This week we welcome Rebecca Vasmant to the Dusk Dubs family...

"I can genuinely and honestly say that nothing in the world compares to an amazing piece of Jazz at night time… There has been many times that I have been told to choose one genre of music and stick with it, I find this totally unachievable.

All the music that we hear that makes us feel totally inspired cannot be boxed into one style or genre of music and no matter what category or style that it may fall into it either makes us feel amazing or does not. 

For me, I simply cannot describe the way that some music makes me feel. It is like a completely cleansing experience and the emotion that it derives from within our core can allow us to feel however we want to feel. Whether this is good or otherwise, we just allow ourselves to feel emotion that we may not feel in our daily lives and this is a beautiful thing. And I really do appreciate and respect musicians and producers for allowing us to be able to do that. When I hear a piece of music that I really feel, it can almost put me into a meditative state and I can allow myself to purely focus on what that piece of music is saying, whether it is classical, Jazz, Soul or Techno.. The emotion is still the same. 

Music really is a privilege and I can honestly say that deep within my heart I am totally grateful for every piece of amazing music that I have been lucky enough to have been able to hear. And I realise that even if we spent every waking minute of every day searching for music, we would not have enough time to discover it all.. and this thought is overwhelming. 

I thank every musician, composer, maestro and Producer for every piece of music whether it has been noticed or unnoticed and wake up every day happy to be able to just take the time to just listen and appreciate music."

You can find Rebecca here:


1) Stan Tracey Quartet – Starless and Bible Black. This record is one of my favorites in the world, despite the fact that is a very strong statement, I 

really mean it. I will always remember the moment I first heard it, when my friend sent me it and I remember being completely blown away, speechless. It makes me feel, calm, happy, in love, content and loved. It's been with me through so many times, happy and sad, and I know it inside out. No amount of times listening to this could ever make me less grateful for having it in my life. I 

genuinely think that its timeless, and I will never have listened to it enough times. 


2) Greg Foat Group – For A Breath I Tarry. This is one of the best modern Jazz records that has been released in the last five years. Its emotive, deep, and beautiful in ever way. Greg's piano playing is perfect on this record, and its always a piece of music that has the ability to completely reset my mood and make me feel perfect. 


3) Greyish Quartet – Lydian Idyll. When playing Glasgow Jazz Festival with David from this band, I was blown away by his beautiful style of playing. This demonstrates why, its a very lovely piece that I have not been bored of since I 

first heard it over five years ago now. 


4) Melanie De Biasio - With All My Love. This is one of those pieces that was a grower. I heard this for the first time when the album 'No Deal' dropped in 2013 and the more I listened to this, the more that I heard. Its got beautifully 

chilling feeling to it, and gets right to the depth of the emotions of the moment. One of those pieces of music that allows you to take a journey in your head to places that perhaps you wouldn't normally visit. Embracing sadness, and allowing it to surface just for the duration of this track, its a refreshing exercise that allows so much comfort in such a normally busy time of life. 


5) Kelan Phil Cohran And Legacy – White Nile. I couldn't tell you one wrong thing about this track, its absolutely perfect. The way that the trumpet is played, the vocals, Alice Coltrane, everything. Its just so perfect. One of my top favourite pieces of all time. 


6) Bill Evans – Piece Peace. This is my favorite piano piece of all time. Every time I listen to this after having not listened to it for a while, it reminds me why. 


7) P.E Hewitt Jazz Ensemble – Ill Love Song. I distinctly remember the first time that I heard this, I was working in a record shop at the time and 

my colleague George who owned the shop put it on, I stopped what I was doing and immediately demanded to know what it was. There is something about the rawness of it, the 'naivety', and the almost semi professional way in which the musicians play their instruments that makes it truly special. As a listener, its really mind blowing, and many of my musician friends have complained or criticised this record for sounding like a 'high school band recording' but that is essentially what it is. I love it, and I think I always will. 


8) Arthur Verocai - Caboclo. This is one of those records that makes your heart melt and makes me feel all warm inside. It takes me back to a time when I was touring a lot and had a lot of time spent in airports with little sleep. This record got me through lots of delays and long journeys, and when I listen to it, it takes me back to those times and I look back and am so grateful to have this record in my life. 


9) Clifford Jordan – John Coltrane. One of my all time favorites from Clifford Jordan, and this album 'Glass Bead Games' is one of my all time favourites also. I love this track in particular and I love to play this at gigs. 


10) Carlos Garnett – Mother Of The Future. This track gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it, its so strong.. I always think it sounds better and better each time I listen to it. An absolute dance floor record, I can't get enough of it. Dee dee Bridgewater absolutely makes this track with her vocals too. Such a huge record. I love to play this peak time in DJ sets, its one of those records that I always pack in my bag. 


11) Max Cooper - Chronology (feat. Kathrin Deboer and Quentin Collins). 

I was kindly sent this from the guys at Gearbox records and I was surprised to see techno man – Max Cooper on this label alongside Quentin Collins on trumpet, who I had known before this for being in a few awesome bands. This is a perfect mix of electronic, deep, warm and all the nice elements of music. I couldn't have put this together better if I had hand picked a bunch of people to 

collaborate, if I tried. Its great and refreshing and different. I love it. 


12) Hampshire & Foat - All Washed Up. Greg told me that this track was born from him and Hampshire having a sad conversation about how their music careers were potentially over and that there was nothing left for them in the music industry. Luckily this inspired them to get together and record this utterly beautiful album. I would describe the emotion of this track as the same genre of emotion as in 'Starless and Bible Black' earlier in the list. It provokes feelings of love, hope, aspiration and more love. I really feel this record, and I have been listening to it non stop since I was sent it a few weeks back. I have a feeling this record will be a timeless piece too, just as Starless and Bible Black is.