This week we we invite music fan, DJ and Producer Cyclonix aka John Wilcox to the Dusk Dubs family, with a journey through some of his favourite records, that have inspired him over the years.

Previously holding up a bi-weekly radio show "Future Beats" on MYHOUSEYOURHOUSE from 2008 to 2015,  you can now catch him on the excellent and recommended Nuwave Radio.

Check his latest release on Tusk Wax"Tusk Wax Twenty Four" (TW 24) available at all good record shops. 

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1) General Johnson - Only Time Will Tell [Invictus] 1973

Record given to me by my soul man dad by the lead singer of Chairman of the Board.


2) Chris Bowden - Telescopic Two [Soul Jazz] 1996

Track off the amazing 'Time Capsule' album. First heard it on GP’s show back then.


3) Flying Lotus - Tea Leaf Dancers [Warp] 2007

Firs trip hop and then 00s west coast wonky.


4) Santana - Mirage [CBS] 1974

My girlfriend, now wife introduced me to Santana. This is one of the catchiest tunes off the 'Borboletta' album. I've gone on to buy most of the original 70s albums.


6) Herbie Hancock Sly [CBS] 1974

A jazz fusion classic off a classic album. Always goes down well at the Out to Lunch Jazz dance session I frequent occasionally in Nottingham.


6) James Brown - Get up offa that thing [polydor] 1976

James brown is the way I discovered the funk.


7) Public Enemy – Can’t Do Nuttin’ For Ya Man (Bass In Ya Face Remix) [Def Jam] 1990

Wow... Public Enemy blew me away when I first heard them as a school boy. Was gonna put in 'Don’t Believe The Hype' but remembered this remix 12”.


8) Vibrettes - Humpty Dump [Gold Mine Soul Supply]

Reminds me of going to funk nights where this was played.


9) De La Soul - Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge) [Tommy Boy] 1989

I was a big fan of De La Soul. I followed Tribe Called Quest and Jungle Brothers as well, but this album was probably bigger for me.


10) Silver bullet - 20 Seconds To Comply [Tam Tam] 1989

All about the beats, lyrics and that robocop sample.


11) Dego & Kaidi  - Got me Puzzled [2000 Black] 2003

Seminal broken beat tune by two masters.


12) 4-Hero – Star Chasers [Talkin' Loud] 1998

From the amazing 'Two Pages' album. 4-Hero's productions are very influential.


13) Photek – The Hidden Camera [Science] 1996

Rupert Parkes drum programming and futuristic sound were unequalled and unsurpassed in the 90s dnb scene.


14) Whistle - Buggin Much Hard [Champion] 1986

A mix of “Just Buggin” that hit the charts and still sounds good with it's electro beats.


15) Herbie Hancock – Sly [Columbia] 1973

Herbie jazz fusion craziness.


16) Da One Away – Trash Da unk [Mainsqueeze] 2001

This is the sort of broken beat which I think has stood the test of time and still sounds good and original now.

17) Tom and Jerry – Maximum Style [Tom & Jerry] 1994

This was featured on the first drum and bass compilation I bought in 1994. Memorible tune!


18) Aardvarck – Re Spoken (Nubian Mindz remix] [Rush Hour] 2001

I’m a big Nubian Mindz Fan and this remix is a great example of his broken techno style.


19) LTJ Buken – Horizons [Looking Good] 1995

LTJ Buken and MC Conrad. What a combination. One of my most memorable club nights was at the End with them two.


20) Floating Points – Marilyn [Eglo] 2011

Sam Shephards productions are always a go to. This one has vibes.


21) Cyclonix – Gift of a Patient Soul [Disconnected]

The title track off my first EP. You can still find this out there pop pickers!


22) Lanark Artefax – Touch Absense [Whities] 2017

Something recent to finish with. Deep, weird, leftfield, and glitchy.