This week we welcome The Jazzateer to the Dusk Dubs family...



"Big thanks to Dusk Dubs for asking me to put a mix tape together. It's an honour and been an absolute pleasure.


Music wise, I wanted to create a nice relaxed vibe, a kinda "back to mine" after a night out clubbing with your mates.


It's been tricky to narrow down my tunes, but I've chosen a selection of tracks that I've had an emotional connection with over the last 20 years or so, music that has moved me in some unidentifiable way.


When I first started getting into electronic music, it was always the more ambient based stuff that I seemed to be drawn to and it's played a huge part in my life, but I wanted to avoid the bigger and more obvious choices from that genre so I've included some rap, hip hop and dub.


So, if you're just in from a cracking night out and need to chill, open a beer, pour a wine, light up a joint and enjoy the journey."



You can find him here....






1. Tranquillity Bass - They Came In Peace

2. Horace Andy - Youth of Today (Kaleidoscope Remix)

3. David Holmes - Smoked Oak

4. DJ Krush - Only The Strong Survive

5. Rhythm & Sound - Hit You Version

6. Banco Del Gaia - B2

7. Caned & Able - Killa Sound

8. The Novak Project - Testament

9. Love Craft - Intelligent Universe

10. HFB - Hitchcock's First Bugle

11. FSOL - My Kingdom (Media Version)

12. Massive Attack - I Against I

13. Fenin - None Of Them

14. Model 500 - The Flow

15. Global Communication - Funk In The Fridge

16. DJ Shadow - Midnight In A Perfect World

17. Sympath - Zero Sum

18. Rico Casazza - Early Reflections

19. Disrupt - Selassi I Continually

20. Mazzy Star - Into Dust