This week we welcome back Dave Faze...


"It’s indeed an honour to be asked back for my third Dusk Dubs excursion and this time i’m going for a different vibe. It has taken me a while, months in fact to select what your about to hear for my mixtape, going back to the 90’s where it all started for me – the smoky clubs of London where nothing was off limits and experimentation with beats and breaks was at the fore…the tracks selected represent yet again my musical passion and as you can see the main emphasis is on the jungle / drum n bass, atmospheric style that was so prevalent from the mid 90’s onwards.  It really was a special time – Bukem, Fabio, Goldie, Reinforced and many more were championing the emerging new sounds of drum n bass and my selection represents the best from that era.


I’d like to big up the Dusk Dubs crew once again asking me to select – its an honour guys! Also have to big up James Burns (JB from Tottenham for those that know!) from the London from The Rooftops project for the stunning art work…nuff love for you brother! Sit back and enjoy the riddims…..





You can find him here....





1) Into The 90's - Photek

2) Never Tell You - Rhythm & Sound

3) Sweet Dreams - DJ Crystl

4) Heliopshan - Aphex Twin

5) The Ephemeris - Futurebound

6) This Way - Skanna

7) 9am Distant Train - Loop Guru

8) You Held My Hand (Mark Mac & Goldie Remix) - Manix & Rufige Cru

9) Kemistry (Doc Scott Remix) - Goldie

9) Kemistry (Doc Scott Remix) - Goldie


Into The 90’s – Photek - One of my favourite producers of all time! I have a lot in my collection from this genius and the track I have selected is one of his more downbeat productions taken from the ‘Natural Born Killa’ EP on Metalheadz released in 94. The track title says it all as we commence our journey….deep, laid back jazzy, atmospheric vibes.


Never Tell You – Rhythm & Sound - The dubbed out vibes on this beauty immediately drew my attention the first time I heard it; a modern day dub classic that gets better on every listen.  Produced in 96 on the Burial Mix label it sums up many a time coming back from raves in need of a proper chill out!! This is in my top 10 of dubs and takes me back to many a soundsystem party such as University of Dub where 3 to 4 systems would battle for supremacy over the course of the night,.big up the Brixton and Manor House crews back in the day !


Sweet Dreamz – DJ Crystl - A 9 minute journey of blissful deepness that transcends dnb – a masterpiece from DJ Crystl. The track as a dream like quality with soft pads and sweeping flutes that transport you to another world entirely. One of the best of the best, in my top 10 for sure.


Heliosphan – Aphex Twin - Taken from Selected Ambient Works Vol 2 – this is my favourite from the lp. Euphoric and building and a tune that holds many memories for me, namely the birth of my eldest daughter, Jazmine. I used to play this album to her to get her off to sleep! Stunning in everyway…


The Ephemeris – Futurebound - A tune that takes you on a journey to other worlds – to a peaceful and tranquil place. The stunning acoustic guitars and sax with watery pads…like the best dream you have ever had…when I play atmospherics, this 12 rarely leaves my bag. Make a cocktail and transport yourself to that sunny beach in the Indian Ocean !


This Way – Skanna - Another track that rarely leaves my bag these days as its such a masterpiece. I first heard this on the now legendary Bukem Essential Mix in 1995 (which I recommend very highly if you haven’t heard it). Its got it all – stunning vocals, a gorgeous piano hook…truly a tune to die for. Big up the Skanna aka John Graham…


9am Distant Train – Loop Guru - Taken from the 1994 album ‘The Third Chamber’ for me its an essential ambient album along with works from Aphex Twin and Brian Eno…the perfect come down album…take your time and lose yourself as I have done many a time to this track…beautiful stuff.


You Held My Hand (Mark Marc & Goldie Mix) – Manix & Rufige Cru - You Held My Hand taken from Enforcers Volume 4 – my selection wouldn’t be complete without Da R! The most influential label in DnB and hardcore now over 25 years old. This track is a stunner…emotionally charged and full of vibes, a true classic of Reinforced back catalogue. One I like to play at the end of set…


Kemistry (Doc Scott Remix) – Goldie - Kemistry ...what more needs to said of this classic classic track remixed by the master Doc Scott? Undeniably emotional for any true head; this brings back great memories of seeing Goldie and Heritage Orchestra last year in London…Thursday crew – this one you! Also features the amazing vocal talents of Diane Charlemagne who sadly passed away in 2015…RIP