This week we welcome back Conrad Koziol.... is C


"Still reeling with happiness from being asked to do a selection last year never mind being asked again this year !! Always a pleasure compiling a few tracks to reflect some of my tastes in music.


Enjoy !"



1) Ananda Project - "Justice, Mercy" (King Street) ...back in the late '90s I contacted Chris Brann and he was kind enough to send me a jam-packed CDR of unreleased material ; a CD I played so much it ceased to work but I've picked up a lot of what was on there in the meantime...

2) Noni - "Keep Me (Satisfied)" Keeping it deep with a sneaky wee teaser from Prescription Records back in the day. This got a lot of play in my years at college ; myself and some buddies actually ran a regular night in High Wycombe called "Hip To Be Disillusioned" because of our fondness for the label at the time.

3) Guy Boyer - "Sporting Flash Part 2" (ACME Funk) There used to be a record shop just round the corner from my old office by the Spanish bar "Bradleys". I picked this up in there.They had a lot of original funk and soul but they weren't cheap so I was seldom in there. This album caught my eye. Cool.

4) Gang Du Lyonnais - "The French Bakery Part 1" (Gang Du Lyonnais) Crazy sample-cut 12". It goes on a lot longer but I cut it short...

5) Akasha - "Brown Sugar" (Wall Of Sound) This is from a comp which came free with "Later" magazine back in the mid '90s where there was a lot of this kind of music coming out. I should check out their other work really !

6) Illonton feat. Coco Sapur - "New Dreams" (Chillout Beats) (Hooj Choons) Not even sure where this came from ; quite possibly up in Nottingham from the days I used to get a fair bit up there when visiting a good friend. Pretty damn mellow.

7) Slam Slam - "Free Your Feelings". Gifted Mix (MCA Records) Still sounds fresh. Guru doing the additional rap on this version. Remix is credited to Gangstarr but I'm guessing DJ Premier..(??)

8) MC Mell'o' - "Open Up Your Mind". The Consciousness Of One –8)  Upso Mix - I'm really enjoying this sort of vibe again. Stunning UK hip-hop soul from the early '90s. Very London.

9) Innervisions - "Mermaids" (MO Wax) J. Majik in his Innervisions guise. My Gran used to love this one (!) She'd hear it playing from my room and come and hold her hands up and catch the strings. Lovely.

10) Kuniyuki - "All These Things" (Theo Parrish Vocal Version) (Mule) Deeeep. Theo ! Bubbles away nicely. There's a shorter, instrumental version on the flip but it's got to be all or nothing here...

11) Budgie - "Dream Cruise" (Wildheart Recordings) Fairly recent release which seems to be the only 12" he's released ?


12) Yotoko - "Lonely Man" (Delsin Records) Domu doing his Yotoko thing. Released in 2003 on the "Wet Ink" long player. Bit of squelchy bass

13) Roy Budd - "Thief On The Prowl" (Castle Music) ...original breaks from the movie maestro Roy Budd

14) Tall Black Guy - "Funeral Biz / Welcome To Detroit" (interlude featuring Mario and Malice Sweet) (First Word Records) Taken from his "8 Miles To Moenart" album. More greatness from TBG

15) Outro - (CK edit from Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam - "Let The Beat Hit 'Em" (Columbia)