For this week’s mixtape, we have invited back singer, songwriter, producer, DJ and all round musical talent, Mr. Joseph Mailk. Just like last year’s amazing mixtape ‘DIVERSE PART TWO MIXTAPE’, Mr Malik has come with something very special….


We’ll let Joseph explain..... 






“Back in the day as a young teenager in the late 80s in Glasgow, I sold my vast comic book collection to buy yet more records to expand my knowledge of music. Every Saturday myself, Sace and Easi would go round the city hunting for breaks or just records to play at our club night Babylon on Tuesday nights on Sauchiehall Street in Glasgow in 1990.

little more about you.

We then met DJ Awunsounds at a DMC Competition at Furry Murrys …. we all shared the same ideas and concepts of music, and a West Coast-East Coast bond of friendship began. Sace and Easi would go on to form the band NT, with Sace’s childhood friend Andrew Docherty on vocals, who had one of the most powerful soulful voices I’d ever heard, and this is a boy from Pasiley. 


I myself grew Weary of Glasgow due to race issues in the city and moved east to Edinburgh and formed Blacka’nized with Andre Hudson in 1993, and little did we all know that in 1995 we would all meet again in London, signed to the Stereo MCS label Natural Response….NT, Blacka’nized, MC Mello and Manaseh. This label was forward thinking and gave me funding to start the East Coast Project with Blacka’nized, Awunsounds, Coco And The Bean, 3 Bag Brew, Suga Bullit, Freshly Sqeezed, The Outanationals, Graff Artist, Derm and the Fallen Angels, and Photographer Andy Shaw.


We were stronger as a collective and as Edinburgh is a small city, we had more in kinship with Bristol rather than London or Manchester. As the music press and labels were really only looking to sign bands from these two big cities, we all thought fuck it, we are underdogs and the label let us just get on with making music and becoming better with no hype. We were all skint, so we shared equipment and samples and Awunsounds..... Stevie Christie played on just about every band in our wee city. Blacka’nized back then only had a Akai 950 sampler, Cubase, and a very old Tascam tape machine, but most of all a vast record collection of Joseph Malik and Andre Hudson, two young beat-heads, and somehow it just worked, but mainly due to our Engineer Unkle Jack, a lone-gun genius who was grumpy as fuck, but he took us under his wing and informed us… that music technology would catch up with what we were trying to do.  


We went on to release so many tracks that we lost count around 1999 and it’s been really amazing to go through the vaults and hear these again. Writing the research at the same time …..A Book of Beats, but most of all I’d really like to thank the musicians and DJs who’s music that was unreleased, for giving us the pleasure to hear it at last, to meet old friends from 20 years ago old and share studio tales of loops, clubs, not sleeping for days, 2 many party’s hangovers. Now we are in our 40s and 50s with kids, jobs, houses….. oh how life has changed but the music will always be there, this is our story our journey sit back listen and enjoy” (Joseph Malik) 

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1) Blacka'nized – Summer Nights 

2) Awunsound - Symetrical Jazz (Mowax Mix) 

3) NT - Distance By Air (Dub) 

4) Blacka'nized - Vibebrations Feat Martin Kershaw 

5) Blacka'nized - Future Generations 

6) Blacka'nized - Medialogical Feat. Hybrid 

7) Blacka'nized - Battle Star Skit 

8) Blacka'nized - Soldier Monk Feat. The Dynamic Duo 

9) Blacka'nized - UFO Beats 

10) Blacka'nized - Fade Away Feat. Nubia 

11) Blacka'nized - Livin In A Jungle Feat. Matik 

12) Blacka'nized - Radio Skit 

13) Blacka'nized - Ham + Cheese Feat. MC Mello & Awunsound 

14) Awunsound - Auld Blues 

15) NT – Response 

16) Blacka'nized - Vertical Forms Feat. Colin Steele 

17) NT - If You Don't 

18) Blacka'nized – Crack Pipe 

19) Awunsound – Messages 

20) Coco And The Bean – Melted 

21) Blacka'nized - Interplanetary Feat Reach Out and Martin Kershaw 

22) Blacka'nized - Breaks N Beats Skit 

23) Blacka'nized - New Thoughts (360 Mix) 

24) Blacka'nized - Miles Out Of Time (Mo Wax Mix) 

25) Blacka'nized - Senegal Dub Feat. Denbar 

26) Blacka'nized - Enta' The Balfur Feat. The Outa'Nationals 

27) NT – Storm 

28) 3 Bag Brew -  In Between Mouthfuls Feat Douglas Duncan  



Joseph breaks it down with his..... “A Book Of Beats” 


1) BLACKA’NIZED - SUMMER NIGHTS  My co-producer Andre had a dictaphone to record his raps and turned his on in private  and when a group of us army hip hop heads came to the studio in Leith he only told me and Uncle Jack when they left the studio, i just simply said lets sample that and not  before long I was playing  Isaac  Hayes  Walk on by under it job done and mixed ready for the East Coast Project Album.  


