This week we welcome back Long Dark Tunnel to compile a wonderful Sunday mixtape for you.

"If I was only ever allowed to listen to one artist, and one artist only, for now and evermore I would be tossing a coin between James Yancey and Rupert Parkes.

I have opted for the latter as it was he who grabbed my attention as an impressionable listener of hardcore, jungle, dnb in those formative days of the early 90's. It was he who completely ripped up the script of music production, samples, patterns, drum programmes – the lot. It was he who weaved in and out of genres like the musical chameleon he truly is. Opting in and out of alter egos, yet reaching every corner of that sound and pushing its boundary to another level. It was he who could without a shadow of doubt be placed well to the top of the fabled dnb Hall of Fame for his artistic ability and his contribution to the scene.

The idea of an all Rupert Parkes concept came initially from a Purple Radio session where the Dusk Dubs lads dropped 3 of his tracks in a row. This led to some wonderful nostalgia in the chatbox about him and his works. I just imagined a whole Dusk Dubs session dedicated to entirely to him. As usual the problem was always what to leave out, but I hope I have covered enough bases in his work to give the listeners a real feel for his musical genius.




1) Photek - Lost Blue Heaven
2) Photek - T.Raenon
3) Photek - Modus Operandi
4) Photek - 124
5) Photek - Oshun
6) Photek - Can't Come Down
7) The Sentinel - Toulepleu
8) Photek - The Hidden Camera 
9) Aquarius & Tayla - Soul Searching
10) The Truper - Vol 3B
11) The Sentinel - Awakening
12) Photek - One Nation
13) Photek - Water Margin
14) Photek - KJZ
15) Photek - Consciousness
16) Studio Pressure - Presha III
17) Special Forces - The Bleeps Tune
18) The Sentinel - Heavy Vibes
19) Therapy? - Loose (Photek Remix)
20) Photek - UFO
21) Photek - This Love (Feat. Ray La Montagne)