For this week’s mixtape, we have invited back singer, songwriter, producer, DJ Joseph Mailk. Mr Malik has already compiled this years stunning  'AULD SKOOL 90S MIXTAPE - RETROSPECTIVE OF SCOTLANDS BEAT HEADS FROM 1990 /1999'.


Now he comes with another amazing mixtape...


We’ll let Joseph explain..... 

"I moved to the South Side of the City last Summer and it changed my life. This mixtape is dedicated to the Community of the South Side, this is our sound and who we are... a Mixtape of Music ,Race, Sexuality, Old and Young. Be who you want to be, its a real multicultural neighbourhood and i feel loved and part of it, much like down in Leith were I spent 20 years.... and when you throw in the world of food as well, from the Chinese Supermarket , Korean Take- Aways,  Braw Burgers Chefs, Wings Chefs , The Tika Malsa Brothers, The Mosque  Kitchen, North African Kitchens , Swedish Coffee shop, French Boulangerie and Big Tam the Butcher and never forget Makki and Ramen... oh my god you have everything on your door.


So as many of you know I gave up being a DJ and club promoter many years ago, and gave it all up to become a full time chef. My Son Rakhime Fawaz Malik took up an interest in music and began DJ’jing with what was left of my record collection. So I started a new night called “Stranger Things Have Happened”, the name mainly due to folks not expecting me to play again, but most of all teaching my son how to DJ and mix with no laptops. I’m so proud of him, my handsome amazing son, and for a Dad to stand back and watch him play and display DJ skillz at 20 years old with his Godfather Unkle Fawaz watching on, I was deeply touched and we became the Foundation of the Malik Family.

Now for the music ladies and gentleman, did you know I had a post-punk band called ‘Paper Cut Rock’, and that I’m a huge Beck, The Queens Of The Stone Age and Talking Heads fan, and I always get upset when folks have a misconception that black folks don’t like rock music. Man Music is music… embrace them all…. which takes us to this very special far out “Mixtape as Stranger Things Have Happened”…

You can find Joseph Malik here: 



1) Clarke - Secrets 

2) Talking Heads - Psyhcho Killer Live                                      

3) Tribe Called Quest - Space Program

4) Beck - Cellphones Dead                                                   

5) The Queens of the Stone Age – Mak It With Chu

6) Martina Topley Bird - Too Tuff To Die

7) Labrinth Misbehaving live                                                

8) Little Johnny - Im Shaking

9) Tommy Raye - You Don’t Love me

10) Ken Booth and Stranger Cole Artie Bella

11) Malik family Juice box beats

12) Jackie Mintoo - Juice Box

13) Stereo Total - Push It Real good

14) Hansome Boy Modeling School - Rock n Roll Could Never Hip Hop like this 

15) The Doors - Strange Days

16) Can - Vitamin C

17) Blackanized - Battle Beats

18) Kaytranada - Lite Spots

19) Joseph Malik - Diablo Fuana Flash vip mix

20) Da Posse - In of the Night (Acid Mix)

21) Super Discount - a 10 Balles

22) Miike Snow - Song For No One

23) Sparkle Hoarse feat Julian Casablancas - Little girl

24) Paper Cut Rock - Disorder Man

25) Whitey - When the Sun Goes Down

26) Kmart - She sells Sanctuary

27) De La Soul - Ain't Hip To Be Labeled A Hippie

28) Kamal The Abstract - Feeling

29) Anderson Paak - Put Me Thru

30) Ana Tijoux -1977

31) Mandril - Mango Meat

35) John Holt - Strangers Things

Joseph breaks the mixtape down....

1) CLARKE SECRETS – I’m spellbound by the production and my god that voice Martina has a sound  that wraps round your head and draws you in.


2) TALKING HEADS - PSYCHO KILLER  - I heard this on acid for the 1st time aged 13, and it was mind blowing. Me and my mates watched the live show on VHS, I loved the drum machines and the hi I’ve got a tape I want to play I’ve played this so many times all round the world as my 1st track and it makes folks take notice that there is  a DJ who takes risks.


3) TRIBE CALLED QUEST - SPACE PROGRAM - Ground breaking sonic sound waves and the greatest track they ever made. The lyrics “There Ain’t A Space Program For Niggers So Were Stuck Here”…. as a black man living in this fucked up world of race hate, it made me feel stronger.


4) BECK - CELLPHONES DEAD - I just simply love every album he has ever made. He has no fear of change, the vocal harmonies and percussion bring so much energy and my deep love of sci-fi samples make it too easy to add to the mix.


5) THE QUEENS OF THE STONEAGE - MAK IT WITH CHU - I went on a date after being alone for a very long time. I’m a sucker for romance and we kissed to this track when it came on, and it’s been in my head and my DJ sets still to this day. 


6) MARTINA TOPLEY BIRD - TOO TUFF TO DIE – I’m just so in love with her voice and yeah black folks can make rock music. I really like the mix of blues and dub in this production.