2) BLACKA’NIZED - SYMETRICAL JAZZ  What can i say but a bench mark for Edinburgh hip hop its my all time fave as well as many others around the world and I’m so proud of him for making  this record , my DJ brother Mr Awunsounds ,, this track took so long  to record and I was lucky to see it progress in the studio as part of our Mo Wax  sessions if i’m right it took 2 samplers just to keep it going for the mix so complex wonderful and up there with the greats. 


3) NT – DISTANCE BY AIR (DUB)  Back in the day around the early 1990's myself, DJ’s Sace and Easi ran a club called Babylon in Glasgow which was a mixture of dub and hip hop, no one up north was doing this and we made a wee name for ourselves for being bold. NT were in the studio hard, recording and becoming a group, we would fly-post at 2am in the morning with this playing nonstop in Sace moblie and it still blows me away 20 plus years later.

4) BLACKA’NIZED - VIBEBRATIONS  Joseph Malik and Andre Hudson Formed Blacka’nized in 1993, we were both tuff street kids, and we had to be as Scotland was a tuff place for black, Asian folks. We grew weary of fighting and used our minds to make music but not just any music - strong music that would bring folks of all races into the studio. This was our 1st track where we found out who we wanted to be and all the 1st 3 tracks on this mix tape were recorded around the same 2 years , Scotland had a very deep underground sound NT, Awunsounds, Blacka’nized are the leaders of this movement. We recorded the very young hot saxaphone player  Martin Kershaw in our Balfour Street studio -  but somehow we made this. 

5) BLACKA’N IZED - FUTURE GENERATIONS  We moved on with the Akai 2000 sampler with this track, A much cleaner sound and the drums were on point, as well the vocals from the talented Andre Hudson who for me was No.1 in Scotland on the mic - my brother in beats. 


6) BLACKA’NIZED - MEDIALOGICAL FEAT HYBIRD AND DJ PLUS ONE  So Plus One brings this kid from the states into the studio in Leith and he kills it 1st time, we mixed it the next day. So hyped on seeing where we could go with his vocals  being so off beat, so we reprogrammed all the drums to match his lyrics it still holds up today. 


7) BLACKA’NIZED - BATTLE STAR SKIT For those who know me well, I’m a huge sci-fi geek, sample head and comic book freak, with an odd ball knowledge of all things. I’m lucky that Andre was of the same mind in mixing these ideas into hip-hop, as he had a deep love and respect for Wing Chun and Kung-Fu movies, and most of all Prince Paul, I don’t even have the Battle Star Galactica Record any more ! I gave it away to Linkwood years ago when we were recording ‘Miles Away’ With lindsay Todd label boss  at  Fire Cracker Records, and it’s a shame that track can’t be on this as the best of Edinburgh but it wasn’t recorded in the 90s, they were part of the 2nd wave in the 2000s. Which i shall  research in volume 2 later this year . 


8) BLACKA’NIZED – SOLDIER MONK FEAT. THE DYNAMIC DUO came out to the scene with help from Reachout who had a studio in his flat in Albert Street in Leith, these kids would come to the studio with their records in  school bags and would be sneaked into Reachout’s club night ‘Seen which was during the 90s and by far Scotland’s best hip hop night with DJ Awunsounds  Nasty P, Richie Rufftone, Plus One, Babes, Frosty J on the decks. 

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9) BLACKA’NIZED - UFO BEATS  Holy fuck did we have fun with the MPC 2000 and a fresh haul of breaks from ’Proffessor Plastics’ record shop in West Richmond Street, he was our mentor and gave us so many breaks and knowledge. 


10) BLACKA’NIZED - FADE AWAY FEAT NUBIA  I’m still gutted to this day that this record was not a hit, it should have been huge, we found Nubia singing for the Green Sleeves label as Sandra Melody, she blazed the track with Andre dropping the Andy Williams ‘Can’t Get Used To Losing You’ sample. We spoke to various labels, and they all came up short on our offer - so in the end we said no and put it out on our own wee label Yush Records on 7 inch, so it’s out there if u can find it. 


11) BLACKA’NIZED - LIVIN INNA JUNGLE FEAT MATICK  Again another big record haul from ‘Proffessor Plastic’ beats and Kung Fu samples galore and with the help from Jamaican singer man like Matick from the Hendry family in Leith. 


