This weekend we have the pleasure of welcoming author and musical aficionado Sanjiv Ahluwalia to the Dusk Dubs family.

"This is my first mix in over ten years and I wanted to ensure it was firstly on point and secondly, highlight the wide array of brilliant new music being produced. Brilliant new music which I’ve tried to shine a light on through my recent book, The Secret List - London; a guide book/travelogue to London’s independent record shops. The premise of the mix, reflected in the title, is an alternative to the dystopian outlook of the future in popular culture. My vision, represented in the mix, is a more positive outlook where even in an automated, digital world, the simple and wonderful thing of singing a lullaby to a child still remains precious.


The music then ranging from the classical overtures of the Brussels Philharmonic Orchestra to the disjointed beats of FYI Chris is about an innovative, current music scene which just maybe might soundtrack a lullaby to a digital child sometime in the future."

Enjoy.... Sanjiv

You can find him HERE



1) Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bolerisch (From "Femme Fatale") 

2) Jason Rebello - Salad Days 

3) Christian Scott - The Eraser 

4) Jeff Parker - Executive Life 

5) Joe Armon-Jones & Maxwell Owin - Tanner's Tango ft. Nubya Garcia 

6) The Necks - 10% 

7) Pharoahs - Rinse Dreams 

8) OMD - This Is Helena 

9) 69 - If Mojo Was AM 

10) FYI Chris - How To Ruin The World 

11) Scott Grooves - DENEB 

12) Model 500 - Night Drive (Time, Space, Transmat) 

13) Aybee - DSHIX 

14) Byron The Aquarius  - Nights In Jakarta 

15) Roots Manuva - Next Type Of Emotion 

16) Kraftwerk - Computer World 2