For this week’s mixtape, we invite Producer and DJ Joe Nebula2 to the Dusk Dubs family....

"Music to keep me going. Fortunate to be on earth right now. With these sounds.


I had such a good time selecting these tracks and so many never made the cut. But this is me and my music - well a cross section that covers just about it all in beats, breaks & sounds.


Mostly chill time. Enjoy!


Peace.... Joe Nebula2"


You can find him here:


1)  Max Richter - Spring 1

I have to included a track from this composser. I love his work and this track even has a dance music feel to it. Waking up to this track will start any day off on a good footing. Shame its so short but who cares LOVE! I also am totally inspired by classical strings...

2) R-Tyme - R-Theme (Mayday Mix)

Cant beat this tyime of my life. New sounds new expericenes and new beginings. Such a great moment in my own history and the Detriot Techno sound played a major roll in it. Expermental soul music!


3) King Unique - Sugar High

This track for e just celebrates life in the best way possible. Total uplifiting vibrations on all fronts. If I'm happy already I will be extastic. If i'm not so happy it will bring me round.


4) Smote & Stunna Ft Submorphics - Sweet Passion

One of my all time tracks ever made (easy in my top 5 if I had one). Every time I listen to it it keeps getting better and better. I dont know why but they hit the nail on the head with this one. Just pure amazing sounds and put together in a way which resonates with me perfeclty. Drum & Bass at its best #DNB forever!


5) BB & Q Band - Genie

This is just teenage years all rolled into one. We all need some soul in your life.


6) Gabin - Terra Pura

Time to chill and think some :)


7) Planetboelex - Seagull Scene

Taken from an incredible album "Sunnta" which is 100% worth checking out. I selected this track as it has the bad ass bassline (Could be come out more but that's the DNB in me coning out). An amazing producer with some serious deep mind set! Definitely check out his other work. This style of music just take me away!


8) Fragile State - Barney Fade Future Loop Foundation

Just so good to be on earth with music like this. Sums it all up for me. Lifts me up. Onwards always.


9) King Unique - Yohkoh (Seven years on Remix)

Just pure genius from King Unique. He made two in the list here. Which is a big thing for me as I dontthink everyone makes good music all the time. Just such a great journey with this track up and down, down and up!


10) Hybrid - Finished Symphony 

Whats not to love two of my favurite music styles classical and breaks rolled into one and for the first time some did it right. This whole album is just amazing. Hats off here for doing a job right! Just to add the track "Dreaming for you" is just as good but this track just takes it for me have a listen to that one to...