This week we welcome back Mr. Mat Hoods to the Dusk Dubs family.....

"Late nights ebb away on the early morning tide, familiar shapes and patterns ripple over sand washed in harmony with the ocean. I’ve left my studio, the records, the music and taken myself a few streets away to sit by the sea, reflect on my time as an ambivalent spectator on my fortieth revolution around the sun.


In previous mixes I focused on the transition between sunsets to early evening, the shifts in sounds and anticipation of things to come. With this mix I wanted a more 5am feel, those slow hours before dawn when the conversations drift off into listening to music with a story. And what a story…


So I looked back at the foundations of my musical influences. From folk music to synthesisers and the rest all jumbled up with it. Find a good spot, immerse yourself and hit play. Works really well about 24 minutes before sunrise for full synchronisation."



You can find him HERE:




1: Lani Hall - Wherever I May Find Him (A&M 1972)


Taken from Lani Hall‘s awesome debut album, Sun Down Lady. It was difficult to decide which track to include as they all pretty special but I settled upon her version of Simon & Garfunkel - For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her, a track I grew up listening to thanks to my mum.



2. Jackson C Frank - Blues Run The Game (Columbia 1965)


More Paul Simon influence here with the beautifully melancholy song by Jackon C Frank. I won’t go into his life here, but its safe to say experiences are reflected in music. I’d always been familiar with the Simon & Garfunkel version, then later Bert Jansch and Nick Drake’s versions. It is the original version that has stayed with my soul the longest.



3. Kings Of Convenience - Summer On The Westhill (Source 2001)


I love the cello in this song, slowly rising and genteelly lulling you away from slumber. Taken from their 2001 lp, Quiet Is The New Loud.



4. John Martyn - Go Down Easy (Island Records 1973)


I couldn’t leave John Martyn out of this mix. I first heard his music when I was around fifteen years old, with worn out cassette recordings of Solid Air, London Conversation and Sunday’s Child. Thankfully adult me replaced these with original vinyl pressings. This one is taken from the Australian pressing of Solid Air.



5. The Doobie Brothers - Flying Cloud (Warner Bros. Records 1974)


A short but nothing short of perfect track from The Doobie Brothers transitioning away from my folk music influences and more into synthesizer led territory.



6. Barefoot Jerry - Friends (Warner Bros. Records  1972)


This record is a sure fire winner for any gig. Taken from their 1972 self titled LP. I think it may have been Balearic Mike that put me onto this one… Definitely needs some fader adjustment half way through the record though, gets a bit loud at the end



7. Moonlight - Am I Really Here (Warner Bros. Records  1977)


Can’t tell you much about this record apart from I found it in a job lot (around 2000 7” singles) I purchased from a collector. They had been badly stored and most without sleeves. I did however find some gems in there like this one. I can say they were a psych rock band from Australia and this was a B side. Was reissued on a comp of Australian psych rock earlier this year.



8. Roslyn & Charles - Everything Must Change (Cheri Records 1981)


You are probably more familiar with George Benson’s version but here is a stunning gospel version by Roslyn & Charles. I bought this record from a dealer in a car park in Levenshulme after asking him to  bring me any gospel he finds. Beautifully uplifting, the prefect early morning record if you don’t mind people singing about religion. There are some great tracks on that LP. 



9. Maxine Nightingale - Get It Up For Love (United Artists 1977)


Here is a track that manages to bridge the gap between Ned Doheny’s original and Tata Vega’s excellent disco version. Maxine Nightingale’s slunk out sleazy version of Get It Up For Love. Perfect late night tackle



10. Willis Alan Ramsey - Muskrat Candlelight (A&M Records 1972)


My soul is in love with this song. I’ve known America’s version for years but only heard the original a few months after moving to New Zealand.  The backing vocals and mellow Vibraphone are provided by Leon Russell. Incidentally Lani Hall did her own version of this song with her husband Herb Alpert called Sun Down, it omit’s the joys of a Muskrat’s courtship display though…



11. Destroyer - Bay Of Pigs (Dead Oceans 2014)


Hauntingly poetic, Destroyer’s ode to a life derailed by drink. Quite possibly what a collaboration between Dylan Thomas and Delia Derbyshire would have sounded like. One of my treasured vinyl pressings and many thanks to my good friend Matt Crane for seeing it and buying it for me.



12. Kauai High Jazz Rock Ensemble - Peace On Earth (RPC)


An Incredible recording! Full credit to Roger Bong for finding this one. A High School band from Lihue, Hawaii. Someone needs to repress this album, if this track is anything to judge by…



13.  Art Of The Memory Palace - Your Soul Is Not A Bird (Static Caravan Recordings



And we close the mix with a track by a very talented friend of mine. Your Soul Is Not A Bird is an orchestral-drone collaboration by Art Of The Memory Palace and author, playwright and poet, James Robertson. Enjoy this one, its an absolute masterpiece in music and storytelling.