This week we welcome back Andy Hickford....

"Big thanks to the Dusk Dubs crew for inviting me back.


With this selection, I have decided to move away from the ‘inspirations’ theme of my first Dusk Dubs set, instead considering tracks that have grabbed me recently – or ones that have just stuck with me over the years.


I didn’t really want to be too genre specific, but was keen to move away from the funk/jazz type spectrum I’d covered in my previous choices. I’ve ended up with a rough boogie/broken beat/break beat/disco type range, which is pretty much closer to what I play out.


Headphones on…"


You can find him here:



1) Dennis Ayler – Unknown


This is a little intro track for the selection from the recent Dennis Ayler release on D.A.M. – a 22a offshoot. Whilst it may seem odd to select a 30 second interlude track as a set opener, I feel it acts as an ‘amuse bouche’ to set the tone for the music to come. More from Mr Ayler later…


2) Jeen Bassa - Today's Yesterday


Continuing with 22a – this is a track from Jeen Bassa’s Time Waves album, a superb collection of minimal funk laden hip hop, with afro, jazz and broken beat influences. 22a, Rhythm Section, 2000 Black et al are on fire at the moment – I’m not sure whether collectively they herald a new era of jazz, deep house, broken beat or whatever – maybe we should just leave the genre labels for discogs listings ?


3) Tatham, Mensah, Lord & Ranks - The Believer


So onto 2000 Black – Dego has been at the centre of many scenes over the years, hard-core, drum & bass, broken beat… he really is one of the UK’s heavyweight producers. This is a lovely track of broken boogie vibes, the releases on this label of so consistent that it is hard to pick out individual tracks for attention.


4) Dennis Ayler - Black SL


Back to Mr Ayler – carrying on with the modern bruk/boogie sound this track ‘Black S.L.’ is heavy on the funk, irresistible keys, a greasy bass – what more do you want? Maybe a basement and a red light, to accommodate you and a chosen few to boogie with?


5) A Band Called Flash - Mother Confessor


From UK pioneers to one from across the pond – I seemed to miss ABCF first time round – fortunately their records have been re-pressed, so I’ve been able to catch up with this Ron Trent produced material. Taking Deep House and Parliament to produce some delicious funky tracks ABCF are well worth checking if like me you slept on their work up til now.   


6) Henry Wu - Black Rigsby


Back to the UK & the reputation of Henry Wu is growing by the day… the Yussef Kamaal project has seen broadsheet culture sections celebrating the re-birth of jazz in the UK, whilst recordings on Eglo, Tartelet, RSI & 22a have seen Wu dominate dancefloors across the nation too. This track from the Negotiate ep from 2015, is a lovely example of how Wu takes jazz-funk and puts it through a deep house blender to create something fresh.


7) King Midas Sound - One Ting (Dabrye remix)


This Dabrye mix of KMS takes the original and lifts it into a different dimension – snyths, beats, attitude   a lovely vocal – this is still one of my favourite tracks on Hyperdub. It also takes the selection into slightly tougher territory.


8) Ragga Twins – Spliffhead


This is a track that I have loved for decades, I remember first hearing it in the early 90’s on mix tapes from the likes of Mickey Finn and Grooverider – the distinctive breaks, raga styling and hip hop influence marked this out as something different from a lot of the music around at the time. The Ragga Twins & Shut Up & Dance were setting standards back then – they were real pioneers in the development of UK dance music.


9) Art Science Technology - A.S.T.


Did I say pioneers? Brian Dougans & Garry Cobain fall into that category too – well known for FSOL, Humanoid,  and now Amorphous Androgynous this is one of their lesser known projects. A.S.T. Sampling the Stranglers when I first heard this it seemed to bridge the gap between the indie dance of Oakenfold Happy Mondays remixes and the music Carl Cox was rinsing on Utopia & Eclipse rave tapes that were doing the rounds. I.e. perfect.


10) Air - Modular (DJ Cam No Protection Mix)


Moving on from the warehouse and into the back room (or at least it seemed to be back rooms where this sort of stuff was getting played in the mid 90’s. I love this DJ Cam remix of Air – whilst the lounge styling’s of Air are delectable, I always dug the way this roughed ‘em right up with some proper hip hop beats, whilst retaining the smoky vibes of the original.


11) Magnum Force - Cool Out


Now let’s dance… hip hop to electro isn’t much of a leap, so from the back room to the lino – this slice of electro boogie perfection in irresistible (at least I think so). The sort of tune that works in a bar, club, bbq – wherever – just infection grooves that at least gonna make your head nod.


12) Stone - Girl, I Like The Way You Move (Dub)


More electro boogie bizniz – this time going even deeper into the disco vibe, I love this slice of dubby disco – I hope those who enjoyed the warehouse rave style selections will see why I love this disco number. Name that tune…


13) Jago - I'm Going To Go (Instrumental)


This Jago tune is to be fair another I slept on, or had at least forgotten. On a recent trip to Amsterdam I heard this track over the system in Rush Hour – what is this? My brother & said almost in unison – off he goes to the counter to find out. They were playing the Frankie Knuckles version on this track – then it hit me, quick check on the discogs collection tab – yep got it. It hasn’t left my box since I got home. Massive bit of funky Italo proto house / disco. Love it. 



14) T-Coy - Corino (Greg Wilson Re-Edit)


From electro/boogie/disco we now move towards the house era now – Carino being a big tune in the Acid House era – a Hacienda staple. I like this version – Greg Wilson just giving it a bit of a service and polish to give it a new lease of life. Pianos – where would house be without them ?


15) Pfortune - String Free


Speaking of pianos’ – boom – this is a killer slice of old school house. A remorseless piano-house monster tune. A proper hands in the air Jack Master era tune that still sounds fresh to my ears.


16) Shuya Okino - Still In Love (Nik Weston & Rudy's Midnight Machine Epic Strings Version)

And to finish – let’s bring those strings back – this is an epic tune (in name as well as sound), smooth, blissful, uplifting, a take me away end of nighter.

Many thanks for listening.