This week we welcome back Mode 8 to the Dusk Dubs family...



"My first dabble into electronic music was probably a lot latter into adult life than that of most people reading this. I was initiated into a fading era of nu-skool breaks and Ed-Banger electro, but soon my interests focused onto the more subtle sounds of techno and anything drenched in smooth bass.

The envious task of curating my third mixtape for the #DuskDubs series, and my first under the Mode 8 moniker, brought with it an opportunity to find new music. I have prepared for this mixtape as I would a DJ mix, and that is to focus on an idea and then go out and search for the sounds to build it, be it those in my own collection or those I have yet to discover. The end result is a selection that has about 40% of the tracks taken from my record own box and music that spans nearly two decades. It also offers a fairly accurate representation of where I am musically right now.

I would like to thank all the #DuskDubs crew for inviting me once again to make a contribution to this stunning project. I hope you enjoy the listen.




You can find him here:






1) Turzi – Colombe (Canblaster Remix)

2) Amon Tobin – Verbal (Prefuse 73 Mix)

3) King Midas Sound – Frequencies

4) Mr. Mitch – Oh

5) Drexciya – C To The Power Of X

6) Koreless – TT

7) Max Cooper – Automnemonic

8) B. Fleischmann – From To (Single Version)

9) The Acid – Animal

10) Pearson Sound – Asphalt Sparkle

11) Lone – 2 is 8

12) Si Begg, Cabbage Boy – Beautiful Air Terminal

13) Danny Brown – Grown Up (Instrumental)

14) DJ Rashad – Leavin (feat. Manny)

15) Commix – Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Moog Remix)

16) Deadboy – White Moon Garden

17) Bibio – Lovers’ Carvings