This week we welcome Tony Justice to the DuskDubs family....

"I have put together a selection of tracks that cover past and present. Some are tracks that started me on my musical journey, others I have hunted out along the way. Some have been a revelation and others just uplifting.There is a diversity amongst the tracks chosen all held together, in the main, with a thread of jazz.

Hope you dig it."

You can find him HERE



1) Johnny Hammond - Back to the Projects

This is from the Gamblers Life LP which features and is produced by the Mizell brothers. Quite frankly this whole session could have quite easily become a homage to the brothers Mizell as my love for their sound is great. They have that signature sound which just lifts you up, which is perfect and as music should do.


2) Bo Diddley - Bad side of the Moon

I love these LP’s where the true originators hit the 1970’s and made a funky LP. It is documented that when Muddy Waters did Electric Mud he wasn’t feeling it at the time. I don’t know if he changed his mind or what Bo thought of this, but it’s a really funky outing with some great breaks, weird interludes and Bo doing his thing.


3) Tangerine Dream - Cloudburst Flight

I first got into TD when I was heavily involved in the drum and bass scene and their LP’s were always a great source for sampling. Very electronic in places with a mixture of acoustic instruments this track builds up into some great riffs and a nice straight beat. It verges on the 1980’s theme tune vibe, which the Dream have been known to write also.


4) Duke Ellington - Didjeridoo

I heard this whilst I was driving along one evening in the not too distant past. The break just got me from the start and I had to pull the motor over and listen. It finished, the DJ said what it was and before I could get my seatbelt back on, it had been purchased from Discogs.


5) The Summit - Erno’s Theme

The world I musically inhabit these days involves a lot of hip hop instrumentals of one vibe or another. This is on the laidback jazzy one and is by DJ Drinks going under his The Summit guise. It’s taken from the LP Nocturnes and is more than worth hunting down if you can.


6) The Mothers Of Invention - My Guitar wants to kill your Mama

An amalgamation of madness from Frank Zappa and co. Really hard to pin it down to any one thing, which is what I like. Its funky, mad, a bit weird, what’s not to love.


7) Break The Limits - Nectarine

I first hear this tune coming out of my radio in 1990. It was being played on a local pirate station and was the start of something. I was a hip-hop boy whose ears were being pricked by this new break injected music. This was about a year before I first went into a studio and looking back is probably one of the defining moments for my early productions which would eventually lead to embryonic drum and bass.


8) Roy Ayers And Wayne Henderson - No Deposit, No Return

I have said it before, I could happily listen to just Roy Ayers all day long. Roy just has that killer vibe and the key changes are to die for plus its funky as hell. Roy and Wayne teamed up for an LP and this is lifted from that LP. It’s a great jazz funk moment and it’s a lot of the stuff that I listen to now which falls across the ‘Jazz’ genre or related.


9) Jonzun Crew - Pack Jam (Look out for the OVC)

This is where it all really started for me, first heard this on the incredible Crucial Electro 2, which I purchased on tape from a provincial Boots or Woolworths. The first real music purchase I made contained this track. The whole thing was next level to my 11-year-old ears. This is a 12inch cut that I turned up last year in California.


10) Floating points - Peroration 6

This is a more contemporary lick. I became aware of FP via Peterson’s 6 music show and purchased the LP on the back of that. It’s all different styles some housey, some beaty, some ambient wash business but all with a common strand. This one builds into a crescendo.


11) Arthur Verocai - Presenta Gregor

This is off his grail LP of the same name. A superior repressing of the original which changes hands for big dough. Anyway, it’s not the money that’s important this whole LP is the bomb, I could have just played the whole album. The hype sticker on the front mentions Madlib saying he could probably listen to this everyday forever, he isn’t lying.


13) Catalin Tircolea - Sesame Street

I was at a record fair last year and the guy who was flicking through the jazz next to me said “have you heard this”?  To be fair I thought he was taking the piss because the dude on the sleeve had a big set of pan pipes. But to be fair I think his take on this cut is pretty good as with all his other renditions. Do judge a cover by its pan pipes.


14) A Certain Ratio - Shack Up

A cover of Banbarra’s Shack Up by Factory Records Punk Funk merchants ACR. The original is a breakbeat sample standard but I really love ACR’s slightly irreverent take on it too.


15) Armed Dukes - Stokey

Towards the end of last year, I was lucky enough to release an LP called Quadrant through my MUJ label. It was a stellar hip-hop instrumental affair by these guys who are DJ Drinks and Joe Cain. It’s a remarkable piece of work and this is one of the tracks from it.


16) Suburban Knight - The Warning

I have a great love for Detroit techno, the label Underground Resistance and also the guy making the noises on this release, Suburban Knight. It’s a winning trio in my mind and the Techno that has come out of Detroit has always been a major influence to me and has inspired many of my productions over the years.


17) The Osmonds - War in Heaven

This is from an LP called The Plan by of all people The Osmonds. This is them doing a Psych rock style LP which is well worth hunting down or bagging if you see it in the field. This is the intro to the LP and kind of covers everything you are going to hear. The Osmonds are much maligned but this is a great LP, their Crazy Horses is a mad record too and the LP Love Me for A Reason is full of breaks.



18) Sun Ra - Where Pathways Meet

More jazz, this time from the interstellar, space travelling Sun Ra. This is one of his more straightened out pieces and is just killer. No real noodling just pure Sun Ra distilled into one hell of a track. Solid drum and percussion work, incredible sax and sublime key work. My favourite Sun Ra piece.


19) Shuggie Otis - XL 30

This is Psychedelic soul man Shuggie doing what sounds to me house music back in 1974. I became aware of this track when I bought a repress of Inspiration Information around the year 2000. An incredible track for the time and totally off whack with anything else on the LP, a proper curve ball.