For this week’s mixtape, we welcome SUBSET to the Dusk Dubs family...


SUBSET is New Zealand born and now residing in Australia, but the deep reverbs and modulating filtering delays is where he calls home. Not only an amazing musician, but photographer, performer, traveller and urban explorer.....all bringing together one hell of an artist and someone we feel is 100% perfect for Dusk Dubs, and someone you will love!


For this mixtape, he has gone back to his roots, New Zealand themed, and 100% New Zealand music!!


We highly recommend you get to know him!





1: Pitch Black – Soliton 


This is one of those tracks that, as people say 'spoke to them'. There's just something about  the opening melody, delays and reverbs that I was instantly drawn to. It's also the memory of  my first christmas in Australia, camping alone in my one man tent on a spit of land overlooking  a sandy bay with massive dark storm clouds, lightning and thunder in the distance. 


I gathered up my belongings and sheltered under the barely-big-enough awning of my tent,  headphones on and drink in hand as the sky opened up and unleashed a torrent of water, rivers  of it running below my feet. Lightning flashing and the booming thunder, and this track  playing. It fit perfectly. 


Pitch Black are also THE band I have to credit for turning me onto electronic music. A 'quite  by chance' discovery flicking through channels one night on tv. "What is this??!!" I thought. I  went out and bought their album the next day. 



02: Rhombus - Clav Dub 


This was the first single off the debut Rhombus album 'Bass Player'. The video is a parody of  the 1980s classic Kiwi road movie "Goodbye Pork Pie" and features Kelly "Blonini" Johnson from  the original film and also features Tiki Taane (at the time of Salmonella Dub) on vocals. Just  

a great, fun, dub groove. 



03: Salmonella Dub - For the Love Of It 


Possibly the most well known Salmonella Dub track. A band that had so many tracks to choose  from, but this classic had to take the spot, no questions asked. 



04: Fat Freddy's Drop - Wandering Eye 

Another one of those bands it was so hard to choose a single track from. Everyone has their favourite tracks but if I had to choose just one (and I did) it would be this track off their  first album 'Based On A True Story', also known colloquially as BOATS. 



05: Knights Of The Dub Table – Lonely 


This album was one of my top three releases for the year (along with albums by The Black Seeds and Kingfisha). I just really like the moody, cruising dub of this track. Great for afternoons  in the beer garden or the whole album taking a long drive in the car. 



06: Kora – Burning 


Kora is one of those bands where the live experience far outweighs the studio recording. I find  the recorded sound quite dry and lacking but live, you've got to see! Kora mix a a range of dub, reggae and rock, with members changing up instruments and sharing vocal duties through the set. 



07: Crowded House - Weather With You 


What New Zealand play list would be complete without a track by Crowded House? There really was no choice not to include one of their great songs. 



08: Trinity Roots - Little Things 


Another one of those deep, moody, heartfelt songs. I just really like this song. Seeing Trinity  Roots live is definitely an experience, mixing roots with elements of swirling psychedelic rock, unique. Following the NZ theme of sharing band members, the singer / guitarist used to be  the sax player for Fat Freddy's Drop. 



09: Dave Dobbyn and Herbs - Slice of Heaven 


The unofficial 'New Zealand national anthem'. Also the theme track for the animated feature movie Footrot Flats. A New Zealand classic. 



10: Flight of the Conchords - Business Time 


Is there anyone not familiar with NZ's fourth most popular folk-comedy duo? Business Time is  always a crowd favourites. Brett McKenzie also used to play with the next band in the mix, The Black Seeds. 


11: The Black Seeds - Dance Dance 


A fun & lively upbeat dub. My memories are of sitting in the back seat of a band mate’s car singing along to this track one morning, he surprised I know the track having only been given it days before. 



12: Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie – Seconds 


Two members of Fat Freddy’s Drop, this is one of those tracks I just instantly liked. Many hungover mornings have been spent singing along to this track. 



13: Pacific Heights - Peace (Featuring Joe Dukie) 


Yep, another track featuring a band member from another NZ band! I spent many hours in buses travelling the wind blown tracks of South America and this is the track I'd so often turn to, head against the window, views of the vast orange-brown pampas stretching out to meet the Andes, the snow-capped peaks rising to a vast orange-blue-black sky. It still now, 7 years on brings back memories and emotions of that time. Comforting loneliness. 



14: Shapeshifter – Tapestry 


Back before they took on vocalist P Digsss (who you'll see featured in the following track) Shapeshifter released their first instrumental album. Like the earlier track Soliton, there was something about the opening melody that grabbed me and made me take notice. 



15: Tiki (feat. P Digsss) – Faded 


Originally the singer for Salmonella Dub, Tiki went solo and this is my favourite track off his first solo album. I'm not a fan of hip hop, but in this track I really like the swapping of vocal parts between Tiki and P Digsss. There's just something cool about the dub groove of the track. 



16: State Of Mind - City On Fire (feat. PNC) 


Another of my contradictions, the track featuring the stylings of NZ rapper PNC. Heavy drum & bass beats, fast and a ton of energy! Awesome track!! 



17: Concord Dawn - Let it Go 


I first heard this track as part of a promo compilation for a New Zealand festival. Early in my dnb days the bassline and the staccato, 

arpeggiating synths are what drew me to it. Definitely one I tried emulating the bass sounds of early on.