This week we welcome, producer & DJ Don Leisure to the Dusk Dubs family.

"These are the tracks that influenced and inspired me since i was a child up until the point Darkhouse Family got going. These recordings without doubt shaped me musically and affected the way i think about and approach music...or they served as serious gateways into never ending rabbit holes of different musical discoveries.

The mixtape is in a sort of chronological order and split into 4 parts.....

The first part is my early years...i remember hearing 'Aap Jaisa Koi' at every family kid's birthday party growing up. I fell in love with sounds used on this track and as a child was utterly enthralled by a sound which i'd (much) later learn was a syn tom, i'm still a sucker for any boogie or disco track that uses them!.Don was an old Bollywood flick that my uncles and grand dad used to watch. The theme tune is so good and signifies some of the Indian music i'd hear growing up (if only all of it was as sick as this) . Throughout my life Prince has always had a constant musical presence. I remember the fandom that surrounded him from being around my older cousins who were real big fans growing up. The Batman Soundtrack this cut is from is the first record i ever up is a bunch of classic hip-hop cuts. So hard to narrow down individual tracks from this period as there were so many that meant so much. I grew up in the Welsh Valleys which isn't exactly a hot bed of hip-hop so i was exposed to a lot of heavy rock and metal as a teenager. Whilst a lot of it i left alone there is still a bunch of it i still mess with and Sabbath are timeless! This part of the mix is basically the blueprint or DNA of the 'Shaboo' record.

Next up you got the formative years. Around this time i'd moved from Cardiff to London and thrown myself into experimental electronica music and also sound system culture. A mate of mine put me onto music by Aphex Twin and Squarepusher one night and I was hooked with the freedom these guys would display in their music with each track being different from the last and there not being any rules at all. Also around this time I started making drum and bass and working for Dillinja and Lemon D's Valve label and soundsystem. The raw energy that DnB had and the way the early stuff fused together loads of the best bits from other styles of music was massively influential to me. Lemon D was kind of like a mentor to me throughout this time and taught me so much about production so i've got to give him a shout with his track from the seminal Metalheadz 'Platinum Breakz' comp and also include 'Metropolis' by Adam F because its simply the peak the of DnB (i don't care what anyone else has to say on that)...these two tracks are perfect examples.

The third batch of tracks represents a period in my life when i was working at Reckless Records in London's Soho. The Mighty Zaf as he is now known was the manager of the store so anyone who knows that name will know that I was getting exposed to some serious heat each time i did a shift there. I don't think i ever worked a shift there where i didn't piss myself laughing, discover some amazing music and where i didn't get called a c*nt by Zaf! The very first music I heard working there on the very first shift was DKD 'Getaway' and blew my nut. I'd never heard any broken beat up until this moment and from then on it was a discovery of different styles of music that i wasn't previously familiar with as everyone who worked there had serious knowledge.

The last phase of the mixtape is all about the this point i'm back living in Cardiff and getting more and more into beat tape culture. What can I say about Dilla that hasn't already been said already? These tracks here are two of my favourites of his, (i also strongly suggest going after the sample for 'Track 6'!).... Same goes for Madlib who in my ears is the best to ever do it. This beat of his is up there for me - i must have listened to that about 200 times. Around this time I met my Darkhouse Fam partner in slime Earl Jeffers who was making hip-hop under the Metabeats name, I copped his CD and this track with the homey C-Minus (Hekla) grabbed me instantly and made me go out and find this guy and Darkhouse Fam was born shortly after....rounding off is a couple of other tracks from this era that really struck a chord with me and the way we tried to make beats in the early Darkhouse Family days..."

You can find Don HERE:


01 : Nazia Hassan - Aap Jaisa Koi (produced by Biddu)
02 : Kalyanji Anandji - Theme From Don
03 : Prince - The Future
04 : Eric B. & Rakim - Don't Sweat the Technique
05 : Cypress Hill - Musical Interlude 
06 : Snoop Doggy Dog - G Funk Intro
07 : GZA - Duel of the Iron Mic
08 : Black Sabbath - Into the Void

09 : Aphex Twin - On
10 : Bochum Welt - Fortune Green
11 : Squarepusher - Cooper's World
12 : Lemon D - In My Life
13 : Adam F - Metropolis
14 : Johnny Clarke - Babylon Dub

15 : DKD - Getaway (ft Lady Alma)
16 : Maxi - Lover to Lover
17 : Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes - Summer Nights
18 : RAMP - Come Into Knowledge
19 : Dorothy Ashby - Dust
20 : Sa-Ra Creative Partners - Glorious
21 : Golden Flamingo Orchestra - The Guardian Angel Is Watching Over Us
22 : Hailu Mergia w/ Mulatu Astatke - Yenuro Tesfa Alegne

23 : J-Dilla - Track 6
24 : J-Dilla - You Can't Hold a Torch (instrumental)
25 : Madlib - Do You Know? (Transition)
26 : Madvillian - Fire In The Hole 
27 : Metabeats - The Diver (Flashback) (ft. C-Minus) 
28 : Waajeed - Tetris
29 : Afta-1 - Honey Dip
30 : Darkhouse Family - Stay Blazed