This week we welcome, Producer, DJ, Promoter, Engineer and all round Vinyl Junky Daz-I-Kue to the Dusk Dubs family, who presents the music that.... 'makeith the man'.

1970: Daz is given his first vinyl record “I Want You Back” by the Jackson 5. This is the start of his addiction to vinyl and to this day he continues to suffer from pure vinyl junk/ism… no cure found yet!

1979: At the age of 14, he forms the Funbunch Sound System with an old school friend, Dennis Grey. The first gig they book is at an all-girls school- a great gig!!

1980 - 1988: Promotes a number of successful parties hosted by the likes of Trevor Nelson, Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson and Norman Jay! 1989: The Funbunch Sound System lands itself a gig at the legendary Notting Hill Carnival and is still rockin’ the spot to this current day- bigger and better than ever!

1991 - 1992: Enrolls at the London School of Engineering to learn more about the technical side of the creating music. There is where he develops his love of music production! With the help of his friends, Daz formally begins his production career by financially investing in the purchase of industry-level music production equipment. He soon releases his first vinyl bootleg mega mix entitled, “Daz Mix Parts 1 & 2” (It was a big hit in Brooklyn apparently!) and then follows it up with his official debut 12” single entitled, “Daz Jazz”- with great support from radio, music magazines & DJ’s worldwide.

1993 - 1995: Meets the infamous Noodles of the Groove Chronicles and becomes his sound engineer alongside his production partner,Wonder. Daz goes on to engineer a jungle/drum & bass remix project in the Soul II Soul studios. Daz is contracted as an in-house sound engineer for the indie dance label, Slip ‘n Slide Records via his connections to Noodles & Wonder. In his work with Slip ‘n Slide, Daz meets Orin Walters aka Afronaut & the mighty Phil Asher. Releases a 12” single with BB Boogie entitled, “Fire” on Slip ‘n Slide’s sub-label, Basement 282. Daz’s also engineer’s for Orin’s Mousetrap & Monkey Funk labels, not long after he meets IG Culture.

1996 - 1998: Works as an in-house engineer for ToTo Productions in Brixton where he meets & works with Danny J. Lewis and Don Ricardo. (Note: Both artists are later featured on Afronaut LP project & Bugz in the Attic LP.) & a very young Matt Lord (Note: Daz later gets Matt to become a member of Bugz in the Attic). Alongside Don Ricardo and two other collaborators, Daz forms the U.S.S.O. (Urban Street Soul Orchestra) and releases two 12”singles. Becomes one of the founding members of the DNB outfit with the Invaderz with Matt Lord & Daryl James. Daz links up with good friends Bunny Bread & Steve Austin to form the old skool DJ crew, Soul Masters. Soon after Daz is a member in creating Uprock, a respected group of like-minded musicians, artists, DJs & performers with a network of fans all over the UK & Europe. Uprock is still hosting phenomenal house parties, soca & zouk jams in West London and holding down a residency called ‘Jazz Refreshed’.

1998 - 2005: Works with the crew Da Funkstarz, alongside Danny J. Lewis and creates a number of notable remix releases. Hooks up with Alex Arnaut of the Dread Poets to form the ‘Da Lunarticz and releases a few 12”s under that alias. Joins the Bugz in the Attic crew and never looks back… well, only a couple for times to peek over his shoulder. He works non-stop, full on 24-7/365 in a production mode remixing & engineering several projects. The Bugz, as a collective settle into their new residency at the Co-Op club in London with Orin aka Afronaut & Daz I Kue on a fortnightly basis also featuring Seiji, Alex Phountzi, Mark Force & Kaidi Tatham. In Addition, his production work on Ends Productions “Are You Really From The Ends?” widely seen as one of the tracks that pioneered the grime scene.

2005 – 2006: Daz plays an integral role in the production of the Co-Op Miami/WMC parties- 2006, 2007 & 2008. Bugz in the Attic release the magnificent, “Got the Bug” remix LP on Virgin’s V2 label to a massive critical acclaim- everyone loves the Bugz! The Co-Op party wins the Best Club Event award at the first-ever Gilles Peterson Worldwide Awards & Bugz in the Attic earns the Best Single award for “Booty La La”…. Whew! What a year!

2006 - 2007: Co-production of the debut Bugz in the Attic LP- “Back in the Doghouse,” forms the Bugz in the Attic Live band & tours extensively world-wide: USA, Japan, Australia and Europe. 2007 - 2008: The Co-Op party wins Best Club Event at the Gilles Peterson’s BBC Worldwide Awards- again!!! Daz moves from the UK and settles in Atlanta, GA. 


Partnering with Khari Cabral Simmons (Jiva/India Arie) and Julius Speed (Anane/Wamdue Project) has worked with some ATL's and US's finest talent including Kenya, Donnie, Trina Broussard, Anthony David, Avery Sunshine, Rhonda Thomas, Heston, Kai Alce, DJ Kemit to name a few.

