For this week’s mixtape, we welcome musician, producer, composer Shawn Lee to the Dusk Dubs family.


Shawn is originally from Wichita, Kansas, but moved to London in 1995, where he recorded his infamous “Planet of the breaks” series as well as 5 volumes of “Ape Breaks”, becoming the most sampled drummer of his generation in the process.


He went on to release various albums, “Monkey Boy” on label Wall Of Sound, followed by “Soul Visa”, and four albums of his instrumental project Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra on Ubiquity. Tracks by The Ping Pong Orchestra have gone on to be featured in a plethora of TV series: Malcom In The Middle, Lost, Desperate Housewives, CSI: Miami, Ugly Betty, Boston Legal, Rodney, Damages, Good Morning America, in movies: Oceans 13, The Break Up, The Bank Job, Pool Hall Prophets, and in ads for BMW, Cinemax, Jaguar, Barclays, Exxon, Head & Shoulders and numerous skate, snowboarding & surf films. Shawn also has composed a soundtrack for Rockstar game Bully released in 2006.


More recently, Shawn has joined forces with singer/songwriter Andy Platts to form the brilliant combo Young Gun Silver Fox, releasing the amazing LP 'West End Coast' on Legere Records. After supporting Level 42 on their 2016 tour they will be appearing next Thursday in London for their headline gig. Tickets available HERE.



You can find him here:






1) Electric Prunes (David Axelrod) - Holy Are You (1968)

2) Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman - (1968)

3) The Three Degrees - Collage (1970)

4) Minnie Ripperton - Le Fleurs (1970)

5) Shuggie Ottis - Strawberry Letter 23 (1971)

6) America - Ventura Highway (1972)

7) Todd Rundgren - Hello It's Me (1972)

8) Joni Mitchell - Help Me (1974)

9) 10CC - I'm Not In Love (1975)

10) The Doobie Brothers - You Belong To Me (1977)

11) Lucio Battisti - Amarsi Un Poi (1977)

12) Jan Hammer - Don't You Know (1977)

13) CSN - Dark Star (1977)

14) Ambrosia - You're The Biggest Part Of Me (1980)

15) Money Mark - Cry (1995)




1) Electric Prunes - Holy Are You - "Pure class here... Carol Kaye on bass & Earl Palmer on drums making one of the greatest rhythm sections ever. Love the sound of this record. Deep & influential - this sound has inspired lots of musicians & producers."


2) Glen Campbell - Wichita Lineman – “This might be the best Pop song ever written. The fact that I grew up in Wichita gives me an even deeper connection to it as well. I've covered it twice & continue to perform live. Jimmy Webb is a master songwriter & GC was a musical polymath.”


3) The Three Degrees – Collage - "A really great symphonic soul cover of this James Gang song. It sits in that California Soul/Rotary Connection/Charles Stepney zone. Total goose bumps."


4) Minnie Ripperton - Le Fleurs - "That big reverberating Cadet sound with a lush Charles Stepney arrangement & Minnie's other worldly vocals equals a descending chord  classic of epic proportions. This whole album is so musical. A musical gem."


5) Shuggie Ottis - Strawberry Letter 23 - This is such a classic song. I like many others, heard the Brothers Johnson cover first. Hearing Shuggie's original version the innocent charm & Cali Psychedelia really shine thru. Shuggie is a hero. Classic."


6) America - Ventura Highway - "Damn the memories of hearing this on the radio riding in the back seat of my parents car. America had so many great songs. Everything about this record is perfect. Those guitars man ! Pure audio sunshine.”


7) Tom Rundgren - Hello it's me - "Instant childhood nostalgia every single Time I hear this. Todd is a total unique genius and I really love his early melodic soulful stuff. This one is right up there for me. Todd is God !"


8) Joni Mitchell - Help Me – “I love the West Coast 70's sound. This song is a perfect example of the kind of sophisticated pop music that was common of the era, Both Jazzy and languid. Handy dandy Ear candy !"


9) 10CC - I'm Not In Love - "What an incredible record. Amazing and inventive production and a great song to boot. Easily one of my all time favourite songs. It blows my mind every time I listen to it. One of best examples of using the studio as an instrument."


10) The Doobie Brothers - You Belong To Me - "I grew up with the Doobies. I especially love the Michael McDonald era. Really hard to pick one song but this one has all the hallmarks: phased Rhodes, Falsetto, fat West Coast drums and tasty guitars. Perfect AOR 70's radio music."


11) Lucio Battisti - Amarsi Un Po - "Perfect mellow Italian soul pop recorded in LA ! I love the shit out of this record. I fact, it was the 1st song I played on my Soho Radio show."


12) Jan Hammer Group - Don't You Know - "Such a great, one of a kind track. It touches on so many different things musically.The opening "sample & hold" keyboard sets such a deep atmosphere & The drums are slippery (played by Jan Hammer himself) Fernando Saunders vocals are both simple & pure and together, they created the perfect "Fusion Pop" song. Sublime." 
13) Crosby, Stills & Nash – Dark Star – “Grew up with all these dudes music. Mellow and very Californian. This has a great soul vibe to it and is a bit of an underground classic." Deep cut folk funk nugget." 


14) Ambrosia - You're The Biggest Part Of Me - "This song and production is so frickin smooth! One of the best snare sounds ever to hit tape too ! The vocal harmonies soar and the organ licks are so tasty. From top to bottom this song is West Coast nirvana." 

15) Money Mark - Cry - "I absolutely loved this song & the album when it was released. Mark is a mad genius. Years later I made an album with Mark and we've become friends. This song is short & sweet and to the point. Indie Lo-fi masterpiece."