For this week’s mixtape, we welcome back our good friend DJ Trax.


"Big thanks for inviting me to compile another mixtape for Dusk Dubs.


This time I focused on Downtempo and Hip-Hop music that is deep, beautiful and thought provoking, enjoy...."



You can find him here:






1) UFO - Kung Fu King

2) Stacy Epps - Floatin

3) Hefner - Fiendish

4) DJ Vadim - London Mindstate

5) Jono McCleery - Tomorrow

6) Red Snapper - Spitalfields

7) Chairman Maf - All I Need

8) DJ Spinna Feat Phonte - Intergalactic Soul

9) Qwel + Maker - Gin River

10) Cyne - 400 Years

11) Nu-Jabes - High 2 Low

12) J-Live - A Charmed Life

13) Sylk 130 - Seasons Change

14) DJ Trax + Assorted Anonymous - The Glass Half Full



1) UFO - His Name Is... - I was a big fan of Bruce Lee Growing up. As well as being a great film, Enter The Dragon has an Amazing Soundtrack. I love UFO`s take on the theme tune :)


2) Stacy Epps - Floatin - I Love the atmosphere of this track, those pads! The shuffling drums also work really well. My girlfriend introduced me to this one. I am very lucky to be with a woman with great taste in music ! 


3) Hefner - Fiendish - Hefner is massively overrated. The guy has so much talent, I just wish he was still making tunes (maybe he is somewhere??) The programming on this track is flawless. He is a master at using lots of small samples, and putting them together so well that they become a perfect soundscape.


4) DJ Vadim - London Mindstate - Another amazing producer with many styles under his belt. This is a relatively simple track but all the elements work so well that it`s great that they have room to breath and let`s not forget....That Bassline !


5) Jono McCleery - Tomorrow - Love the feel of this track. Soft understated vocals and a great guitar hook. I love how the drums shuffle on and off beat.


6) Red Snapper - Spitalfields - I wish I had caught Red Snapper live. The drummer has a great feel and they always capture a unique drum sound. Love the horns and infectious 7/8 guitar lick.


7) Chairman Maf - All I Need - I discovered CM a year or two ago and have brought every album. His music is right up my street. Real breaks with head nodding swing, often Soulful and Thought provoking. This one is from his album 1976 which is available on digitally from as well as on Vinyl from various outlets. His latest album `Zoo` is also available from his bandcamp and for vinyl heads the pre-order is here (be quick, there are not many left !)


8) DJ Spinna Feat Phonte - Intergalactic Soul - My kind of Hip Hop. Deep Lyrics over a rolling beat. DJ Spinna really brings the goods.


9) Qwel + Maker - Gin River - One of my favourite ever collaborations. Qwel and Maker made a series of albums (about one a year.) Each is so beautifully put together. The type of albums you must listen to all the way through. Qwel has a unique way with words. He`s lyrics make you want to go back and listen as there are always hidden metaphors. If you are feeling this track I urge you to go and seek out their albums ! 


10) Cyne - 400 Years - Not much I can say about this one. Underground Hip Hop at it`s best. Deep with real soul.


11) Nujabes - Highs 2 Lows - Metaphoric Music is an incredible album. Nujabes had some serious talent. A master at creating moods with his beats. This is one of my favorites from him. Those strings are so warm! I also love the slightly awkward percussion alongside the drums.


12) J-Live - A Charmed Life - One of my favorite MC`s. However, J-Live is much more than that. He is a true triple threat. He produces, Rap`s and DJ`s. He is one of the greatest wordsmiths in Hip Hop.  This track is taken from his album All The Above. This is another LP that really warrants listening to all the way through (and then rewinding)


13) Sylk - Seasons Change - A really classy King Britt production. THAT voice! Really soulful music that makes you feel like you are right there in Ronnie Scotts (One of my favourite places)


14) DJ Trax + Assorted Anonymous - The Glass Half Full - I have been collaborating with underground US crew Assorted Anonymous for the last 5 years or so. As This track captures the mood of the mixtape I thought I would include it. It is taken from or first EP which is FREE here…. 


We have just released our first album, Vinyl and Digital available here