This week we welcome Alex Nino to the Dusk Dubs family.

"I've been a life long music obsessive / collector. I pestered my folks for a keyboard and a decent stereo with a turntable before my 11th birthday. I discovered pirate radio shortly afterwards and went on to study sound engineering at college in 1995. My main preference has always been towards dance and electronic music and I think the selection here shows that.


I've tried really hard not to go for anything obscure simply for obscurity's sake, and likewise to not be discouraged from including anything I think is great, just because of its popularity or critical acclaim. I think there's a good mix of tempos, eras, genres, and that hopefully all of these combine to give the listener a good idea of what I'm about, musically. I'm not a huge vinyl snob but all of these are vinyl recordings, it just happened that way....

Thanks to men like Andrea Nibbers, both the Daves [Nucleus and Trax] and Michael Errity [Flatliner] for introducing me to Dusk Dubs". [Alex Nino]


1) Hugh Mundell - Going Places -This tune seemed to follow me around for a while, didn't know who it was but loved the lo-fi-ness of it and the production absolutely has classic dub stamped all over it. Glad I tracked it down with some help from fellow music lovers online.

2) Carroll Thompson - Smiling In The Morning - One that I just picked up at random and got to like a lot, there's a very warm Caribbean flavour coming off of it, makes me feel like going on a nice holiday somewhere tropical!

3) Talvin Singh - Traveller - I almost didn't include this as it's quite well known, after all he won the Mercury Music Prize in 1999 for this LP. I really think it's an amazing piece of work, the strings section is breathtaking. Cleveland Watkiss is credited on this too, which is always a bonus.

4) Flytronix - Birth Of The Cool - I bought this on the strength of Moving Shadow as a label, absolutely untouchable in the early and mid 90s for the hardcore and jungle output. Wasn't expecting this! TC Izlam was a cracking lyricist, RIP.

5) Instra:Mental - Futurist - I'm a big fan of Instra:Mental and the whole 'Autonomic' style that developed out of the more experimental drum and bass. D - Bridge's Exit Records shifted drum and bass intro truly cinematic territory and into the realms where not just 'ravers' were into it, it transcended the nightclub scene I suppose and became more serious.

6) D - Bridge - Let That Shit Ride - 1995 was a great year for jungle, as anyone who's been into the scene long enough would tell you. I've always loved how this one's quite simple in vibe but so perfectly executed.

7) Trevino - Backtracking - As a longtime fan of Marcus Intalex I don't think I could choose a playlist without including something of his. He's more well known for his drum and bass, but I think his techno stuff as Trevino still has his signature. Melodic and beautiful. RIP Marcus. I've seen a dancefloor full of folks get their lighters out and hold a vigil for him, the same day we learned of his death, and that memory makes me very very lucky to have been there.

8) Red Snapper - Bussing - I bought everything I ever saw by Red Snapper, and choosing which track to have here was really really hard. Instrumental hip hop to die for, luscious.

9) Jeffrey Darnell - Living On The Edge - This featured on a Talkin' Loud CD I stumbled across in a charity shop, and I had to have it. I love the floaty atmosphere of the tune and the sunshiney vibe, can make the most grey day better instantly.

10) Rhyming In Fives - Mnemonic - I had to include something from Narratives Music on here. Their quality control is outrageous. This is from the 'Light Leaks' EP and I think it's beautiful.

11) Hidden Turn - Nothing - Hidden Turn makes music that is at once organic, warm, surprising and very different. He's a Manchester man living and working in Brazil and his music always captures something ethnic. I think he's very very talented and he is so far the ONLY artist to have had an LP release on Doc Scott's label, 31.

12) Big Bud - Faceless - A longtime favourite of mine, this 12 has 'New Vision' on the other side and is really one I can never tire of. Expert - level atmospherics throughout.

13) Danny Breaks - Beat Biter [Matian Instrumental] - Danny Breaks aka Son'z Of A loop da Loop Era came through from Essex in the early 90s with hardcore, developed as an artist through jungle and breakbeaty drum and bass, but I like his instrumental hip - hop output best. His 'Droppin Science' releases are great too!