12) BLACKA’NIZED  - RADIO TBILISI  Our time in the ex-Soviet Republic of Georgia would just take too long to tell, but this was recorded in a bombed out radio station with bullets holes on the wall, they had never heard hip-hop before or DJs. I gave away most of my records I had with me as a way of saying spread the word hip-hop - it’s yours to join in and be part of something other than war. 


13) BLACKA’NIZED - HAM AND CHEESE FEAT MC MELLO AND AWUNSOUNDS  We all loved, respected and looked up to MC Mello. He would come up to Scotland to play gigs with DJs Sace and Easi in 1990s then around the mid-90s he would play at Reachouts Seen club night and many times at my night  Lizzard Lounge , We got him into James Lockes studio round the back of Easter Road Stadium to record this, and it was really great fun, he was doing this Snaggle Puss vocal for a laugh  and we all said yeah keep doing that and Awun on the kuts, my main bro Andre on the beats  and my intro just made it one of all time hip-hop records from Edinburgh.

14) AWUNSOUNDS - AULD BLUES  You have no idea how lucky you are to hear this as its from Awunsounds  private vaults of unreleased music. It was recorded as part of the Mowax sessions and has been hidden away ever since. Many thanks to my fellow Miles Davis fan for letting me share this music to you at last. 


15) NT - RESPONSE  Again another amazing record from the vaults, and did you know this came out on a 12 inch and 7 inch promo on the Stereo MCS ‘Response Labe’l as well as Blackanized and MC Mello. We couldn’t believe we were all together again and in London, recording - doing what we wanted to do with our lives, which was music. This record is very important to me, but most of all to the singer Andrew Docherty, who I met up with just before new year to discuss NT being on this mixtape. We hadn’t seen each other in 20 years and had a good laugh over more than a few  pints as we looked back at the history  of the Auld Skool 90s - This should have been a hit all over the world.and i still play this out and  folks still ask what the hell is this when can i buy it online or hear the album  


16) BLACKANIZED - VERTICAL FORMS  This was recorded in our all new supa studio in Broughton Street, which was buzzing at the time, as I had a club night  with Toby Shippey from Salsa Celtica in an old church just down the street called ‘Lizzard Lounge’. This new studio had Aqua Bassino hanging out  in studio 2 making deep house beats, Irvine Welsh recording Trainspotting talking book version for cassette tape, and Finlay Quaye popping in for a cup of tea and recording demos. It was an amazing time and Edinburgh was alive -many thanks to Irvine Welsh for getting the world to look at Edinburgh outside  of the festival and down to Leith , With having my club so close to the studio it was easy to get super star trumpet player Colin Steele to record. He would also record with Aqua Bassino as well, but again Andre pulls out George Russel ‘Vertical Forms’ sample and we mix it into some sci-fi far out jazz beats. 


17) NT - IF YOU DON’T  Let’s start with the sample ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ by the Prophets of Soul, it’s fucking mind blowing and with the vocals of Andrew Docherty and the production of Sace and Easi, it made me think I could sing - it was b-boy folk music…. just simply ground breaking. 


18) BLACKANIZED – CRACKPIPE  It just all happened so fast... We looped Hodges, James and Smith ‘Nobody’ which I had sitting in my record box for a while, and I was thinking of getting a girl to sing on it. I’d never sung before, and was really shy about it and i just thought fuck it I will sing on it, and it turned out to be our biggest and only hit. I never really liked singing much after that, and didn’t record any of myself singing untill 2003 for the Diverse album on Compost records. 


19) AWUNSOUNDS - MESSAGES  is really the who’s who of Edinburgh and yet another unreleased track from the Mo Wax Sessions. I still think back to hearing all 3 tracks on DAT tape in Flapper Jays studio, Awun had a flat just round the corner from me in Montgomery Street in which he had a prirate radio show with DJ Babes from 3 Bag Brew, Reachout and the much loved and our 2nd DMC champ from Edinburgh DJ Ritchie Rufftone plus many others. He broadcasted the show from his flat and it was our wee hangout for a few years. There was no moblie phones back then, so his answer machine was the only way to get hold of him. Just some of the voices on this are Philly, DJ Graig Smith, Gary Morton and Ahmet Kara, Reachout, Flapper Jay, Andre Hudson, brother Saah DJ Babes and my godson  Tyrone Hendry from the Hendry family at the very start, also let’s not forget brother Chuck and DJ Sace from Glasgow, as well as BT to trying cut off the phone for 30 quid. 


