This week we welcome, legendary DJ Colin Dale to the Dusk Dubs family.....

It all began in 1982 when Colin who was then working as a banker in the city of London began to warm up for Hip-Hop supremo "Tim Westwood" at the cult Gossips nightclub in Soho playing cuts like Soul Sonic Force, Strafe, Shannon and Donna Summer. “"Steve Walsh didn't turn up at Gossip that night and Tim asked me to do his spot, and it just started from there.  I remember thinking and being amazed that I could make such and such amounts of money for spinning records, really enjoy it, and it wasn't hard work or getting my hands dirty.

In 1985 Colin was one of the key members of the pirate radio station Kiss FM and soon after left banking to pursue a career in music and the "Abstrakt Dance" radio show was born. For 16 years "Abstrakt Dance" was a ground-breaking show which quite simply bought Techno to the masses. Guests on the show included all the Underground Resistance crew, Hawtin, Angel, Pullen, Garnier, Saunderson, Craig, May, Cox......the list goes on and on.. the show was put on the internet in 1993 and Colin became a household name in Techno circles Worldwide. It was the first ever Techno show to be transmitted live with visuals and it was revolutionary. 

It was around this time that Colin teamed up with Brenda Russell and Colin Faver to do the "Deep Space" series of clubs in London which again saw the team take London's Techno scene to new highs. Other club nights that Colin has been involved in include Electric Boogie, Vapour Space, Deep and Jelly. 

Colin helped launch Knowledge at the SW1 Club in Victoria, London on Wednesday with Colin Faver and Jane Howard of Serious Business. It quickly became one of London's biggest mid-week clubs dedicated to the 'Abstract Sound'. He has been able to take his sound worldwide to San Francisco, New York, Washington, Japan and Toronto. He has toured with Jesus Jones and travelled extensively throughout Europe, especially Germany. 

Production wise Colin has recorded for Perfecto on their very first LP, Obsessive, Logic, Sensei, Visitor, Abstrakt Dance, Swag, Laus and Alien Funk amongst others as well as 7 well received mix compilation LPs for various major record labels. (see discography*) As well as being a regular guest at clubs such as Fabric, Rex, Pasha (Buenos Aires) and Love (Brazil)


Colin has toured the Worlds clubs extensively.....Japan, China, Russia, Australia and Eastern Europe.........Colin is a favourite the World over. Looking back Colin has played some of the Worlds best parties.....Dance Valley, Full Moon, Tribal Gathering, Sunrise, Energy, Love Parade, Automatik and of course Rage @ Heaven. 

Colin continues to DJ at all the major clubs and events pushing his Tech, Minimal and Electro House sound with occasional injections of classics from the past. 


You can find him HERE

"I've been a collector of music for more than 40 years now so in all honesty when it came to getting the tracks together I didn't know where to start as over the years I've followed Disco, Soul & Funk, the UK Jazz funk movement, Boogie, Electro, House & Acid and more. The backbone of all the above

music is that they all have a strong dance that was made to be heard in clubs.

I started clubbing seriously around the age of 15 and was also a hardcore collector of vinyl as well. Back then you could pick up great albums that had been deleted and had the right hand corner cut off..... you could pick them up for a fraction of the cover cost. I'd frequent record shops like Groove records in Soho, City Sounds, Bluebird, Red and Tony's record shop which was in the entrance of Brixton Tube Station.

Back in the day, it was all about Spats, Gossips, Electric Ballroom, 100 club, Crackers, Lyceum, Maximus, Cheeky Pete's, Wandsworth Town Hall and a whole host of others Clubs. Back then it was all about 'Boogie' music for me......tougher edged soul/funk made purely to dance to. 


I've chosen these tracks as I was heavily into dancing as well as playing these sounds in my early 20's. It was also a time that lots of pirate stations were

flourishing in London, there were fantastic warehouse parties and the music was so great that we still talk about it in hallowed terms today in 2017.

Here are some of my favourite's from back then, which have stood the test

of time, and I still play and revere today."

Colin Dale



1) Leo's Sunshipp - Give Me The Sunshine 

2) Brenda Russell - In The Thick Of It 

3) Eighties Ladies - Turned On To You 

4) Edwin Birdsong - Rapper Dapper Snapper 

5) Love Unlimited - High Steppin' Hip Dressin' Fellaa 

6) The Keith Diamond Band - The Dip 

7) Bernard Wright - Spinnin' 

8) Oneness of Juju - Every Way But Loose 

9) Exit 9 - Straight Up 

10) Leroy Burgess – Heartbreaker 

11) Dayton - The Sound Of Music 

12) Candido - Thousand Finger Man 

13) Narada Michael Walden - The Dance Of Life 

14) Minnie Riperton - Inside My Love 

15) Rotary Connection - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun 

16) Milton Wright - Keep It Up 

17) Gaz - Sing Sing 

18) Stargard - Which Way Is Up 

19) Starshine - All I Need Is You 

20) Leroy Hutson - Closer To The Source 

21) Inner Life & Jocelyn Brown - Moment Of My Life