This week we welcome back Asphalt Layer  with a musical love letter to one of his biggest influences - Musician, Poet, and Author Gil Scott-Heron.

"There are so man Gil records that I love, that move me, inspire me and make my day brighter, make me feel humble and also stronger on a regular basis. I wanted to share these with you" [ASPHALT LAYER]

You can find Asphalt Layer HERE:


1) On Coming From A Broken Home (Part 1)
2) The Revolution Will Not Be Televised 
3) Did You Hear What They Said
4) Pieces of A Man
5) Alluswe
6) We Almost Lost Detroit (LIVE AT 98.3 SUPERFLY)
7) The Middle Of Your Day
8) I Think I'll Call It Morning
9) Combinations
10) You Could Be My Brother
11) Your Daddy Loves You 
12) Better Days Ahead
13) I'll Take Care Of You
14) Paint It Black
15) When You Are Who You Are
16) Lady Day and John Coltrane
17) On Coming From A Broken Home (Part 2)