For this week’s mixtape, we welcome back General Camel.


"So, for this mixtape I wanted to focus on a particular record label......Buzzing Fly Records.

Buzzing Fly Records is a Deep House & Techno label created by Ben Watt in 2003 - 2013. It was a very influential label which helped some very talented young producers make their mark on the scene. Also, attracting the likes of Ame and Charles Webster for some remixing duties. For those that don't know who Ben Watt is, he is a musician, singer songwriter, author and DJ. Best known as one half of the Folk, Pop, Electronica duo 'Everything But The Girl' with Tracey Thorn.

EBTG started out in the early 80's and released several albums but it wasn't until 1995 when they released a track remixed by Todd Terry called 'Missing' did they then gain international success. With other remixes from the likes of Deep Dish, Photek & J Majik, They are still one of my favorite bands and their 'Back To Mine' compilation is definitely up there in my Top 5 albums...... Absolutely love it, gets played pretty much every time the sun comes out....Go check it!

I chose Buzzing Fly Records to concentrate on for this mixtape because I think this label is a little bit different to artists/labels which have previously been showcased in other Dusk Dubs mixtapes. It also has many great memories for me and whenever I put on one of the albums in Ben Watts acclaimed mix series it takes me right back to some great times !!!!

Once again a massive thank you to the Dusk Dubs crew for asking me back, they know what Dusk Dubs means to me and its always a privilege to select for these guys. Also for keeping this amazing project going week in week out.....BIG UP!

Sit back, crack open a beer and enjoy the music..... Peace!







1. Kayot - One Week On Cuba

2. Towards Green - Keep Your Eyes Closed

3. Flowers and Sea Creatures - Electronique (Lephtee Remix)

4. Abyss - Birdsong (Flowers and Sea Creatures Remix)

5. Snoretex - Strange Aeons

6. BarBQ - Barbi in Love

7. Manoo & Francois - A Day In December

8. Rocco - Thursday Night Friday Morning

9. BarBQ - Barbq

10. Jimpster - Square Up (John Tejada Remix)

11. Ben Watt - Guinea Pig

12. Dana Ruh - Kickboxing