20) COCO AND THE BEAN – MELTED  I loved this band and Awun shared a new flat with Taff  . Edinburgh was that small as you can guess by now, the band were: on vocals Roseanne Erskine, a truly wonderful singer with Les and Taff on production, with Awunsounds on the decks and Stevie Christe on keyboards. This homegrown group were making music from the early 90s way before i ever heard  Portishead and were a very strong part of the East Coast Project Family 


21) BLACKA’NIZED - INTERPLANETARY FEAT REACHOUT AND MARTIN KERSHAW  Andre Hudson was a force of nature in the studio. I wasn’t always able to there due to being a new dad, but when I missed out on sessions like this with Martin Kershaw on Saxophone, with my other close friend and music brother Patrick Coll aka Reachout, I was gutted and the production skills and vocals speak for themselves, but most of all Reachout did a hell of a lot for hip-hop with his club Seen and his deep faith in the whole culture of hip hop even going to New York, where he now lives to meet the Zulu Nation, I feel he’s the Eastcoast project Zulu Nation Ambassador. He  Afrika Bambattaa to Edinburgh, and Bam wanted to hang out in Leith, not his hotel - he wanted to see our hood.we all hung out in leith talking about hip hop it was unreal we even got the bus to the dj gig that he was playing at he didnt care and im thinking this is one of the real founders of hip hop  in leith.

22) BLACKA’NIZED - BREAKS AND BEATS SKIT I was always wanting to be one step ahead as a dj with having a studio and a club in the same street, so instead of buying records I’d make my own and play them back to back 2 copies, and my brother in beats would always do the damage on the MPC 2000. 


23) BLACKA’NIZED - NEW THOUGHTS (360 MIX) This track all started with the O’Jays Family Reunion sample for some reason it had a crazy stereo FX on it, so as we looped it and it sounded very spaced out, and with Andre name checking all the East Coast Project and the Leith walk family, it was our battle cry.  We really were proud to be in Leith making music and being happy. 

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24) BLACKA’NIZED - MILES OUTA TIME (MO WAX MIX) Dam our 1st ever release and on a very important album. We got our brother Awun in for the kuts, and I had been checking Miles Davis Bitchs Brew over and over again just to find that one bassline that just sounds spooky, dark and moody. It was fun, but then we never got paid from James Lavelle and the same thing happened to many of the  other brothers on that album, Andre and myself made a pact not to let anyone rip us of ever again. 


25) BLACKA’NIZED  - SENEGAL DUB FEAT DENBAR If I was away dj’ing the studio still kept recording, due again to Andre being so productive, he would always have bullets of beats in the chamber, just as I would respond with new samples to add or make new loops. I came back from dj’ing in London to walk into the studio and hear this killer king Tubby loop with super cool vocals from Denbar. This really was one of the true finds from the vaults, but from being into touch with Andre recently there’s lots more in the Blacka’nized vaults . 


26) BLACKANIZED MEETS THE OUTANATIONALS - ENTA THE BALFA  Unkle Jack’s studio was in Balfour Street in Leith, it became our base. He was grumpy as fuck, but the best engineer I’ve ever met. Even still today, after 20 odd years he was Obi Wan and Gandalf of sound and tech software and recording. He pushed us to work with musicians and we then became four, with session players Stevie Christie, who would then write and co-produce with Blacka’nized and David Demus Donnelly. They got me and Andre to follow the rule of key or pitch…. IE guys sample what you want but gives us a key to work with. We became better, we worked with strings and gospel choirs and learned so much in that process and I really have to say I would not be singing anything now if not for Stevie and Demus. 


27) NT - STORM  I didn’t hear this until it was playing in the record company office in London. It stopped me in my tracks and I was frozen in time…  just checking Andy Docherty’s vocals and lyrics with so much sorrow and darkness, I will never forget hearing this for the 1st time and maybe the same for you as this is unreleased. 


28) 3 BAG BREW - IN BETWEEN MOUTHFULS FEAT DOUGLAS DUNCAN  This band only released two tracks with the East Coast Project, and this was the last track in 1995 and will be the last track in 2017, simply due to the very sad loss of trumpet player Douglas Duncan. I seen him play at Kulus Jazz Joint which is now called Henrys Cellar Bar and if you wanted to find a horn player or drummer or bass player that’s where you went to find them. Me and Awun had the pleasure of dj’ing before and after John Rae, Ronnie Rae, Colin Steele, Martin Kershaw and most of all Douglas. The magical music you hear is the production skills from the 3Bag Brew crew DJ Babes, Nik PT, Beefy Breaks with Stevie Christie on keys, yeah him again…. There was an unwritten rule back then that if you didn’t have Stevie Keys on your record back then,It  wouldn’t be any good he just always brought good luck and a happy vibe in the studio  I’m very lucky he’s one of my best mates, I’d like to thank Babes for at last telling me the sample for this wonderful track its Wilbert Longmire  - ‘Good Morning’