This week we welcome DJ Aftershock to the Dusk Dubs family...



"I’m really excited to have the opportunity to select for DuskDubs and I’d like to say thanks to the DuskDubs crew for asking me. I’d also like to thank all the previous DuskDubbers – your selections have been inspirational.


My journey into electronic music started in 1990 when I was just a 15 year-old indie kid listening to Ride, Pixies and My Bloody Valentine.  On the Festive 50 that year, John Peel played the 20-minute Peel Session version of A Huge Ever-Growing Brain… by The Orb and it turned my world upside down.


I went from shoe-gazing indie to ambient and dub, then through techno and trance to hardcore, jungle and drum & bass, picking up a serious vinyl habit along the way. I’ve tried to include a flavour of this journey in my selections.


It was a joy to put together; I hope it’s as much fun to listen to."



You can find him here:





1) The Upsetters - Fresh Up

2) Plaid - Scoobs In Colombia

3) DJ Food - Agua

4) Salmonella Dub – Push On Thru

5) The Orb - Perpetual Dawn (Ultrabass II)

6) Roots Manuva - Inna

7) Bungle – Aura

8) My Bloody Valentine - Soon

9) David Lynch - The Pink Room

10) Land Observations - Flatlands & the Flemish Roads

11) Beth Orton - Galaxy Of Emptiness


The Upsetters - Fresh Up (1970) – I’m not a musician so I’m in awe of people like Lee Scratch Perry who single-mindedly blaze their own trail, making music with whatever is available to them. This odd little tune is like a funky ghost train ride and I loved it the moment I first heard it.


Plaid - Scoobs In Colombia (1992) – Plaid were part of the original Black Dog collective and in 1992 they produced this urgent, kinetic, latin-flavoured breakbeat track which I first heard when it was included on the David Holmes Essential Mix. It’s all about that break.


DJ Food - Agua (1994) – Ninja Tune have always been at the forefront of jazzy, experimental breakbeat music and this wicked little track by DJ Food was hidden away on the Jazz Brakes Volume 5 collection. Proper sunshine music.


Salmonella Dub – Push On Thru (2001) – I spent a year living in New Zealand and this track was everywhere. Mixing Polynesian musicality with reggae, jungle and hip-hop, Salmonella Dub were part of the scene that produced Fat Freddy’s Drop, and they were amazing live too !


The Orb - Perpetual Dawn (Ultrabass II) (1991) – I had to include some Orb! I’d love to have picked the Peel Session version of A Huge Ever-growing Brain but it’s too long and this is just as good. Plus it features Andy Weatherall on remix duties, which is a bonus. Music which says about the future !


Roots Manuva - Inna (1999) – I love Roots Manuva’s self-deprecating humour and the way he tackles serious issues in his music. This story of a night out gone wrong is from the period when UK hip-hop was shaking off the influence of its US cousin to become an original, vibrant sound in its own right.


Bungle - Aura (2013) – I wasn’t going to include any drum & bass but this beautiful, shoe-gaze influenced tune was too good to leave out. It’s all about death, but don’t let that put you off !


My Bloody Valentine - Soon (1989) – This is my favourite song by my favourite band. 1988s Isn’t Anything and 1991’s Loveless book-ended the shoegaze scene and Loveless went on to be incredibly influential, redefining the studio as an instrument the way the early dub pioneers did before. This track is from the 1990’s Glider EP, released just as the band discovered dance music and ecstasy. The detuned, swooning guitars and shuffly, dancefloor beats work really well. The Weatherall remix featured on a previous DuskDubs, but it’s all about the original for me!


David Lynch - The Pink Room (1992) – from the soundtrack of the best horror movie of the 90s - Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. Laura and Donna are at the Roadhouse when we finally discover how far Laura has fallen. It was written by Lynch himself, and I love it.


Land Observations - Flatlands & the Flemish Roads (2014) – I’m fascinated by music that creates complexity by layering simple rhythms and phrases. James Brooks has been quietly releasing beautiful music as Land Observations on Mute since 2011 and this track is right up my street !


Beth Orton - Galaxy Of Emptiness (1996) – this smoky, jazzy track from Beth Orton’s debut LP is the perfect way to round off my DuskDubs selection. I love that the double bass is allowed to take centre stage for the first two minutes, and when the vocals come in the track just soars.