn´t get bad, the deep bass, the rollin´ drums.what else can you ask for?


02 Distance "Cyclops" (Planet Mu) I think i first heard this on a show on subFM. then i forgot about it a couple of months until i was shoppingin a record store in hamburg and found it. i TOTALLY went crazy about it again. it´s that kind of trackthat gives you strength and power. it´s like marchin´. i never was in the army but that is the soundtrackfor marching soldiers in my head.


03 Shackleton "Blood on my hands" (Skull Disco)yeah shackleton! i luv him. i totally luv him. i´ve included him twice in this playlist but i could´veput a ton of his tracks here. i had to restrain myself. 


04 Omen "Rebellion" (Tectonic) This is one i also heard first on a subFM show. at the peak of dubstep in 2007/2008 or so subFM was the onlyway for me to get to new stuff. i love this one because it´s kind of empty but not empty at the same time. the rythm is reduced to death but it still works. thats what i luv about that early stuff. 


05 El Mahdy Jr. "Last Breath" (ZamZam) With this one we start into a special area of my musical love. glimpses of it you could hear with the shackleton tracksearlier. i totally love oriental influenced music. arabic scales and rythms. you can get lost in it.


06 Badawi "El Topo" (Index001) There are some really great albums by badawi out there. i choosed this one which is the first release on index.i came across this because of the great shackleton remix thats on this too.this is also a mighty one. the horn-like pitched down sound that cuts through the emptyness.


07 Muslimgauze "Every Grain Of Palestinian Sand (2) (Staalplaat) I don´t write anything to this....


08 Jacques Palinger "Tuedeldub (Shackleton Remix) (Pudel Produkte) Maybe someone of the listeners knows the golden pudel club in hamburg. if there...the original is a reggea-like track and shackleton twisted the lyrics and is doing his thing over this.the lyrics are VERY VERY funny. try to translate them if you want to. it´s an adaption of a folk´s about stealing apples and all that. it´s plattdeutsch, "hamburg-slang".


09 Ulrich Troyer "Eurocity to Munich" (Deep Medi Musik) I often come back to this album. it´s a great "living room" record. to chill to, to cook to or do somethingelse. oh, and its a nice story about a little stompbox of course.

10 Emika "Wicked Game" (Ninja Tune Zen)this is the "ladies-track" on this playlist. maybe my feminine side. wicked game is an awesome song for itself.and emika treated it well and her ever present "blues" fits good on this one. sometimes i need stuff like this.


11 Dj Rum "What i was doing when i was doing what i was doing" (Samurai Red Seal) The next tracks start some kind of futuristic part of this. this one by dj rum is one of my favourite tracks ofthe last two years. and it´s great that its on samurai music, because i totally love the stuff DJ Presha is doing with this label.


12 Felix K "Aussenwelt" (Hidden Hawaii)i could have picked any release of Hidden Hawaii. i think this one sums up what it´s about. futuristic breakbeats, bladerunnerstyle music. one of my favourite labels if not THE favourite. sadly, the releases are often limited and you have to be quick to get one.


13 Ena "District" (Samurai Horo)another one from samurai music, this time from the Horo imprint which is totally experimental. the noisy stuff and the hidden rythms inside that noise....for me ena is totally killing it with the last longplayers. 


14 Ed Rush "Guncheck" (No U Turn)....THE TRACK....I think i first heard this in a documentation on which was called "London Jungle". that was maybe 1996or so. since then this track is always by my side....


The last two tracks are something special...i discovered german rap and hip hop again. since my youth i lost track of it.i don´t know how i came to "sichtexot" but that stuff kicks me the last weeks and months. check it out. it´s always kind of rawand unpolished with a large amount of jazz in it. 


15 Luk&Fil "Die Kunst des Befehlens" (Sichtexot)


16 Eloquent & Wun Two "Wackness 101" (Sichtexot)