This week, we welcome DJ and Artist Jonny Mac - Warriors of the Dystotheque (WoTD) to the Dusk Dubs family....

"Welcome to my Dusk Dubs, rather than pick a lot of tunes from 1 or 2 genres, I've decided to take it right back to my roots and draw on the music that made me do what i've done for the past few decades, promoting and DJ-ing across the globe and now releasing with my band Warriors of the Dystotheque, as well as going further back and recollecting the music I grew up with that effectively shaped me.

Hopefully you enjoy the tunes i've selected, thanks for your ears.."

You can find him here:


1 - The Specials - Ghost Town (1981) - This was the 1st record I owned so i'm rather proud of that cause there is a lot of questionable tracks in the collections of my friends for their 1st records, I owe this to my cousins Kieran & John who were a few years older than me and were heavily into the Ska & Punk scene in the late 70’s & early 80s so I guess i was lucky.. 


2 - SLF - Alternative Ulster (1979) - So along with Madness The Beat The Specials and the Ska scene I was majorly into the Punk scene & as a kid growing up in Northern Ireland during the troubles the 1 band who were full of angst and told it like it was on the streets of Belfast was Stiff Little Fingers, even at such a young age you knew what was going on in the country and the even then the lyrics really hit home and their All The Best album was my 1st LP purchase. I actually went on to book them to play in 2003 iv Coventry as it goes. 



3 - New Order - Confusion (1983) - Skip a few years as the punk & ska scene filtered out and gave way to the electronic sounds that were influencing the electro scene and the breakdance craze was just beginning to sweep the globe. my all time favs New Order got introduced to the sound by Arthur Baker with this amazing remix of Confusion, this went on to shape me into my love for electronica. 


4 - Freestyle - Don’t Stop The Rock (1985)  - This is a track I fell in love with and in my later life I would play it many many times as I DJ’d across the country and always at my Frequency nights which saw a lots of the top DJ’s of the time  - Derek Dahalarge, Scratch Perverts, Avalanches. Adam F, Ez Rollers Live, Kosheen, Space Raiders, Dub Pistols, Freestylers, Leeroy Thornhill, Phil Hartnoll, Stanton Warriors & many more


5 - Depeche Mode - Black Celebration (1986) - So this is a major major track in my life, My Mum passed away just shortly before this album came out at only 35  and I wasn’t even a teenager at this time so was still really finding my way in life and at this time the whole on Northern Ireland was a war zone with shooting and bombings happening everyday and more times than enough it would be someone who was known to the family our community who was involved so testing times for most people and lots went on to get involved in the troubles cause its really all there was in the country as even decent people faced the problems head on.. Luckily I can say that this tour by Depeche Mode played a role in me deciding my future, the local youth club were running a bus up to Belfast for the gig I was only 12 and wasn’t allowed to go but I eventually got my way and went along with Jim & Paul also Gerry who took us I witnessed an amazing show and decided that my future was in music somehow.. 

I was into New Order and lots of other cool bands at this time and went and bought a headless bass guitar a few weeks later possibly the best decision I ever made cause many round me went to jail got killed named or involved in the troubles. 

6 - Happy Mondays - Wrote For Luck (1988) - My best mate Maxi and myself were busy learning to play, he had a Roland U20 and a sampler and id the bass, we were playing a lot of SLF New Order Smiths The Cure and the like. It was his uncle Kieran who introduced me to this as he landed in with the Happy Mondays Bummed Album another great find by the legendary Tony Wilson and Factory records. So Vince Clarke who i was well aware of from his early days with Depeche tuned out this dubby trippy remix and the Manchester days were well on the way and Id soon be raving in fields and on beaches. As it would turn out i'd do 2 separate tours with Shaun & Bez for a few weeks at a time round the Ireland Scotland & England and have to say Bez is 1 of very few real people i've ever met in the game… 


7 - Orbital - Belfast - (1989) - I'm now wearing tie dye T shirts baggy jeans and id imagine Fila boots and smiling like the Acid man on the front of the sun newspaper and making the journey to Portrush to check out Glen Malloy in Kellys but its the early 90’s & Belfast Art College where I really heard proper Techno at David Holmes Sugar Sweet nights with Andy Weatherall and Orbital live performing Belfast for the 1st time which again later on to my disbelief Phil Hartnoll went on to tell me it was called Belfast cause they’d just finished it in the studio and Belfast was the 1st time id  got played this was during a 3 year period from 03 - 06 when I DJ’d throughout the UK & Ireland alongside Phil which was just after a few years DJ’n across the world alongside Leeroy Thornhill from the Prodigy we we had a residency in Ibiza and partied at pikes for 15 weeks in 03 with Brandon & Alex a lot of weeks, what fun was had. 

8 - Nitzerebb - Lightning Man (1990) - So alongside the Manchester techno & rave influences at this time I was listening to a lot of Industrial and some metal with local band Therapy being the main 1’s also Mute records had signed Nizterebb and along with the likes of NIN Ministry & Meat Beat Manifesto they were a big part of the electronic side of my calling and a more leftfield sound I guess. 