2009: Completion of a five-year labor of love, the Joy Jones “Nappy Child” LP project- forthcoming on Future Soul Records. Be sure to check it out!


Currently he has completed his BB Boogie project, which is released on R2 Records, who had Osunlade, Bobbito and Karizma on their roster. Also he’s putting the finishing production and mixdown touches on the Julie Dexter album.

You can find Daz HERE:


1) Donald Byrd & 125th Street NYC - Love Has Come Around

Track thatʼs on par with anything Dr Byrd done with the Mizell Bros, this tune is so uplifting not surprising with Isaac Hayes at the production helm.

2) Level 42 - Starship

This group w#s the soundtrack to my secondary school days, which united my whole 6th form into music#l family to this day. UKʼs Jazz-Funk movement royalty.

3) Fun Boy Three - Faith, Hope & Charity

Typically British but still funky as fuck. If you werenʼt at any of the warehouse raves in London back in the late 80sʼ and donʼt know about this tune, then you werenʼt there. From members of my fave 2Tone band The Specials. Not bad what originally was the BʼSide to “Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum”.

4) Investigators - Baby Iʼm Yours

Proper UK Lovers Rock, brings back great memories of the house parties I went to with this one.

5) Mr Fingers - What About This Love

Larry Heard was a true pioneer in terms of house music, and this tune brought a more musical soulful side to him.

6) Hi Tension - Thereʼs A Reason

We had a few UK soul groups, actually not that many, but this is the first all black UK soul group I heard on radio and saw on TV, that I could relate to.

7) Light Of The World - Peteʼs Crusade

This group is the foundation of the UK Jazz-Funk movement in the 80ʼs, that spawned so many off shoot groups, like Central Line, Incognito & more.

8) The Futures - Ainʼt No Time Fa Nothing

Rare groove at itʼs best, more memories of clubs and parties. Canʼt go wrong with that Philly orchestration and soulful vocal arrangement.

9) Universal Robot Band - Barely Breaking Even

Mr Leroy Burgess is just the master when it comes to the raw 
sound of boogie. His arrangements vocally and the production always amazes me and this my favourite from him, only enhanced by the legend John Morales.

10) James Brown - Mind Power

Without James Brown I truly believe popular music would be in less inspiring state. Funk pioneer personified. This particular track I always play from top to bottom.

11) Leon Ware - Comfort (Come Live With Me, Angel)

Leon Ware the master of soul productions, who always twist me up (in a good way) with his musical changes. Hunted the reissue of “Musical Massage” album, which had this track, as Marvin Gayeʼs “I Want You” album, who he produced is my all time fave. Add to that it has the sultry vocals of Minnie Ripperton, my mind was blown. I could wax lyrical all day on this…LOL

12) The Real Thing - Children Of The Ghetto

More known as a pop soul group from Liverpool in the 70ʼs. This track is taken from their “4 from 8” album, which was more a grittier, soulful affair, which I feel is the direction they wanted to go. This is the original and to me the best version.

13) Minnie Ripperton - Baby, This Love I Have

My favourite female voice of all time and really I could pick any of her tracks and be satisfied. Not scared just to be herself, despite what the industry of the time had difficulty in defining.

14) 4 Hero - Golden Age Of Life

Not because these guys are great mates, but this album represented where jungle/drum and bass can go to that others never thought of. Also represented the depth of musical influence they had, that went beyond the genre itself.

15) De La Soul - The Bizness ft Common Sense

They either a little bit different or slightly ahead of the curve (or both), which to me makes them sit kinda off kilter to the hip-hop movement, but have always been solid lyrically and thatʼs how I like it.

16) A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation

This group represents epitome of 90ʼs hip-hop golden era. They had the production, the flow, lyrical content that many acts could not better, but thatʼs just my opinion.

17) Double Trouble - At The Amphitheater

Wildstyle is where I first learnt about hip-hop culture, while the other hip-hop films of the same period were more about entertainment and Hollywood esthetics, this showed us what it really about in every gritty details. And with West Londonʼs finest, The Clash doing the music how could you go wrong.

18) Gary Bartz - Music Is My Sanctuary

This has become my mantra. Whenever I doubt myself personally or creatively, I put this tune on and without fail puts me back on track. With the Mizell Bros on production and Minnie vocally it soothes my musical soul.

19) Chaka Khan - Move Me No Mountain

Chaka a power house from her start with Rufus til today, she represents what it is to last with all the dark challenges the music industry throws at ya. A survivor and veteran and her rendition of Love Unlimitedʼs rare groove classic is unrivalled in my opinion

20) Leroy Hutson - Itʼs Different

Mr Hutson a true songwriting and producing master, who you can here is influence in artist like Omar, DʼAngelo, Dwele and so many more.