This week we welcome KOTDB (King Of The Delta Blues) to the Dusk Dubs family...



"It's a real pleasure to be given the chance to put together a compilation for Dusk Dubs.


I DJ under the name King of the Delta Blues (Kotdb), as I share a name with the legendary bluesman Robert Johnson, who was said to have sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads. For the past nine years, I’ve been playing a show on Monday nights on Purple Radio. The tag line for my show is ‘the long winding road from country to techno’ - which leaves me open to play whatever I like, really !


I’ve taken musical inspiration from many things along the way…  Lots of musical styles filtered through in my childhood - from 60s, 70s and 80s pop to hip hop and metal, but it wasn’t until I started clubbing in Glasgow in the late 90s that my mind truly opened to the underground.  I cut my raving teeth listening to Slam and the host of Detroit and Chicago artists and DJs that regularly appeared in the Arches and Sub Club. Deep, dark, head down, propulsive techno. Optimo on Sunday nights opened my ears to a whole other world of musical experimentation and then later Gilles Peterson and the Big Chill festival carried this forward for me, joining the dots. 


Matching music to whatever is going on in the room is my favourite thing in the world. When you find the track that suits the moment, everything is better. I hope I never tire of that.


It’s been tough to decide on my tracklist for this compilation. I was torn between so many moods I wanted to create. In the end, I tried to tune into a moment I have found myself locking into time and time again during my radio shows. It’s a time after the sun has set but before it finally gets dark. It's a transition time that is tinged with bittersweet feelings. The half light creates a unique emotion. That feeling of the heat from the day’s sun in your face, of being alive. The fading glory of the day bringing nostalgia, but also excitement at what the long night ahead might bring. Either way, I hope my selections convey that feeling and take you there.




Bob x"



You Can Find him here:







1. Mark Barrot - Formentera Headspace Blues Part  2

2. UB40 - King

3. Manu Delago - Two Handsful of sound

4. Felix Laband - Whistling in Tongues

5. Lulacruza - Cucarachero de Niceforo

6. Quintus Project - Night Flight (Psychemagik remix)

7. Iggy Pop - Endless Sea

8. Road to Shaanxi - Revelation

9. The Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 Suite

10. Mulato Astatke - Yekermo Sew

11. Suicide - Cheree

12. Air - Run

13. Move D - In/Out (Initial mix)

14. James Holden - 10101

15. The The - Giant



Mark Barrot - Formentera Headspace Blues Part 2 - From a beautiful album inspired by the White Isle this is one of those micro tunes that leaves you wanting more. Under two minutes long but says so much. Reflections of a beautiful day that’s just starting to fade away.


UB40 - King - By the time I was old enough to be aware of UB40 they were a bit naff but I have since discovered their first album Signing off which is a masterpiece. This is a peach of a track. Recorded in a bedsit with trumpets in the kitchen and drums and congas in the back yard.


Manu Delago - Two Handsful of Sound - This track is made using the Hang instrument. Kind of like a steel drum it produces a sound that is truly mesmerising. I first heard of Manu Delago through his collaboration with Bjork. 


Felix Laband - Whistling in tongues - This track virtually stops midway then builds to a crescendo that still gives  me goosebumps. I’m jealous if you have never heard it before though.


Lulacruza - Cucarachero de Niceforo - Quite a new one compared to some in this list but I heard this on six music a few months ago and it stopped me in my tracks. It’s from an album called a guide to the birdsong of south America.


Quintus Project - Night flight (Psychemagik Remix) - This is a long one at 14 mins and made me sacrifice some amazing tracks in the final list.  I think it sums up the feeling I was trying to create in this mix though. That bittersweet, nostalgic, Balearic, blissed out thing, so it left me free to go in other directions with the rest of my choices.


Iggy Pop - Endless Sea - As the waves fade out on the last track we enter the endless sea. This is a krautrock, synth led piece of genius from the New Values album.


Road to Shaanxi - Revelation - I don’t know a lot about this one but heard it on Tom Ravenscroft’s radio show a few years back.  It’s a cinematic beauty.


The Cinematic Orchestra - Channel 1 Suite - Gilles P introduced me to the Cinematic Orchestra with this tune. Still a belter. Incredible drumming and has that smoky, espionage vibe about it.


Mulato Astatke - Yekermo Sew - Smoky espionage vibe pretty much sums this one up too. I love that Ethiopian 70’s jazz sound.


Suicide - Cheree - This is one of those old tracks that I got such a buzz finding hearing for the first time. There’s enough exciting music already made to last a hundred lifetimes. Drug addled, slightly deranged warm fuzziness.


Air - Run - When I first met my wife I lived in a cottage in the hills in Scotland and she was in Brixton. I’d spent a weekend raving in London with her and was heading home. This came on as I was taking off in the plane and rising up above the lights of London.  Epic.


Move D - In/Out (Initial Mix) - From a true masterpiece album of electronic music- Kunststoff, this is the real deal.


James Holden - 101010 - In my opinion one of the greatest pieces of electronic music ever recorded. Beautiful pixelated psychedelia.


The The - Giant - A band I had never heard until this year. Again discovering the old is every bit as thrilling as the latest thing. This is a monster track.