This week we welcome Danny Pickering to the Dusk Dubs family...



Danny spent many years cutting his teeth as a DJ and producer acquiring a variety of music tastes along the way including house, funk and soul. He started off DJing at the after party scene in Salisbury and got into music that way. He has also produced music with fellow cohort Alex Martin as well as a string of remixes and re-edits. Along with Alex, they form the backbone to Box Frequency FM, an internet radio station catering for deep house, techno, electronica, funk and all things soulful.



"I started off DJing at the after party scene in Salisbury and got into music that way. I was actually into the hardcore gabba techno scene and a bit of drum and bass of the time. I’ve mellowed out over the years and discovered house music and Detroit flavours. I’ve been at it for the past ten to fifteen years. Production wise I’ve just started up a new outfit called 54th Street Hustler, with which I now have a record deal. Radio wise, I started out playing at a station based in Portsmouth that specialised mainly in trance music, I was the only one playing deep house at the time and have continued with that trend ever since."





You can find him here:






1) Laurie Anderson -  Walking and Falling  : I was introduced to Laurie by my step dad.  He is an engineering wiz with a love for psychadelic music of all kinds from the 60s and beyond.  This is a guy who upon arriving at the Isle of White festival, which had Jimi Hendrix headlining, got lost/abducted by Hawkwind, who were playing at the main gate, and never left till his friends found him still there when the festival finished. Legend!  So, we were having one of those morning after times and we were still wide eyed when he puts this on. I have never seen a tune put people to sleep as quick as this did.  Not that it is boring or alike, it is hypnotic, beautifully so and it leaves you with a wonderful feeling. Well, it does for me.


2) The Velvet Underground - Pale Blue Eyes : Again another tune I was introduced to by the step dad. He introduced me to loads of great artists, from these guys to Faust and most stuff inbetween. Lou Reed's voice in this just gets me choaked up big time.  A beautiful piece of music with an awesome vocal that makes you feel.


3) Nirvana - Man Who Sold The World : So this is a 2 for 1, One of my favourite Bowie tunes done by one of my all time favourite bands.  Kirt's take on this is haunting.  He does it justice and for me is the better version. 


4) Jimi Hendrix - All Along The Watchtower : My favourite Hendrix tune from all he has done.  I have this fasination with the Vietnam war and the music which was around it and this kind of sums it up for me.  He was a master of his art and I'm gutted that he is not around as it would have been awesome to hear what he may have come up with. Still, we have this...


5) The Rolling Stones - Paint It Black : Another one of those from the Vietnam war era.  It gets you pumped, ready to go, which is ironic as it is about battling depression from having been in war.  Deep stuff.


6) Smokey Robinson - Tracks Of My Tears : An amazing tune about the loss of love and trying to get on with it.  Helped me a lot when dealing with a similar time and Smokey's voice gets the point across fantastically, chin up and get on with it!


7) Marvin Gaye - Whats Going On : Love Marvin's voice and this tune has never been more relivent than it is now.  This should be manditory listening for the world.  It has a great message and why can't we all get along? Whats the beef? 


8) Otis Reading - Change Is Gonna Come : When I'm having a bad day and stuff ain't going right I put this on and by the end of it all is calm.  Music doing what music does!  Love the voice of this man and every time I hear it I'm at ease. 


9) Massive Attack - Protection : I heard this for the first time on the film Hackers.  Great film with an awesome soundtrack.  It is a beautiful piece of music which has more meaning now that I have a daugther.


10) Portishead - Glory Box : Now I have no idea where or when I heard this for the first time, I just had this hazy memory of a melody and when I found it it was like hitting the jackpot. 


11) Cypress Hill - I Want To Get High : So around the time I was in college was when I found the Hill, cliche' I know yet it just summed up those moments when you were so..... that you couldn't move.  The groove is killa and the horns, spooky.


12) Ice Cube - Today Was A Good Day : Getting into the Hip-Hop in college and found Cube, killa lick with a great message.  I could have taken any NWA for his flow, yet for me this is the groove...


13) Dr Dre feat Snoop Dog - Nothin But A G Thing : All about the flow on this, Snoop kills it and the lick, man with the rift over the groove....ooooh it gets you bouncin!


14) Ugly Duckling - Just A Little Samba : A recent find this, it lifts the spirits, total comedy. The video for it is great, total piss take.


15) Beastie Boys - Sabotage : Again another one which you really need to see the video of.  1970's detective series with the flares to match the B movie'ness of it all.  Great rhymes and killa licks, its got it all.


16) Lamb - Gorecki : All time beauty, this track has it all, packed with emotion, gets you in the feels and takes you on a journey.  First heard on Dave Seaman's Renassance London mix way back.  I've heard it live and accoustic.  It never fails to deliver.