9 - Beastie Boys - So What Ya Want (1992) - What can I say, along with A Tribe Called Quest De La Soul Public Enemy & KRS 1 the B boys 

were a soundtrack thats been with me all my life, They are geniuses in their field just listen to Paul’s Boutique and the humour in the raps with the amazing beats and the massive massive array of samples form so many tracks we all know and love makes them the leaders of the pack and Eminem sure wouldn’t be around today if he’d not heard these guys at work.


10 - Therapy - Teethgrinder (1992) - I'm 19 now and full of teenage angst and in band playing drums called Dog Eat Fish we were playing around the country and Therapy are from the same town, a few years before went on to become a major name in the metal scene and they are still going strong today we were all playing at gigs. This was a sound i was influenced by I could really relate to the breakbeat drumming style of Fife Ewing again id bring Therapy to Coventry on their 10 year anniversary tour. 


11 -  Pop Will Eat Itself  - Bulletproof  (1992) - A massive Poppies fan, their heavy guitars and samples along with the live breakbeats  drum loops and fuck the establishments attitude really was something to follow and believe in back then. And as it turns out I would become good friends with Richard march Fuzz Townsend & Graham Crabb form the band a few years later & my band WotD have went on to remix for them a few years back on their funk FIFA track oh and Graham from the band is gonna be singing on our next release We’re Taking Control…


12 -  Portishead - Roads (1994) - This band and sound would change my life again but this would be whats stayed with me most and influences me greatly to do what I’m doing with WotD. 

So i've got the Dummy album and I’m totally blown away but the dopeness of the sound but yet its so musical and haunting it stays with you. I loved what had came before but the 4/4 beat was not really me so this broken trip hop beat along with the Acid Jazz sounds at the time just opened my ears. I went on to to book Andy Smith in 98 as my 1st ever gets in Dundee. This is my fav Portishead track but a Warriors of the Dystotheque Edit.


13 - Chemical Brothers  -  Chemical Beats (1995) - Exit Planet Dust has been released and thats it now trip hop to smoke to and Chemical big beats to rave to Ive found exactly what Id been looking for a sound that was a deep in the roots of the early electro id been listening to 10 plus years ago only made for the beatniks of the 90’s.

A few months into 95 I heard the Chemical Bros & Portishead doing the essential mix and was again buzzing to hear this new style of DJ’n so on the Monday morning after hearing it I went to the bank got a loan and bought my Technics 1200’s & a mixer, possibly another  the best buy of my life as I went on to DJ across the globe.. 



14 - Ceasefire - Trickshot (1995) - So Ive been running my own nights alongside David Cook at a night called Brown Sugar were local bands play then I DJ beats breaks  & hip hop, I managed to get onto White Noise & Revolution promo lists so was getting lots of new cuts every week and this 1 lands on my mate it would go on to be my all time fav big beat track and Wall of Sound record from my old pal and country man Derek Dahlarge who reminded me it was the best selling WOS tracks over an early morning Bloody Mary in a hotel in Dundee in 98 after he spun for me at my Frequency night in Dundee Uni where I was promoting for a few months alongside Ken Ferguson brother of the famous DJ Fergie who I grew up with and learned to DJ alongside..


15 - Bentley Rhythm Ace - Run On The Spot (1997) - A few weeks after Derek Dahlarge was on the essential mix & had played in Dundee at my Frequency night i brought the BRA boys up from Birmingham and this again would change my life forever.. 

We DJ’d and after the night went back to my apartment with a few friends and listened to tunes and partied through the night, during this time I told the guys I was moving to Coventry in about 4/6 weeks time when the University broke for summer as my girlfriend at the time was from there but she was returning home to Coventry as she was pregnant and was actually leaving in the morning and her Mum and Dad were already up and were coming to load all our belongings into a van and drive down but I was waiting on as I had a job and she would rent a house for me coming down in a few weeks time, anyway this is where it gets interesting it told the guys and said id meet up in B’Ham in a few months but Mike BRA was having none of it and dared me to come down the next day as they were playing in Birmingham and promised a wheelbarrow of drink and goodies so they went to their hotel as the sun came up and I went to sleep for a bit then woke about 11 with my girlfriend and her parents there to load our stuff and I decided I was coming so i jumped into the back of the van and off e went on the 7 hour drive. I got out got cleaned up went to Bham on the train and called Richard BRA from New Street and said are you in and was in a cab to his..

We went to the club and back to Rich’s house  I met Graham Crabb his was in Pop Will Eat Itself  that night and we became the best of friends going on holiday with our families and attending his wedding. 

Crazy stuff for a guy from a town in N. Ireland with only 80K people and not much going on but if a door was there to be opened I usually took it off the hinges.. 

A few months before moving i knew i was going to live in Coventry so i'd contacted the uni and arranged to take my Frequency nights there. Derek returned also the Scratch Perverts Dub Pistols and Space Raiders before I was pouched and went to the biggest independent club in the city where Frequency remained till 2005 & Sean from WotD was resident, I'd met Sean in 99 when I arrived in Coventry and we studied music production together back in 01-03, anybody who was worth talking about grace the decks. 