7) LABRINTH - MISSBEHAVIN - The mix of Ray Charles meets electro just rocks my world and I don’t think this ever came out.


8) LITTLE - JOHNNY IM SHAKING - As covered by the White Stripes, this never leaves my record bag.


9) TOMMY RAYE - YOU DON’T LOVE ME - Another version of ‘No No No’ and a ska rnb killer i have to give thanks to Kyles and the villager bar crew for this one, it was on repeat on every set back in the early days.


10) KEN BOOTH AND STRANGER COLE - ARTIE BELLA - As a young rude boy back in the late 70s early 80s I bought this on 7 inch from my paper round money, and dreamed of one day being a DJ, which came true with my 1st gig at 14years old playing my aunties wedding.


11) MALIK FAMILY - JUICE BOX EDIT - Having a studio as a DJ gives you the edge to create other versions the hype up the dance floor and make other DJs go what the fuck is that ?.


12) JACKIE MINTOO - JUICE BOX - The sample of juice box which I play back to back, the true art form of a real DJ, I also give thanks to the soul jazz records family who hook me up with promos over the years. 


13) STEREO TOTAL - PUSH IT REAL GOOD - This one is for all the hard working chefs.

14) HANDSOMEBOY MODELING SCHOOL - ROCK AND ROLL COULD NEVER HIP HOP LIKE THAT - My main man Prince Paul sums up the sound of ‘Stranger Things Have Happened’…. that blend of rock and hip hop - the odd ball beats for late night freaks. 


15) THE DOORS - STRANGE DAYS - The psychedelic plays a huge part of my playlist the far out the strange the things you don’t expect to hear.


16) CAN - VITAMIN C - I play 2 copies of this back to back just before “The Hey You’ drops on the record, I love the anger and energy.


17) BLACKANIZED - BATTLE BEATS - This came me out on a double LP in the 90s. No major would touch it due to the star wars samples, we spent weeks on the drums, that when played out…. rocked every sound system I played on….. tougher than tuff.


18) KAYTRANADA - LITE SPOTS - Dam I love this kid and his sound is just so fresh, with the mix of Brazil meets hip-hop meets house not house.


19) JOSEPH MALIK - DIABLO (FAUNA FLASH VIP REMIX) - This was the bomb when it dropped and my 1st German number one record.  I gave copies to my techno and house DJ mates and went along to hear them play it, and holy fuck it rocked ….with that acid meets tango - a sound that had never been made before. 


20) DA POSSE - IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (ACID MIX) - The Black Madonna dropped this in a set and it took me back to the early days of the Sub Club in Glasgow 1988. I had to search hard for this record, and we showed that our night had an electronic side, not just old-skool hip-hop, ska, funk and rock and roll. 

21) SUPER DISCOUNT - A 10 BALLES  - Le cheeky wee French number as you know i love skits 


22) MIIKE SNOW - SONG FOR NO ONE - These dudes are super cool producers who make music for pop stars, I love the indie meets funk feel on the drums and guitar. 


23) SPARKLE HOARSE  FEAT JULIAN CASABLANCAS  - LITTLE GIRL - Can you see where we are going now on our musical journey ? Indie meets hip-hop and produced by Danger Mouse, the modern version of Prince Paul. 


24) PAPER CUT ROCK - DISORDER MAN - Did you know that I had a post-punk band back in the day ? i grew weary of being a soul man, and wanted to be something else. This is produced by Reachout in Leith and guitar by Rossco, this never came out and I’m happy to get a chance at last to share it with you. 


25) WHITEY - WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN - My music bro Reachout turned me on to this amazing producer, art deco indie rock - so graceful and a big influence on me. 


26) KMART - SANCTUARY - I really like strange cover versions and this is super rare.


27) DE LA SOUL – AIN’T HIP TO BE LABELED A HIPPIE - I Can’t explain just how much this record means to me and my son. Our deep love of De La Soul with that crazy …what’s going to happen’ next sound from the 1st album gave me the idea for our night. 


28) KAMAL THE ABSTRACT - FEELING - I got a promo of this in 2002 and the album never came out due the record company not digging Q-Tip’s rock sound. He was brave and fearless, and it came out many years later. A true master well ahead of the game.


29) ANDERSON PAAK - PUT ME THRU  - This song helped me get through the hardest break up of my life.


30 ANA TIJOUX - 1977 - This is one of Ashley Bibby’s favourite tracks of all time. 

31) MANDRILL - MANGO MEAT - So I didn’t see my Unkle Fawaz for 10 years and this is one of his fave records, and the sample for the Jungle Brothers for those that know, 


32) JOHN HOLT - STRANGE THINGS - I was a rasta when I was 19 living in London going to ‘Jah Shaka’ dub nights when I heard this for the 1st time, and it’s the last track on this spectrum of sounds that are Stranger Things Have Happened.