This week we welcome Grant Williams to the DuskDubs family....


Eclectic's main man Grant Williams digs into his record bag and provides us with a very personal selection of tracks that have excited Grant and have been significant to him over the years.

You can find him HERE


1) The Aloof - Never Get Out of the Boat (Gosh Mix) 

This track reminds me of going to Flying Records Parties in 1990-91 A stone cold classic... love it and it still holds it's own.


2) Steve Miller Band – Fly like an Eagle

This one always a winner when we used to go up 'The old Man's' Ian's house was a place we could hang out get pissed on his Vodka and listen to his record collection.. He was a Jazz drummer and played in the Sex-clip joints in the 50's.. I learnt a lot about music from from him.. This ones for you Ian. And the lyrics are just about right Man.


3) Eric B. & Rakim - Eric B. Is President

I remember truly being (thinking I was) a BeBoy Graff, Breaking, Popping, Mike Allen on Capital radio, Electro Albums…. Those days!! Haha..  Anyways this is one I remember learning all the lyrics for and would RAP it to my mate Wayne Baileys 'Beat Boxing'. I was ready to battle I promise..!!!


4) Frances Ashman – Pandora

This one features in Gary Oldman’s film 'Nil by Mouth' as you probably know portrays the in's and outs of a sick and twisted family system set in South London.. This track is so melancholic and haunting, I've always loved it and still gives me goose bumps, even now whilst listening…


5) Ryhe – The Fall (Maurice Fulton remix)

It's a great great edit…Funky Disco vibes…. I just really like it is all.


6) First Choice – Let no Man put us under (Knuckles)

An all-time classic. I had a copy of the original 12” which had the Acapella on the b-side. I miss that record ha! It got taken by a scorned ex-girlfriend of a pal.. He owed her £100 and she took about 100 of his records including a few of mine.. Believe me I've thought a few times of hunting her down over the last 20 years!!!!


7) Conroy Smith – Dangerous

I can't say I grew up in Aylesbury, I think I'm only just starting to do that now! Aylesbury is Multi Cultural town and some of the Jamaican families that came over in the 50's brought with them Reggae and Blues parties. This got plenty of 'Rewind!!!!' at the blues in the basement at the Pinnocks house on the Bicester road. More time in the dance.


8) St Etienne – Only love can break your heart ( A mix of two halves)

Need I say more?


9) Primal Scream – Higher than the Sun

A rock band that made the Rock-Dance cross over actually work. The album came out when the Club culture I was into was in it's full swing. A time of total Hedonism for me. I remember listening to this once and being taken somewhere 'Higher than the Sun'. It may have something to do with the type of Cigarettes I was smoking. Screamadelica plus the Summer of 1991 equalled a few more messy years ahead.  No Regrets!


10) Bosq - Tumbalá feat. Tempo Alomar (Auntie Flo Remix)

This is a current favourite of mine.... I heard it for the first time at Alfresco Festival this year.. It was part of Amp + Deck's set on the 'We Are The Sunset' stage.. Auntie Flo making his magic here man... Love it...


11) Charlie Rich – The most beautiful Girl.

This one goes out to my Dad… R.I.P.


12) Steely Dan – Black Cow


I just wanted to end on a mellow tip..

Well there's a few tunes that have shaped, bring memories, I love… Its hard to select a few.. I've enjoyed putting this together thanks for asking me, I hope I've done Dusk Dubs Justice, Enjoy.