For this week’s mixtape, we welcome Earwig Shoescrew to the Dusk Dubs family....


"I’m pleased to be making a contribution to this website where it is always dusk. I’ve been caught up with making mixes in Ableton Live the last few years. Chopping up tracks and layering effects to make original edits for my mixes has been a great deal of fun, but it was a real pleasure to take it back to simply selecting tracks and letting it play all the way through.


I always like to play with as many different eras and genres of music as I can, and this mix was no different.  Psychedelic, afro, dub beats, with some cinematic atmosphere. I also tried to cultivate a bit of a spiritual, hypnotic and sensual vibe as well. All ripped from vinyl so you might hear some pops and crackles. I hope you get dig the vibe as you listen…"




Earwig Shoescrew is an artist/remixer/re-edit creator in his own right as well as being a part of the Shoes edits label and Plimsoll Records.



You can find Earwig Shoescrew here:






1- Santana - Singing Winds Crying Beasts


This is the opening track from, “Abraxas”, which was one of the first LP’s I ever bought. It’s a slow building psychedelic instrumental track in which Carlos Santana mostly sits back and lets the groove go. I love the deep organ action and when the congas come in with the heavy reverb.


2- Hu-Vibrational - Calling to the Water Goddess


From the “Boonghee Music 1” EP from 2002. Really earthy tracks built around joyful and energetic rhythms on an array of live percussion instruments. As the song title suggests, the track sounds as if it could be part of some kind of ceremony.


3- Express Rising- Buy, Sell, Tirade


Dropping the tempo and keeping the vibe with this sample based work from the alter-ego of Dante Carphanga. The evocative and eerie loops of the song are part head nodding instrumental, part desert soundtrack.


4- Tony Allen vs Jeff Sharel- Afro Cosmic Drums


This particular track is probably my favorite from the Allenco Brothers series, with modern left-field producers working with iconic afro-beat drummer Tony Allen. Shuffling rhythms, deep pads and epic spacious reverb make this one a perfect dubby dusk excursion. 


5- Marc Alphonse (Szymanski)- Content in Humidity


This track is from the Omoa Music sampler EP from 2004, then was rereleased under the artist name Szymanski on a different EP and on his later debut LP,  and is criminally under recognized. I love the slow building deep loopy jazz vibe on this one. 


6- Pelican City- Chestnut Park


This track is from an earlier project of DJ Dangermouse’s for a movie soundtrack. Moody, atmospheric and cinematic downbeat sounds.


7- Human Race- Human Race


This slice of groovy laid back world funk was re-issued by the short lived San Francisco based Re-Joint reissue label. The sound is reminiscent of Cymande.


8- Hugh Masekela- Adade


From the great “Masekela Introducing Hedzoleh Soundz”  album and heavily featuring the Hedzoleh Soundz band from Ghana. The band (introduced to Masekela by Fela Kuti) brought their heavy traditional African percussion and vocal sounds, and Masekela laid down his spaced out and jazz influenced trumpet. Heady and groovy.


9- Horace Andy- Zion Dub


One of my favorite dub cuts with all the choicest elements. The original track has really nice horn lines, vocal from Horace Andy, and of course rattling drums and booming bass. The dub makes it into an echoed out journey into the deep.


10- Sofa Surfers- Container (Howie B. Remix)


Continuing the journey deep into the heart of dub, this modern dub track cranks the reverb up to 11. The beat and bass lope along through a cavernous landscape.


11- Teebs- Verbana Tea w/ Rebekah Raff


The harp is just beautiful.


12- This Mortal Coil- Ivy and Neet


I wanted to end things with an ambient cut and this has been a favorite new discovery of an older track from the 80’s. A friend of mine gave me this album a few years ago and I fell in love with this song. Melodies that float in a sea of sound that can take you places if you close your eyes.