This week we welcome back Flatliner with his 'Arcade Special'...


"Having been exposed to music from a young age and always being the creative, arty type at school and college, I always wanted to try and write my own music at some point in my life. Luckily for me, I realised my dream and looking back at my influences, it’s very easy to name check the usual chart heroes so I won’t this time. 


But what also played an absolutely integral part in forming my musical taste was video games and their theme tunes, no doubt about it. Most kids in the late 80s and early 90s were glued to their games consoles or home computers. I was no exception and whether you realised it or not, video game music was infiltrating kids and teenagers subconscious for hours at a time. 


Whilst this all sounds very ominous, the good news was that most video games had exceptionally good theme tunes written by some very talented musicians indeed and as the technology developed, so did the theme tunes. The early 8-bit chip tunes were fun and very hummable but as the consoles and computers got more and more powerful, so the theme tunes grew in complexity and depth and a lot of them began to take on a life of their own. 


So what we have here in my third DuskDubs selection is not just the videogame music I remember from being a gangly, awkward teenager but also some very recent stuff as well. I am 40 now and very much still an avid gamer and that passion for gaming has now passed onto my 8 year old son George who, when I told him what I was compiling, absolutely insisted that I put in at least one theme tune from the excellent Minecraft. 


So I did. 


I really hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane, 


Peace out 








PRESS START: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past [ SNES ] ‘Intro’ 1991 Koji Kondo 

GAME 1: Shinobi [ Arcade ] ‘Round One’ 1987 Yasuhiro Kawakami 

GAME 2: Streets of Rage [ Megadrive ] ‘The Street of Rage’ 1991 Yuzo Koshiro 

GAME 3: Golden Axe [ Megadrive ] ‘The Old Map’ 1990 David Whittaker / Tohru Nakabayashi 

GAME 4: Golden Axe [ Megadrive ] ‘The Battle’ 1990 David Whittaker / Tohru Nakabayashi 

GAME 5: Sonic the Hedgehog [ Megadrive ] ‘Green Hill Zone’ 1991 Masato Nakamura 

GAME 6: Super Ghouls n Ghosts [ Super Famicom ] ‘Haunted Graveyard’ 1991 Mari Yamaguchi 

GAME 7: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past [ SNES ] ‘Select Screen’ 1991 Koji Kondo 

GAME 8: Super Mario 64 [ N64 ] ‘Dire, Dire Docks’ 1997 Koji Kondo 

GAME 9: Tomb Raider [ PS1 ] ‘Tomb Raider Theme’ 1996 Nathan McCree 

GAME 10: Myst [ PC ] ‘The Tower’ 1993 Robyn Miller 

GAME 11: Resident Evil [ PS1 ] ‘Save Room’ 1996 Masami Ueda 

GAME 12: Resident Evil [ PS1 ] ‘More Rooms’ 1996 Masami Ueda 

GAME 13: Silent Hill 2 [ PS2 ] ‘The Day of Night’ 2001 Akira Yamaoka 

GAME 14: Resident Evil 2 [ PS1 ] ‘Police Station Main Hall’ 1998 Masami Ueda 

GAME 15: Resident Evil 4 [ Gamecube ] ‘Serenity’ 2005 Misao Senbongi 

GAME 16: Ninja Gaiden [ Xbox ] ‘Tairon at Night’ 2004 Ryo Koike / Wakana Hara 

GAME 17: Metroid Prime [ Gamecube ] ‘Phendrana Drifts’ 2002 Kenji Yamamoto 

GAME 18: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption [ Wii ] ‘Skytown’ 2007 Kenji Yamamoto 

GAME 19: Minecraft [ PS3 ] ‘Haggstrom’ 2011 Daniel Rosenfeld 

GAME 20: Undertale [ PC ] ‘The Ruins’ 2015 Toby Fox 

BONUS STAGE: SHINOBI [ Arcade ] ‘Welcome to Bonus Stage’ 1987 Yasuhiro Kawakami 

FINAL STAGE: METROID [ NES ] Title Theme’ 1986 Hirokazu Tanaka