For this week’s mixtape, we welcome DJ, Producer and broken beat don Alex Phountzi to the Dusk Dubs family.

As a writer, producer and remixer, Alex has consistently been at the fore front of some of the most forward-thinking music, as a member of the 'Bugz In The Attic' crew, 'Neon Phusion', 'Greenmoney' and most recently, alongside IG Culutre with 'NameBrandSound'.

2017 saw the official return of the 'CoOp' moniker with Alex heavily involved as part of the Selectors Assemble Collective, a growing collective of DJ's producers, artists, movers and shakers that assist projects connected with CoOp Presents and beyond. 

Alex has forthcoming material on the new Selectors Assemble EPs coming soon on the CoOp Presents label. Check their previous release: CoOp presents: Selectors Assemble on First World Records, and their monthly 'Selectors Assemble' Radio show on Giles Peterson's Worldwide Radio.

As expected, Alex provides a scorching personal selection for his Dusk Dubs volume.

"I took this literally so this isn’t a definitive list or anything like that, just a collection of tracks that I would play at this time in the heat.


It’s the beginning of January 2018, so this is for the escapists…"

Alex can be found HERE


1. Eprom - Pentatonic Dust
2. Beat Spacek - Alone In Da Sun
3. Mala - Alicia
4. JD Reid - Hawaii
5. Kendrick Lamar - Momma
6. Mandrill - Moroccan Nights
7. Herbie Hancock - Bubbles
8. Banda Black Rio - Caminho Da Roca
9. JR Bailey - After Hours
10. Leon Ware - Phantom Lover
11. Pete Rock - Play Dis Only At Night
12. Aswad - Hey Jah Children
13. Dale Jacobs Group - A Last Look At The Summer