This week we have the pleasure of welcoming Nick Woodmansey to the Dusk Dubs family.

Nick is a drummer / percussionist, producer and DJ whose musical output has been filling the record boxes of some of the most prominent selectors on the London and worldwide scene. As a producer he has worked with some of the best, Soundspecies, Matthew Halsall, Four Tet & Floating Points, Jesica Lauren, RocketnumbernineZara McFarlane, Finn Peters and Ahmed Abdullah being just some of them. During the last 9 years or so, his main focus has been his wonderful space-jazz project 'Emanative', which most recently released the killer single "Ominous Shanti/Black Enchantment" 7", which is still available HERE.

Nick explains what's next for Emanative........

"I'm working on a new record for Jazzman records. This will be released early next year and involves a whole bunch of amazing musicians and artists many of whom i've been working with for quite a few years now.

I wanted to do a mix that acknowledges and shines a light on them as individuals. They also happen to be good friends and very cool people.


Big love to the Emanative band !"




You can find him HERE



1) Jessica Lauren - Ajua


Ajua - taken from Jessica Lauren's beautiful soundscape of an album 'Film'.

 I first heard this piece before we started working together, and I knew I wanted us to explore more of this side of her playing.

Analog synth and tape delay heaven! All because of this we've ended up creating so much mad crazy shit as well as serene and spatial jazz just like this next Jessica Lauren Four track...


2) Jessica Lauren - White Mountain

White Mountain is another of my favourite Jessica tracks, this one is deep and cinematic, with upright bass and layers upon layers of killer percussion. It's been impossible to ever tire of this one, it still takes me out there! She has a mind-bendingly good new album coming out early next year on Freestyle Records.


3) Rocketnumbernine - Black And Blue

Black and Blue is taken from the Rocketnumbernine EP with Steel Drummer on it... love everything brothers Ben and Tom Page do with their 'live' synth versus drums experiments. Tom is also a fellow trustee of the Steve Reid Foundation, and he knew and hung out with drummer Steve Reid himself.

Ben has collaborated with me before on our 'Over EP'. We've been working on some new stuff for the new record, some subtle and tasty electronics in his signature style. We also worked together on a forthcoming remix for Tommaso Cappellato.


4) Collocutor - Everywhere (Radio Edit)

Everywhere is my favourite from the most recent Collocutor album 'The Search', and I found out the other night that it's also one of Tamar Osborn's, whilst we were playing records at Brilliant Corners. For me it has an almost underlying and implied hip-hop attitude, whithout the obviousness of heavy beats.


5) Collocutor - Gozo

Gozo is taken from the first Collocutor album Instead, the conga's on this always sound so amazing to me. A percussion extravaganza, with the most amazing horns taking influence from Indian, Arabic, African and Classical music all at the same time. I remember Tamar telling me she was writing and working on some of her own material whilst we were having a coffee break during rehearsals for playing at Dingwalls with Gilles Peterson and Patrick Forge. Next thing I heard, she had been in and recorded it and wanted me to help produce and mix the record. Both of these tracks also feature Suman Joshi on bass, as does this next one...


6) Dele Sosimi (feat. Prince Fatty & Nostalgia 77)  - Dance Together (Dub)

Dele Sosimi's Dance Together (Dub) is an amazing dubbed out afrobeat track (been in my record bag ever since I was given a copy by Dom Servini / Wah Wah 45s) Tamar and Suman both play for Dele, they both have that discipline and soul that you only get from playing these kind of heavy and intensive grooves for hours at these late night sessions. I have invited the man himself to join us on a collaboration for a kind of Afro Jazz inspired piece for the record, so fingers crossed!


7) Sarathy Korwar - Lost Parade

Lost Parade is Sarathy Korwar getting spacey with his Tabla and effects. Taken from his debut album for Ninja Tune. Love this!


8) Hector Plimmer - Shiver (Sarathy Korwar Remix)

Sarathy has recently done this killer remix of Shiver by Hector Plimmer (released by Albert's Favourites) They are both awardee's of Steve Reid Foundation funding and mentorship, and both very well deserving and productive ever since that point. Both have done beautiful and classic cutting edge albums.

Sarathy is playing mainly percussion on my new record, but we got him on my drums for a track too, a serious kit drummer!


9) Vince Vella - Cosmic Dog (Beatless)

Cosmic Dog is from one of my other percussionists of choice for this album. Vince Vella, a producer and percussionist with a deep knowledge and understanding of Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and Tropical rhythms. Love his vibe and creativeness as a percussionist, and he's a bad-ass DJ as well, we've done some good nights together.

Philip Harper is the other bad man percussionist that i'm always so happy to have on board.


10) The Pyramids - Nebulosity

Nebulosity is from the main man Idris Ackamoor of the Pyramids. We're talking about doing another collaboration together, and as long as the stars allign and permit the barriers of space and time to disintegrate and allow this to happen i'm sure this will be as good as the last time, when we did Pharoah Sanders' Hum Allah together also featuring another legend, percussionist Kenneth Nash. I love The Pyramids to death. We were lucky enough to do a couple of gigs supporting them at Cafe Oto last year, the guys are all so chilled out that it made for such a cool and creative vibe.


11) Liz Elensky - Distractions

Distractions is a track for I produced for Liz Elensky. It also features Jessica, Tamar and myself. I'm happy to say there will be more coming soon from Liz, on the new album as well as some of her solo material with myself and Geoff Woolley. Been too long since we heard her voice on something. Very excited about this.


12) Ahu - To: Love. (Dimlite Remix)

I'm really happy to say that we have Ahu singing with us once again. This track To: Love. she did with Dimlite is still mindblowing, as is another classic collab she did...


13) Flying Lotus - RobertaFlack (feat. Ahu)

RobertaFlack with Flying Lotus... It's nice to be working on something new with her. It's been a while since Turn Your Lights On made it's way onto a Brownswood Bubblers compilation.


14) Ben Hadwen/Emanative  - Oshi Ga Puri

Ben Hadwen's Oshi Ga Puri is a track I produced for him earlier this year. I love everything Ben touches, for example his horn arrangement on Turn Your Lights On. This recent Bass Clarinet jam was really fun.


15) Emanative - Interstellar Outerlude

On the subject of Ben's horn arrangements... this is a little interlude (or rather outerlude) he created for our first album Space.