This week we welcome back Salvatore Muscat to the Dusk Dubs family....


"It was on a rainy night after a rave in Bristol (probably Dreamscape) in 1993, where we crashed in the living room at a friend's house which had a massive sound system blaring this awesome music to a mural backdrop on it read.... "Cannabis Cafe - Smokin Cuts", with some of the tracks from Massive Attack (Heat Miser) which were pretty post rave, David Holmes (Gone), Guy Called Gerald (Fever ) and Coldcut (True Skool).


I was enjoying the moody, dark, yet lyrical sounds with loads of samples that I was hearing. Years passed, till when a few year's back it all came back to me and I started digging deeper. Names like Tricky and Portishead always came up (obviously) but I went deeper and deeper by discovering the awesome sounds of Earthling (Echo on my Mind) and Terranova (Bomb Bastards). 

So that was it for me, some great mid week sessions at my local followed, discovering Kanute (Fingerprints) and Red Snapper (Snapper). Many more compilations followed, where hip-hop became trip-hop and turned into downtempo, though discovering Wordup (We Wanna Go Back) and that's what I exactly did, discovering DJ Shadow (Midnight in a perfect World) and DJ Cam (Birds also sing for Annamaria) and Mighty Blizzard (Is it a wizzard or a blizzard) and of lately FourTet (Glue of the world) which just proves trip-hop influences are getting bigger and stronger. Boozoo Bajou (Keep Going) was a great discovery as was Screenatorium (Hypnosapiens) cinematic feeling and the appearance of Roots Manuva in loads of tracks that give that magic and smoky feeling .


As later on artists have taken inspiration from many other sources including world and orchestral influences like Cinematic Orchestra, although always keeping that oldschool and moody feeling. The tunes the Massives essembled by hand, between cups of herbal tea and lods of spliffs opened a poetic , evocative , emotional vein of music , which is still connecting hearts today.


Trip-Hop was tailor made for the moment - when a bopper wants to get tender. Or when domestic listeners seek to wander within themselves".





1) Screenatorium - Hypnosapiens 
 2) Mighty Truth - Is it a wizzard or a blizzard? 
 3) DJ Cam - Birds also sing for Annamaria 
 4) David Holmes - Gone (Alter Ego Decoding Gone Pt.2 feat Sarah Cracknell) 
 5) Coldcut - True Skool feat. Roots Manuva 
 6) Earthling - Echo on my mind 
 7) Massive Attack - Heat Miser 
 8) Terranova - Bombing Bastards 
 9) Kanute - Fingerprints 
 10) A Guy Called Gerald - Fever (Black Dog Remix) 
 11) Red Snapper - Snapper 
 12) Word Up - We Wanna go back 
 13) DJ Shadow - Midnight in a perfect world 
 14) Four Tet - Glue of the world 
 15) Boozoo Bajou - Keep Going