I brought Leeroy from the Prodigy for his 1st gig to the club and also sorted a gig in Birmingham the next night that we both spun at in the Medicine bar then after it we had a laugh and Leeroy asked could I sort anymore gigs so I put together a university tour and we went across the UK Scotland and Ireland the following year with a residency at Lashed in Eden in the back room for the season of 03 playing breaks hip hop funk and whatever else as well as daytime parties at Coastline and I dine a few sunsets also shows at Savannah’s and pre parties every week at Bar M..


16 - Zero - Emit Collect - Rennie Pilgrim Remix (2002) - This was by far the biggest breaks record I ever played in a decade of playing breaks & I’m sure 80% of breaks DJ’s would say the same it never left my bag and always threw any dance floor into utter mayhem.


17 - John Tejada - The End of it All (2006) - I spent this summer going to DC10 a lot and enjoying the early morning Monday sessions and Locodice & Tania Volcano were everything that was good about the underground scene and coupled with Circo Loco at DC10 in the sun was a brilliant what turned out to be several summers.

I sat on my balcony of my apartment with my best friend who is sadly no longer with us (Rest Easy Moosa) & we played this over and over and over actually we nearly missed our taxi to the airport because he put it on 1 more time.

That was a good look into the future cause over the next 5 years we missed at least 3 flights a season by kidding ourselves, we were flying in late on a Sunday night to go to Circo Loco at DC10 on a Monday morning and going to leave at 10pm Monday night and catch the last flight home I never made it once in about 5 or 6 attempts.  This is the stand out track from those years and means a lot to me because of the fun memories it brings.


18 - Trentemoller - Moan (2007) - I was now involved in secret parties in Coventry called Playtime, along with my good friend Karl we threw several parties in disused locations with just a text before midnight telling people where to go this went on for a bout a year during this time we were on the lookout for a warehouse to call our own and finally we got 1, the playtime Warehouse went on for a few years and had the likes of Justin Robertson and a big favourite MR C as well as others. 

It was around 2009 I began to feel like I wasn’t enjoying the whole DJ and partying scene and it was getting a bit much and I was beginning to lose my way, so 2010 I spent a lot of time staying home and hanging out round friends feeling more like it was time to have a good hard look at myself and figure out my next move, so Nov 10 i went home to Ireland for a few days and told my Dad I was needing to think about the future and decided to move back at the end of Jan 2011 I actually came home mid Jan after the death of my housemate who passed away in our home and I found him so that accelerated things and I returned to Ireland where I’ve remained since that day, I went back to Sea working on the ferries as head chef which Id done many years back before I went to the UK, but after a year or so i started to miss music again and decided to start doing some bits of production.. 



19 - Warriors of the Dystotheque - Hashtag from The Future Is Ours EP

This was our 1st EP from October 2015. The band was formed through Facebook in 2014, but started in my studio In Derry, Ireland. I picked up on Mike and Nick’s music through a friends post on Fakebook and asked if they wanted to collaborate on a track. Mike and Nick are based in New York, so stems were sent back and forth through a file sharing service and then arranged in my studio. I then got Sean Graham involved to add some extra elements and do a mix down. Sean splits his time between UK and France, so is constantly making music on the move. From that initial EP, The Future is Ours, we decided to form a band, even though we’ve never set foot in the same room together, or all met in person for that matter. Social media has been the backbone to our inception. We’ve also managed to hook up with new and old friends to feature guest vocalists. I came across Ella Joy on YouTube, the vocalist that appears on Return to Coney, and all the guys have been able to extend interest to old friends, like Melissa Graham (Atom Vibe), Tony Jarvis (#Hashtag) and Pop Will Eat Itself front man Graham Crabb, who features on the forthcoming tracks Monsters At The Gates and as you will hear later in the year on We’re Taking Control which as a dub is currently smashing 6 Music loads of other BBC stations and picking up several day and night time plays over on RTE 2 this is after 12 months of major plays across lots of shows namely Nemone, Lauren Laverne, Huey Morgan & Shaun Keaveny on BBC 6 Music, throughout the year form our Return To Coney & Just Breathe releases support has also came in from Phil Taggart at BBC Radio 1, Stephen McCauley - Electric `Mainline on BBC Foyle, Across `the Line - BBC Ulster &  Dan Hegarty at RTE 2.



20  - Lisbon Kid - We Look At The Stars- Warriors of the Dystotheqie Remix (2016) - We just remixed for Lisbon Kid Ft Sarah Cracknell (Saint Etienne) on Wall of Sound and this got massive support across R1 RTE BBC Foyle and more. setting us up for another massive year in 2017 which has just seen us kick the doors off the hinges, and been selected as ones to watch in 2017 and our unreleased track We’re Taking Control has been smashed across BBC 6 Music by Nemone on her Electric Ladyland show also when she sat in on breakfast & further support from Dan Hegarty on RTE 2, Stephen McCauley on BBC Foyle & Rigsy Stu & producer Jimmy over at ATL on BBC Ulster.