This week we welcome you to our 2017's Dusk Dubs OST Special.


This time, the scores!


Music that was composed and performed specifically to enhance the scene or feelings portrayed within the movie. What you will hear, is a collection of our favourites. From the most recent to the oldest, the most iconic, music involving emotions of sorrow, happiness, fear, anger, excitement and wonder. Let us take you back to those moments you felt the pain of Sam Bell looking back at Earth, or the absolute terror at the thought of a Xenomorph stalking you on LV-426. Be completely immersed in Hitchcock's many thrillers, and allow your mind to wander to a galaxy far, far away. Feel goose bumps at hearing the music associated with a gang of kids looking for One Eyed Willy, and remember that Goonies Never Say Die. Laugh when you hear the opening music to the greatest comedy of all time, and try not to let your mind replay a conversation about the white zone being for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only, not forgetting there is no stopping in the red zone. And of course, let's not forget when Arnie see's the truth on Mars, tries to terminate Sarah, and of course…..GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!!!





Jerry Goldsmith, Lionel Newman & The National Philharmonic Orchestra - Main Title (Film Version) (ALIEN)
John Williams - Leia's News, Light Of The Force (RETURN OF THE JEDI)
Clint Mansell - Welcome to Lunar Industries (MOON)
Cliff Martinez - Is That What Everybody Wants (SOLARIS)
Shane Carruth - Copies of Copies (PRIMER)
Fall on Your Sword - Bob the Robot (ANOTHER EARTH)
Hans Zimmer - Cornfield Chase (INTERSTELLAR)
Shane Carruth - Leaves Expanded May Be Prevailing Blue Mixed with Yellow of the Sand (UPSTREAM COLOR)
Jóhann Jóhannsson - Opening / Ending (ARRIVAL)
Atticus Ross - Panoramic (THE BOOK OF ELI)
James Horner - Lv-426 (ALIENS)
Ennio Morricone - Main Theme (THE THING)
John Carpenter - Main Theme (ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK)
Basil Poledouris – Main Theme (ROBOCOP)
Alan Silvestri – Main Title (PREDATOR)
Brad Fiedel – Main Theme (THE TERMINATOR)
Jerry Goldsmith - The Mutant (TOTAL RECALL)
Elmer Bernstein – Max (CAPE FEAR)
Bernard Herrmann - Diary of a Taxi Driver (TAXI DRIVER)
Bernard Herrmann – Main Theme (VERTIGO)
Bernard Herrmann - Psycho (PSYCHO)
John Williams - The Death Star/The Stormtroopers (A NEW HOPE)
John Williams - Binary Sunset (A NEW HOPE)
John Williams - Yoda and the Force (THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK)
Dave Grusin - Main Theme (THE GOONIES)
Elmer Bernstein – Opening Titles (AIRPLANE!)
Franz Waxman Lisa (REAR WINDOW)
Clint Mansell – Memories (MOON)