This week we welcome the secretive and mysterious .Mw to the Dusk Dubs family...

'.Mw Droozed On The Medium Wave'


"Entangled in the musky dusky grooves there gleaned a surface, all faint lines across circular tracks. As carefully handed platters are ceremonially offered to the diamond diety we learned much...And when the serious searching exposes to you to a dynamite one-tracker or that the pleasure and perversity that a minutes Mouthing of poetic spoken word will grant you, it's time to scrub up and record, to tape together, to MANIPULATE and then rewrite... 

If we are to break down what we have it's a simple system..Many many dusty knees years of exploration, many many almosts, many many keeper...enough in fact to re-dig your own library of music, to find B-Sides and album tracks not appreciated by younger selves bolstered by late nights or crafting and artistically shuffling waveforms, or cleaning literal then digital, or writes, re-writes, over writes and LEARNING... 

Presented here in ALMOST raw form are some secrets, subtle and otherwise... In our taste, in our chaos and order. It's what we dug in both senses one wine enhanced night. Some back of the shelf, not pulled out for years, some newly found and freshly picked but all given some real thought...We do hope you enjoy our selection and a few cuts that may make it onto our next droozy mix and we hope the re-dub of our old 'Backyard Boogie Droozin' artwork doesn't hint too much towards our time-poor lives...Keep it droozy, keep it sketch and...Get out there and find those tick-making, freakish finds. 

This one is dedicated to the Pye-man himself and all those he's exposed and the heroic Hickford...Keep on dubbin' on out...On out...On...oouuuutttt.




1) 400 Blows - Perspective 2 

2) Lee Oscar - Haunted House 

3) Howard Johnson - So Fine 

4) CW McCall - Night Rider 

5) Lou Rawls - Natural Man 

6) Saftey Scissors - Breast Bone 

7) Mags - White Room 

8) Nicole Rieu - Les Hommes Heureux 

9) Jeffery Bruner - No No No 

10) Touchdown - Ritmo Suave 

11) Planet Passion - Horror On The Block 

12) John Epping - Top Innovation 

13) Hello People - Creego 

14) Ovations - Got To Move On (To My Destiny) 

15) Dou Dou - Vanille Chocolat Reggae 

16) Melton Epps - Love Is Strange  

17) Mangeshkar - Chhipaana 

18) Superimposers - Seeing Is Believing 

19) Luigi An Da Boys - Turn And Walk Away 

20) Pride - A Hope 

21) Max - Near To You