This week we welcome DJ Beatwell aka Matthew Grandison back to the Dusk Dubs family.


One half of DJ and promoting duo 'Whats Wrong With Groovin', Beatwell and musical brother Ed Meme have featured alongside some of the most respected names in the business of the beats, including Marva Whitney, Fred Wesley, Breakestra, DJ Maseo (De La Soul), Maxi Jazz, Norman Jay, Nightmares On Wax, The Nextmen, Hexstatic, Mad Professor, Krafty Kuts, A Skillz, Faze Action, DJ Format, The Apples, Lack of Afro, Craig Charles, Osaka Monaurail, DJ Yoda and many more.

You can catch the brilliant 'Whats Wrong With Groovin' radio show every other Sunday on Brighton's 1BTN Radio Station between the hours of 2-4pm.

'I was honoured to of been invited back to the Dusk Dubs family to compile another mixtape quite some time ago now. Let's just say It took me a while, mainly due to my own indecisiveness when it came to producing a finalised tracklisting. There has been so much amazing music that I have kept close to my heart over the years which always gives me that very special feeling when i listen back to it again and again. That DuskDubs feeling. 


Following on from where my first Mixtape left of, this selection of tracks are ones which i have carried with me over the years from a melting pot of genres. Tracks that hold a combination of special memories with special people from my musical path gone by and from experiences on my World travels.


I hope you enjoy listening to this as much I did compiling it. Even if it did take me two years too long..." [Beatwell)

You can catch Beatwell live later in the year HERE:

Nozstock Festival on 19th-22nd July Herefordshire, West Midlands.

In 'The Cabinet of Lost Secrets' throughout the weekend.

Standon Calling Festival on 26th-29th July Herefordshire, West Midlands.

'On the Groove Garden Stage' (Times TBA)

You can find Beatwell HERE:


1) Terry Callier - Lazurus Man (1998)

Wow. What an opener. What an artist. I have loved Terry Callier for a long time.  So underrated. Timeless music. Speaking of Timeless. Goldie brought me here. 


2) Brian Bennett - Image (1974)

Majestic. A stand out track from the many majestic Library music tracks that were made and for the most part forgotten about. Until Library music's renaissance in recent years thanks to all the collectors and beat diggers.


3) Henry Mancini & His Orchestra - Slow Hot Wind (1975)

Another wow track. Sexy sultry and seductive movie music. Music to fall in love to. Always loved Lujon and this funked up Slow Hot Wind version is killer. From Mancini's 1975 album Symphonic Soul.  


4) Massive Attack - Weather Storm (1994)

Now this is serious mood music. Another sexy tune from one of my favourites from one of Britain's coolest cutting edge bands. Essential.


5) Lonnie Liston Smith - Island In The Sun (1985)

I could of picked a number of LOL tracks from a number of his albums. The man is quite simply a legend. No need to explain further. The title say's it all.


6) Kinobe - Hammock Island (2000)

A track from my Big Chill years when downtempo music ruled. A downtempo beauty from a beauty of an album. Keepin' things on a Desert lsland tip. Whatever happened to Kinobe?     


7) Blue States - Trainer Shuffle (2000)

Another slice of downtempo gold from the Big Chill era. I could of easily picked a few songs from this majestic album. Definitely one of my favourite downtempo albums of all time. 


8) The Karminsky Experience Inc - Exploration (2003)


A wonderful track from another wonderful album from a real golden age of lush cinematic music. The Karminsky boys can do no wrong for me and are still making amazing music today.     


9) Nuspirit Helsinki - Orson (2002)

Whatever happened to Nuspirit Helsinki?? They left the Nu Jazz world as quick as they entered it. Leaving behind a slack handful of killer singles and one world class album. Orson is a slick James Bond-esque piece of jazzy deepness. 


10) Men From The Nile - Watch Them Come (Jazzanova Remix) (1999)

WHAT. A. REMIX. Those Berlin boys Jazzanova hit UK Club Culture in the mid-late nineties via Gilles Peterson's Worldwide show and a mighty fine collection of singles and sublime remixes. This being one of them. Outstanding, utterly unique and music that led me away from my obsession with mid-nineties DnB and onto a more jazzier groovier path.  


11) Faze Action - Samba (1999)

All kinds of ace. A track that never fails to make me smile. Pure summertime on wax. I loved the Faze Action Brothers productions especially their Moving Cities album from '99. Reminds me of my hazy backpacking days. I saw them perform this album Live a few times too. The highlight being on the Jazz World Stage at Glasto in 2000. Sunny Sunday afternoon vibes fuelled by Red Stripe and Curried Goat ha.  


12) Nuyorican Soul - I am the Black Gold of the Sun (4 Hero Mix) (1997)

Another WOW tune and stone cold classic that transcends genres. From gospel summer soul into uplifting DnB in just a few short minutes. I've met many people say they don't like DnB yet love this. It really is that special and rarely leaves my bag, especially over the summer festival season. 4 Hero showing how to take an already amazing tune and lift it even higher.


13) Jodeci - Feenin' (LTJ Bukem Remix) (1995)

Anyone who knows me well enough knows how much i have a little penchant for a bit of Bukem. Especially early to mid nineties and this remix is a revelation and when Bukem could do no wrong. Deep soulful and rollin' just the way we like it.


14) John Martyn - Small Hours (1977)

Taking things down a notch for my last choice but crankin' up the feels to the max. I've been a big fan of the big man for many years now and this exquisite piece of music tops the lot. A controversial musical figure maybe. But a pioneer and total original. Who else could get away with getting high at 3am and recording a track as utterly awesome as this in one take. Not only that but outside, next to a lake near the main London to Bristol train route. Small hours ambience with Geese to boot!