For this week’s mixtape, we welcome Conrad Koziol to the Dusk Dubs family.



"Way back in July '81 our street threw a party to celebrate Prince Charles hooking up with Lady Diana. My Dad set up his sound system in the garage and I was allowed to put a few tunes on. I was 7. The party was a great success despite my Dad managing to blow the speakers and the local police being called out to calm it down at one point. I got the bug straight away and before I knew it, I was DJing at school discos. This soon turned into school radio shows when I moved down from Scotland to Barking, Essex in '89. Since then I've done untold private and commercial clubs / parties all over the globe. I was involved in a website at the end of the '90s and provided mixes and music articles alike; including an interview with Richy Pitch from the UK hip-hop / scratch world.


I've helped out with some of the London leg radio shows on, DJ'd in the West Wycombe caves (!) held residency at two different venues in High Wycombe during my college years, played at villas in Cannes, parties in Miami, book launches, private parties at Koko in Camden (then the Camden Palais), staff parties, and all manners of other events. For the last 10 years + I've been the recommended DJ for events at any of the Firmdale Events hotels in London (Soho Hotel, Haymarket Hotel and the recently opened Ham Yard Hotel to name some of the branches) so am still keeping busy playing and happilly buying music on vinyl and CD alike.


Music is still very much a big part of my life :) 


I'm honored to have been approached to provide a selection of tracks for Dusk Dubs and I hope you enjoy the little look into my collection posted here. 


Keep on keepin on !!" 







1) Shades Of Black – Deeper Still (Intrigue) - Starting things off with some UK house from the early '90s. Sparse production but nice and deep :)  Pretty sure I picked this up in Romfords 2nd hand record shop "Sounds Familiar" which has sadly long since closed its doors :(


2) Simplistic Tones – My Southern Comfort (Vice Versa Records) - I have a few tracks on this label ; another UK label from the early '90s.  Verging on the "noodly" side of deep house (flute alert !) , the piano saves the day here...


3) Sorceress – Cherished (Wonder Wheel Recordings) - The first of only two tracks from CD here ; this one being because there is no vinyl version available ; a sad sign of the times. I was introduced to this group by  the Boiler Room's Thristian who played the lovely "Te Kano" as part of his warm up set for the Masters At Work when they played at the Edition in London a wee while back.


4) Tralopscinor – Shadow (Standing In The Corner) (Makin’ Madd Records) - A lot of Detroit house / techno features in my music collection.  This is one of those tracks where you'd be half way out of the door from a nightclub and then this comes on and it changes the whole night. "Tralopscinor" are Terrence Parker and Chris Shivers.  Great track.


5) Masters At Work – It’s The Way To Live (U.M.M.) - I'm a big, BIG fan of M.A.W. and again have a fair few records by them from over the years.  This is one of my favorite tracks of theirs ; doesn't get enough play in my opinion.  Jocelyn Brown features here.


6) Smith & Mighty – Anyone (Mellow Mix) (Three Stripes) - Classic Smith & Mighty vibes slowing it down a wee bit.  Hugely underrated production team from big up Bristol. 


7) D’Angelo – Cruisin’ (Wet Mix) (Cooltempo) - Keeping it laid waaaay back is this lovely remix of D'Angelo's 'Cruisin'' with a very live, West Coast feel to it.  Nice to see him well and truly back on the scene and getting the recognition he deserves with his recent releases and tour.


8) LL Cool J – Going back To Cali (Def Jam)  - Sounding a bit more Miami bass than California ; LL and the 808 go at it :)  Taken from the very '80s film "Less Than Zero"


9) Pablo – High Jazz (Red Hook Recordings) - This always stops me in my tracks.  I don't know the artists work other than this E.P.  Pretty sure I picked this up in Mr. Bongo's before it closed up the physical shop on Poland Street. Beautiful.


10) Tammy Payne – Free (Freedom Version) (W.E.A.)  - Way back in the early 90's there were a lot of productions like this coming out ; vocals were everywhere.  Mellow, uplifting groove which has aged well.


11) Metisse – Sousonde (4 hero mix) (Dioula) - I couldn't NOT have something by 4 hero on here.  I don't know that I've ever heard this being played out before but I certainly have and will continue to do so !


12) Black Dog – Flux (Rising High Records) - From the days when Rising High Records were very much in their heyday. Amazing E.P. which takes my breath away every time I hear it.  Apologies for the pop and crackle on the record...


13) The Invisible – Wings (Floating Points Remix) (Ninja Tune) - I didn't know about this until Samuel played some of it on his Red Bull Music Academy lecture.  Stunning.  Time to dust the yacht off .)


14) Dozia Blakey – Space.Time.Love (Nou Lion Meets Scuba Mix)  (Nou Lion Recordings) - King Britt is another artist I have a lot of time for and his many styles of production.  Never one to rush a track this is a great one to nod along too. Before you know it you're tap tap tapping that foot too :)


15) Sonzeira – Southern Freez (Talkin’ Loud) - I didn't think Freez' original could / should have been covered but what do you know ?!  Amazing.


16) Deee Lite – Frenchapella - A wee slowed down acapella to finish things off. Deee Groovy !