This week we welcome Nucleus to the Dusk Dubs family.....


"So many directions this mix could've gone in. I chose to go with some deep funky soul tunes that I've been feeling lately, Some old favourites and some I've recently discovered. Was good to put them together without having to think about mixing.


Hope you enjoy





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1) Ishan People - Come To The Music 

2) Chocolate Milk - Time Machine 

3) Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson - For Real 

4) Vise - Baby I Love You 

5) The Dramatics - Watcha See Is Watcha Get 

6) Side Effect - Do You Believe 

7) Pure Funk - Nothing Left Is Real 

8) 24 Carat Black - The Best Of Good Love Gone 

9) Erick Cosaque - Kominike 

10) MCB - The Time Is Right 

11) Sunbear - Let Love Flow For Peace 

12) General Lee - Magic 

13) Family Of Eve - Please Be Truthful (2nd Version) 

14) Brainstorm - Journey To The Light 

15) Caroline Crawford - I'll Be Here For You 



Ishan People - Come To The Music 

Dope soulful reggae from Canada,featuring Johnny Osborne on vocals. 


Chocolate Milk - Time Machine 

Spaced out funk from the classic 'Action Speaks Louder Than Words'LP. 

Roy Ayers & Wayne Henderson - For Real 

Love this version of the Flowers classic.The fade out is a wind up,needs to go on longer. 


Vise - Baby I Love You 

Killer funky soul double sider,super rare. 


The Dramatics - Watcha See Is Watcha Get 

Heard this recently on an episode of Fargo,had to dig it out. 

Side Effect - Do You Believe 

Deep funky soul from their first Lp. 

Pure Funk - Nothing Left Is Real 

More deep funk,there's also an alternate version thats recently been reissued. 

24 Carat Black - The Best Of Good Love Gone 

From their amazing 2009 lp of unearthed tracks from the 70's 


Erick Cosaque - Kominike 

Killer bass and Rhodes from the Antilles 


MCB - The Time Is Right 

Rare groove classic from former members of Cameo,bassline! 


Sunbear - Let Love Flow For Peace 

Spaced out synth funk from a great lp on Soultrain records. 

General Lee - Magic 

More spaced out funk and one of my favourites.General Lee and the Space Army Band made some amazing music,check the other 45's.Says on this one 'from the forthcoming album'which never came out,the tapes must be somewhere!!! 

Family Of Eve - Please Be Truthful (2nd Version) 

A recently issued alternate version of this amazing tune. 

Brainstorm - Journey To The Light 

The first I heard of this was the sample in 4 hero - Journey From The Light.Another classic. 

Caroline Crawford - I'll Be Here For You 

My favourite tune from Bohannons much sampled lead singer.