This week we welcome Digital to the Dusk Dubs family.....


”This is not a 'Cool' list….. it’s a 'ME' list 


My list is mainly a bunch old tracks I'm attached to in one way or another.   For me, memories stick to a track so a certain track can remind me of good times. Of course there are tracks in this list where I thought, Wow this amazing !!!! but nothing pleases me more than playing a track that takes me back to great memories because it makes me feel warm inside".





You can find him here..






1) Thriller - Michael Jackson


The whole Thriller concept was brilliant. It consisted of the ghouly video with 3D scary biz, a brilliant track plus Thriller had a massive worldwide movement behind it as the whole thing was nailed 100%. EPIC. It blew me and pretty much everyone away.


2) Fabian - Prophecy


I love my bass, believe that. If you love your bass you need to hear this track on a tumping soundsystem. This kind off bassline makes you smile, screw face and jump around.


3) Ice T - Reckless


Just thinking about this track freaks me out (In a good way) because the memories attached to this are too much to process !


4) Public Enemy - Rebel Without A Pause


I 'borrowed' my brother's copy, I attempted scratching without a slipmat, 1 ruined scratched up record, 1 slap in the head, minus pocket money, 1 new copy for my brother !


5) Shannon - Let The Music Play


I loved this track and so did my older brother and sisters. Memories of dancing around together..


6) Soul 2 Soul - Fair Play


I love when a woman sings on a heavy track, just like they do withLovers Rock reggae. This sounds innocent at home but this seriously drops in a club, I know this because I was sneaking out of my house around the time this track was running it to hit the clubs. My mum had enough of my dishonesty and threw me out ha ha.


7) 45 KING - The 900 Number


This loop blessed my awful attempt at breaking and body popping.


8) Man Parrish - Hip Hop Be Bop


I really thought. WOW! How do they make music like this? It still sounds as fresh and amazing as it did back then.


9) Hashim - Al - Naafyish (The Soul)


A killer track that got released when I was 10 but I don't recall hearing it until I was 16 along with a bunch of hip hop tracks. I think this track warmed me up for techno and all the other electronic music I got into.


10) Jeru The Damaja - Ya Playin Yaself


I'm into old Skool Hip Hop so I wasn't really paying attention to Hip Hop in the mid 90's especially as I was out raving and furthermore, I was trying to make a name for myself in the DnB scene. This track perked my ears up to Hip Hop again


11)  Talk Talk - Life Is What You Make it


I don't even know what they say throughout this track but the chorus has soothed me many a time.


12)  Raze - Jack The Groove


A bit of electronic pop we can all get down to.


13) Kraftwerk - Tour De France


When my sister, who was in a dance group at the time, bought this home I hated it but after a few weeks i loved it. Later It turned up in one of the Breakdance movies so I heard it in a different way and loved it even more.


14) World Dominance - Compression


I heard this in 1991. I only had alcohol up until then, I heard this track on the night that changed, I never looked back...Time to rave hard !


15) Doc Scott - Surgery (Ordinary Mix)


Lets have it! I literally lost my mind to this however, I found it again until the next time I heard it.


16) Joey Beltram - Energy Flash


I remember my friend Danny C saying, 'If I go out and a Dj doesn't play Energy Flash they're shit' ha ha.


17)  Lennie DE Ice - We Are I.E.


A track that made me believe Jungle and DnB was for me. There doesn't seem to be much of this vibe around nowadays which is sad !


18)  Manix - You Held My Hand - Marc Mac & Goldie remix


Beautiful and Rugged at the same time. It's one of my favourite DnB tracks for sure.


19) Doc Scott - V.I.P. DRUMZ


You're super talented if you can remix a track twice and each one is as good as each other. A Metalheadz at Blue Note staple and it worked everytime. Big up Doc Scott.


20) Digital - Gateman