This week we welcome back George Mihaly to the Dusk Dubs family, with a journey through genres he loved from his childhood, from early vintage electronica and krautrock to the balearic.

Music obsessed since 1976. Started to buy and collect albums when he was 12. He was 14 when he played the first time in a public place. Played music from records, tapes, cassettes. His eclectic mixes contain balearic, disco, house, ambient, jazz and rock.


George is the Budapest based curator of the Quality Music Lovers Society group on Facebook. He has been a contributor to the ever reliable Balearic Social radio show on Purple Radio, played at the Outlaws Yacht Club in Leeds, was a guest DJ of Balearic Assassins Of Love team in Ibiza and been a contributor to the Network show on Box Frequency, Balearic Ultras, Eclectics and now hosts his own monthly show ’The Sound Of The Quality Music Lovers’ Society ’ on radio where he spins some choice music, accompanied by some fabulous guest DJ's.


Together with Andy Pye from Balearic Social, he has launched such successful mix series, like the Chilled Seasons and Back To Mine. He also provided guest mixes for other radio shows all around the Globe. Most recently, he played on the Psychedelic Discotech party in Carlton club Manchester.

You can find George HERE:

Hearthis/George_ Mihaly


1)Teddy Lasry - La Femme Qui Venait D'Alleurs (1977)

Teddy Lasry also known as a composer of contemporary classical music and scores for modern theatre and cine-art. This is a masterpiece in the world of cosmic synthedelica.

2) Socrates With Vangelis O. Papathanassiou - Mountains (1976)

In 1975 Vangelis worked with the Greek rock band Socrates on their third album "Phos". Their cooperation with Vangelis lasts only for this one album, he is credited for producing the album, playing keyboards and percussion and also for composing one of the songs. Epic music!

3) Can - Don't Say No (1977)

One of my all time favourite band! This is an unusual track from the band. I love the groove!

4) Embryo - Radio Marrakesch & Orient-Express (1973)

One of the most important German jazz-rock bands during the 1970s.This is a brilliant fusion of progressive rock and jazz with some oriental flavour.

5) .Zeus B Held - Four Phases of an Imagist's Blue (2011)

Zeus B. Held is a German music producer and musician, known for his work in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. He was involved with several artists of the krautrock, disco, and new wave era, such as Birth Control, Rockets, Gina X Performance, Dead Or Alive, John Foxx, Fashion, and Men Without Hats.Love this composition a lot, a fantastic electronic piece.

6) TCP - Twonga (1984)

Tony Carey Project’s the one and only ‘TCP‘ is a masterpiece. Since his departure from Rainbow in 1977, Carey devoted his keyboard and multi-instrumental skills to the exploration of untethered cosmic funk and experiential disco grounds. ‘Twonga‘, is a high-spirited Afro-funk ruffling of wailing synth vibratos, bouncy toms and acidulous bass fizzling out in an upbeat carnival of colours.

7) Bo Hansson - The Black Riders & Flight To The Ford (1970)

Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings is an instrumental progressive rock album by Swedish musician Bo Hansson. Love this track! It reminds me of Mike Oldfield’s early works a bit.

8) Lem - Robots In Heat (1977)

Very strange synth LP from 1977. Early minimal synth or what?! Some spacey disco influences here and there, but a great space synth LP with some amazing funky grooves. This one could be also the very first new wave tune.

9) Steps Ahead - Beirut (1986)

Michael Brecker, Peter Erskine, Mike Mainieri and Victor Bailey. What a supergroup! Love how they use the new technology in their music. Beirut is a superb composition!

10) Herbie Hancock - Bo Ba Be Da (1994)

This tune just shows Hancock’s geniality! It moves towards acid jazz. Hip Hop beats with jazz. Such an amazing fusion! Fantastic record!

11) Boozoo Bajou - Under My Sensi (2001)

When lounge music did not mean: music for elevators. Adore this tune and its atmosphere!

12) LTJ Bukem feat. Elliot - Sunrain (2000)

The leading figure in the genre of atmospheric or intelligent jungle and drum n bass.It was my favourite tune in that year.

13) Anima Sound System - Csillagtalan (1997)

My favourite Hungarian band of this period. One of the pioneers of the underground scene in Hungary. I love how they mix different genres in their works. This tune is a traditional Hungarian folk song originally.

14) Carl Craig - Televised Green Smoke (1997)

The album and this particular track marked the begining of the Detroit Techno revival. Ace work from the master!

15) Sasha & Darren Emerson - Scorchio (2000)

Emerson's tech-y style shines in with the beat and bass while sasha's progressive atmospheric style adds a wonderfull twist!

16) Shpongle - Shpongle Falls (1998)

One of the greatest electronic album ever! Simon Posford and Raja Ram are Shpongle, a psychedelic ambient project and this timeless masterpiece is from their first album.

17) Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (1994)

A trance anthem!And if you listen to it carefully you can recognize an old Genesis song.

18) Model 500 - The Flow (1995)

Juan Atkins’ mega classic tune!

19) Afterlife - Blue Bar (1999)

The tune that led me to balearic music! The rest is history ;)